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Cranial bowl carved with kauae moko pattern that resembles a womans

Cranial bowl carved with kauae moko pattern that resembles a womans


cranial bowl carved with kauae moko pattern that resembles a womans face. Iwi origins unknown

Korere. A kōrere is a traditional Māori feeding funnel that was used during facial tattooing

Panel illustrating ta moko patterns. Tene Waitere of Ngati Tarawhai, Rotorua. Tene Waitere

Taupua Te Whanoa life mask. He was the principal carver and seigner of the magnificent

Detail of taiaha carved by Anaha Te Rahui of Ngati Terawhai. A taiaha (Māori

(left) Oko pigment container carved with stone tools, 18th century. Wood,

A Maori folk art carved figure, in the manner of a tekoteko, the stylised figure with hands clasped to abdomen, the face with incised moko and with further ...

Detail of a drawing of a puhoro pattern by Wiremu Maihi Te Rangikaheke, c. 1850. Wiremu Maihi Te Rangikaheke was a notable New Zealand tribal leader, ...

Postcard of Maori moko, 1905. Collection of the author.

New Zealand folk Art carving, on a Maori theme featuring a central Tekoteko figure atop a koruru face and a manaia head to the top section, with inset paua ...

Oko Ngarahu, Stone pigment container with vulval form. In the Cambridge University Museum is

A pair of Maori Folk Art carved wood figures depicting a man and a woman, each with exaggerated heads, the man holding a patu, the woman with moko kauae and ...

Tahitian tattoos sketched by Sydney Parkinson, 1769.

Ipu ngarahu were made from wood and finely carved, or sometimes shaped out of easily

Framework of Samoan tattooing patterns for the back, ca. 1900.

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Te Karaka 65

A pair of fine early 20th century folk Art carvings, of two stylised Maori figures, the larger female figure depicted with tiki, moko, piupiu and inset paua ...

Octopus veṛhā, unicorn (young aurochs kondh), Indus Script hypertexts are professional calling cards of jangaḍiyo bəḍhàri ʻmilitary guards in charge of ...

Embodied Symbols of the South Seas: Tattoo in Polynesia

Posted @withrepost • @katidesigns "Wahine with Moko Kauae" finished and off to her beautiful Waihiki Island home. (Slide right to watch her being made. ) .

Langsdorff's illustration of the mata komoe pattern (#9) and ipu designs (#

... with Master of Animals, grasping gazelles. 14th – 12th cent. BCE. Marlik. Museum of Louvre. Upper part of an animal (leopard), middle part of woman (cf. ...

Carved mask koruru early nineteenth century Note tooth and lip detail. Paua shell and ivory

Funny 3D Animal Men Running Shoes Women Sport Shoes

Rare 19th century Oko Ngarahu carved tattoo pigment pot, the bowl supported by figure with rauponga notching to right arm, head with moko and top knot ...


Male facial patterns, 1920.

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Araonna Prints

Sydney Parkinson, Portrait of Woman 1769-1770. Ink drawing. Body Tattoos,

Makara, an Indus Script hieroglyph is


Ko taku moemoea. E heke mai ana enei manu, kia ruku kei roto i te moana, engari kahore enei manu e hoki . Ka noho tonu kei raro i te kiri o ...


A Song for you Prints

And a new phylum is just what Higgins and Kristensen had on the lab table before them.

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A pre-European Maori carved pounamu hei tiki, with head turned to the right shoulder, hands clasped to thighs and with single tapered hourglass drilled ...

... “Tonga Drum”... Another to hang out with beach volleyballers at a; “ ...


Profile and portrait view of Juan Tepano, 1880s.

Tattooed Inhabitants of Tahiti, 1823.

Teeki Diamond Tribe Charcoal Hot Yoga Pants ...

... The Taradale year 6 Superleague team members who collected their club's spoils as the 2017-

A black and white photograph of a museum display with photographs, text, costumes,

kaʻane n. strangling ...

2 Chongolio by TIKI FARM Mugs Tiki Iniki Kauai Hawaii

cēdi is the jagati, lingam base. The importance and cultural significance of the word cēdi in Ancient India is seen in the name of a janapada, it was called ...

The easy-peasy pattern goes like this:


Drawing of a male facial moko by Wiremu Maihi Te Rangikaheke, c. 1850.

Dead Zone, The

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Wicked Tiki Carving Hat

It's an awful afternoon for a tiki party isn't it? Make no bones


Woodblock Print - start to finish (in real time)

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double+headed+Duos+Lokomotif+Merah+Kereta+Api+Angkutan+BBM+belang+KKBWdouble+headed+Duos+CC+201+Kereta+Api+Bisnis+Fajar+Utama+Yogyakarta+DT[double headed] ...

A mid-20th century large Maori carved poutokomanawa type figure, the stylised standing male figure with small 'kumete' supported to his front, ...


Paradigm Communications Group / Alaska Airlines and Horizon Edition Magazines


Kauai Logo Hat

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3dRose LLC 8 x 8 x 0.25 Inches Mouse Pad, Halloween Rip Candy Bowl (mp_131313_1)

D'Urville's illustration of the Tongan peka tattoo, 1827. Apparently, Tongan women


Vintage Tiki Mug Trader Pang's Skull With Handle Shrunken Head Restaurant Pang


Yogyakarta, Indonesia-based designer (b. 1990) of these script typefaces in 2018: Radicalis (script), Blacktail (layered, spurred, Western), Aniyah (formal ...

Island Vibes Coconut Rum

Edwards Et Al (Eds) - Sensible Objects ~ Colonialism, Museums and Material Culture | Perception | Anthropology

end: man and ram, Click to enlarge.


Akai onna (Red girl) Prints

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3dRose LLC 8 x 8 x 0.25 Inches Mouse Pad, Pop Pop The Man The Myth The Legend. Grandpa. Grandfather. (mp_149789_1)

Semarang, Jawa Tengah-based designer (b. 1979) of the script typefaces Polarise (2018), Naila (2018), Anjellic (2018), Anjellic Sans (2018), ...


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A black and white photograph of three cots with trays covered in surgery equipment. There

Portrait of Tiki. Detail of the Pukeroa Gateway. The main interest in this head

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