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Low grumble as his adopted family hugs him Batman Funny Batman

Low grumble as his adopted family hugs him Batman Funny Batman


-low grumble as his adopted family hugs him- - Batman Funny - Funny Batman

The fact that Batman is nervously stuttering makes it all the more heartwarming. And the last page where we see the paper that finalizes the adoption, ...

Detective Comics #828 gives one between the Batman and the reformed Riddler.

Eu sou o Batman Eu sou a Batgirl

You wake up in a dark alley and your thoughts are a mess.

Young Justice ship one shots! (Batfamily included)

Batman/Superman, Volume 3: Second Chance

Batfamily in Batman & Robin #34-35


7 Lesser-Known Members of the Batman Family

It ...


The Hand. Batman FamilyTim ...

*Taps Bandana* Infinite Ammo — The Break-Up (part 2/4) - Bruce Wayne x Reader


Bat-Cow's first solo appearance.

Same, Batman. Same.

Not So Stoic


Dr. Pulpo. Son Of BatmanDamian ...

It's sappy, but it works as a short story. I have to say, I believe one of the biggest mistakes the New 52 made was killing off Martha Kent. The mother/son ...


It's a Bird It's a Plane It's..

Batman is depressed. Also, you are bad or good depending on how you eat your lunch. — Matthew Dicks

Apollo and the Midnighter

Polygonal Mess

Bats in the Belfry (And Other Places) — 5 Times Tim Drake Fell Asleep Unexpectedly

Batman Hush Logo Big Boys Shirt

Carter had been living with his aunt and cousins due to an 'undesirable home life

... from the four color ...

Batman And Catwoman, Im Batman, Best

... standalone game – and that may well happen next year, now that Disney Infinity ...

The Simpsons in celebration-mode.

Boy, 11, is reduced to tears when he is given a new family for Christmas | Daily Mail Online

J. Jonah Jameson from the Spider-Man series

With the invading "micro-machines" having taken over the body of his companion, Jo Grant, The Doctor must enter into psychic combat with them inside of Jo's ...

Marceline rocks


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They see me trollin' by *Kitty-Cat-Angel Robin, Kid Flash

... Comics) ...

... than that might sound. Especially when you have to sit through badly voiced ...

How to Execute a SOC 2 Report — From Planning to Distribution

Politics takes a back seat to action in this issue of Aquaman, but Dan Abnett proves as skilled at writing exciting action stories as he is political ...

God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great ...

Kobo Rakuten

... PodFix Network!

Batman Cover Up by whyaduck

Primate hugs puppy and wants to adopt him

The Many Ways Baby Talk Gives Infant Brains a Boost

Characterization Marches On

Jane Austen published her first novel over 200 years ago, but for her fans (and there are many of them) these stories seem as relevant and entertaining as ...

... Clark/Superman from a parallel world has taken over. And unfortunately, that is all I really know at this point. Personally, I hope they keep him dead.


Boy, 11, is reduced to tears when he is given a new family for Christmas | Daily Mail Online

John Constantine


batman no excuses.jpg

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The ...


Why Being Naive Can Make Your Fortune

Apparently Batman is the rightwise king of England

This photo was my favorite of Nick and Natalie. It was taken by Natalie's maid of honor outside of The Gyp Hills Guest Ranch during the night of rehearsal.

The Jacob Wonderbar Funny Writing Contest Spectacular Happening Event

“What's remarkable is that Us centers on an African-American family in 2019, but their race has nothing explicitly to do with the plot of the film,” Cooper ...


Matthew Dicks

My dad played football with us every year at Grandma's house.

Batman and Robin by Grant Morrison

The Superheroes of Guatemala City




Sonic Adventure 2


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The young boy was reduced to tears by the surprise on December 25

This Unexpected Travel Trend Is Especially Popular Among Women Right Now

Press cutting from 1960 of David Rogers being presented the trophy for the University of London Inter-Collegiate Debating Tournament.

As the characters hobble around like Thunderbirds puppets, spewing out their tedious ...

Don't apologize and don't turn it off. I ... don't mind the company." ◊; Batman ...

Welcome ...


I know I dote upon this series' humor but it truly is one of its best features. This issue easily has the funniest dialogue in Ground Zero to date.

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Because i'm BATMAN · by beliybro

All I know right now is that I am your everyday mom, and I am so lucky because I get to love and hug you every day.”

... PEACE ON EARTH, BATMAN: WAR ON CRIME, WONDER WOMAN: SPIRIT OF TRUTH, SHAZAM!: POWER OF HOPE) in one won't-droop-over-the-sides-of-your-bookcase ...


Matthew Dicks

Final Fantasy IX Part 2 - From the Evil Forest to the Ice Cavern, one thing is for sure: Zidane is a creep from Square Roots - THE Classic RPG Podcast on ...