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World War 2 Dump WW2 Wwii Ww2 photos Wwi

World War 2 Dump WW2 Wwii Ww2 photos Wwi


WWI & WWII Military History & Posts I Enjoy. — bmashina: Dump destroyed and damaged armored.

Mustard gas from wars past is decaying in the world's oceans—but scientists don't yet know how dangerous it could be. Here, U.S. Navy ship prepare for ...

World War II, two Germans searching for food in a garbage dump, original caption 'Hunger, the price of defeat', Berlin, Germany, phot… | world war two.

World War II: Conflict Spreads Around the Globe

wwii slang world war ii. “

Nazis enter Prague, 1939

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LIFE in WWII: Rare and Classic Photos From North Africa, 1943. Ben Cosgrove. Sep 28, 2013. So many World War II ...

1914-1918 WWI: Extensive bandages on wounded Canadian soldiers indicate they suffered mustard gas

Military Dump After World War II German (ex-Soviet) F-22 USV gun and others, captured by Allies in Summer 1944.

How Peter Jackson is bringing First World War to life using 100-year-old footage

Pile of rusty world war one artillery shells

Underground storage[edit]

German prisoners of war, wearing German uniform caps, dismantled a Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter for scrap in a small town southeast of Wurzburg, ...

170502 DLN The_German_Spring_Offensive_March july_1918 World War I springfield 1903 rifle

How Black Soldiers Helped Britain in First World War

In March of 1974, some 29 years after the official end of World War II, Hiroo Onoda, a former Japanese Army intelligence officer, walks out of the jungle of ...

Hitler used the train car Germany surrendered in during World War I to humiliate France in World War II — now France and Germany are visiting it for peace

A century-old German submarine from World War II has been dumped in northern France (AFP / Getty)

Hot weather exposes World War II munitions in German waters

Mustard gas leaking from vast underwater First World War weapons dump in North Sea

Belfast, County Antrim city was bombarded by the Nazi Luftwaffe killed at least 1,000 over

Italian Army Historic Photogalleries, Wikimedia Commons // CC BY 2.5

The Quest to Find World War II's Lost Soldiers

The US Army's World War II Tank-Destroyers: Waste of Time or Wonder Weapon?

The leftovers of World War II. by Alex Q. Arbuckle. 1949

A British soldier inside a trench on the Western Front during World War I, 1914

Map of the campaign of the 34th Infantry Division(1942-1945)

Secret World War II Chemical Experiments Tested Troops By Race

The U.S. Army Rangers tackled some of the toughest missions of World War II and became combat legends.

dump01.jpg (18095 bytes). DUMPED ...

Exporting Guinness: Guinness tankard on the streets of Liverpool.

2, 1945- Allied sailors and officers watch Army

Mail Call: World War II communication as told by a soldier's diary

The salvagers who raise World War Two tanks from the dead

world war ii soldier army d-day

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Gold History – World War I and World War II. Creative_Wallpaper_The_Second_World_War_018246_

A World War Two era 'Panther' battle tank is removed from a residential property

Toxic Exposures: Mustard Gas and the Health Consequences of World War II in the United States (Critical Issues in Health and Medicine): Susan L. Smith: ...

Alt banner image. Home > Blog > Featured > Aussie women in World War II: ...

A photo mof a overgrown pillbox next to a field


An overturned Messerschmfitt Bf 109 fuselage and wing awaited smelting at Holzkirchen, Germany, on June 17, 1948 in this photo from an Army Air Forces ...

New Mexico during World War II. Roswellaaf-flyingschool.jpg

The Secret World War II Chemical Weapons Disaster—That Helped Battle Cancer?

World War II: Photos We Remember


Right next to the town of Wolseley, along Railway Terrace North, The R.A.A.F. constructed a No. 12 Inland Aircraft Fuel Depot early in World War II.

D-Day, World War II

Military Vehicle Dump After World War II Numerous 20mm FLAK guns in the center & some 88mm Dual Purpose guns in the background.

... millions of German-speaking civilians were sent to Germany from Czechoslovakia (above) and other European countries after World War II by ...

Print edition | Christmas Specials

Over 100,000 Belfast people were left homless after the massive bomb attacks. 2

As some historians would suggest, nearly all the participants had no clue as to when the Second Word War was likely to see its end, especially as more and ...

From the Archives: Protesters denounce U.S. involvement in World War II

Today I found out about a Japanese soldier who continued fighting World War II a full 29 years after the Japanese surrendered, because he didn't know the ...

Soldiers of the 77th Division parade through New York City on Feb. 22, 1918

How Israel Used Old World War II Tanks To Win War After War

Maginot Line World War II France history

German Wehrmacht General Anton Dostler is tied to a stake before his execution by a firing squad in a stockade in Aversa, Italy, on December 1, 1945.

American airmen and soldiers inspect a derelict Heinkel He 111 bomber at LeBourget airfield in France. (Brown collection, USAF Academy)

First person: My Naga grandfather's WWI experiences changed our family forever

Battle of Verdun. French trench on the front lines, 1916. (Photo by

Mail Call: World War II communication as told by a soldier's diary

... M1 wrecker trucks right the tipped-over wreckage of a Panzer IV during a battlefield clean-up. The M1's boom crane had a 10-capacity; so even with two ...

World War Two. Saw Berny at home in Yangon

World War II: Witness to War

Five Things You Didn't Know Germany Invented In World War II

How the Vietnam War Affects You Today

The Most Treacherous Battle of World War I Took Place in the Italian Mountains | History | Smithsonian


'Hobbit' director modernizes WW1 video. '

World War II surplus frenzy hits Bay Area

Gurkhas advance with Lee tanks to clear the Japanese from the Imphal-Kohima road during

15, 1921 aerial view of the Balloon Encampment ...


Queen Elizabeth II's Time in WWII Makes Her the Most Hardcore Head of State

Choctaw Indian Code Talkers of World War I



Victor and vanquished both awaited the smelter in Germany after World War II in this remarkable photo showing remnants of an upended German Ju 52 transport ...