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Where to Find Witches in Scotland Ancient Mythology and Religion

Where to Find Witches in Scotland Ancient Mythology and Religion


Three generations of Scottish women, plus their pet cat. Detail from David Allan's "

Where to Find Witches in Scotland | Ancient Mythology and Religion | Scotland travel, Travel, Europe Destinations

A Visit to the Witch, by Edward Frederick Brewtnall, 1882

Macbeth seeing three witches. Engraving after Reynolds c. 1786

Archaeologists Identify Scottish Church Where Accused 16th Century Witches Were Imprisoned | Ancient Origins

Why Europe's wars of religion put 40,000 'witches' to a terrible death

Germany was once the witch-burning capital of the world. Here's why

History of popular religion in Scotland

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Woe of the Witches – The Elevated Flying Rowan Tree

Three Witches

The Witch,? by Ronald Hutton, (Yale University Press) ***NOT FOR RESALE

Rapidly Closing American Churches Are Shadowed by The Meteoric Rise in Witchcraft | Ancient Origins

Celtic gods poster

Gone and Forgotten: The Sad Fate of the Witches of Prussia

The North Berwick Witches meet the Devil in the local kirkyard, from a contemporary pamphlet, Newes from Scotland

... century and most likely emerged during the medieval period, slowly transforming from a guild of Scottish stonemasons into a strictly fraternal order.

Albany Bulb Sea Witch Prays to the Pink and Purple Sky.

Druids, priests of an ancient Celtic order, served as both religious and political leaders.

A woman on a ducking-stool, accused of witchcraft. Drowning would have proved

Picts, Gaels, and Scots: Exploring their Mysterious (and Sometimes Mythical) Origins

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Book Review: The Visions of Isobel Gowdie by Emma Wilby - Norse Mythology for Smart People

Poppet doll exhibit at the Museum of Magic and Witchcraft

The role of the witch, the woman with supernatural powers, has been part of the mythologies and folklore, of multiple religions and cosmogonies.

Witchcraft and Second Sight in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland - Kindle edition by John Gregorson Campbell. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks ...


Christian Shaw, Paisley witches, Bargarron witch trials


Scenic View On Pendle Hill At Springtime

Ancient Egypt Under the Pharaohsby. John Kenrick


View Larger Image Auldearn Kirk where Isobel Gowdie met the Devil.

Britain's Wicca Man (Pagan Witchcraft Religion Documentary) | Timeline

Pagan & Shinto News: List of accused 'witches' in Scotland published online for first time

The Witches Stone


A depiction of Weir's coach careering down the West Bow at midnight

Scotland Stirling Castle Emblem 184010993

Wulver- Scottish folklore: a wolf headed man like creature. It wasnt a werewolf nor was it ever a human. It was an immortal, solitary being.


Shakespeare's Witches & Lady Macbeth

Witch Hunting in Salem

Since the Enlightenment, rationalists have liked to cite witch burning as a prime example of medieval ignorance and religious (usually Catholic) bigotry run ...

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An 1868 drawing of the former prison for witches, St Mary's Chapel, after it was restored to religious use. Credit: Open Space Trust/Mither Kirk Project

Witch, Warlock, and Magician Historical Sketches of Magic and Witchcraft in England and Scotland

"Fairies Looking Through A Gothic Arch" by John Anster Fitzgerald 19th century. "

A cauldron over a fire in William Blake's illustrations to his mythical "Europe, a

Stregheria, (La Vecchia Religione), also know as the Old Religion, is Italian witchcraft. The tradition began in the mid-14th Century with the teachings of

Pagan Holidays: Walpurgis Night and how a British lady went from Catholic saint, to Germanic goddess, to witch and gave us a second Halloween


An illustration of a group of supposed witches being beaten in front of King James VI

So, when Christian Shaw began accusing her fellow neighbours of witchcraft, there was inevitable horror to follow.

Witches, Witchcraft and Wicca Third Edition

According to the ancient Basque religion, when Darkness reigned in the Earth, the humans prayed to Mari that she help them in their fight against the bad ...

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Despite his plain-sounding name and lack of divinity, Leonard is the demon inspector-general of sorcery, black magic, and witchcraft.

By Scan by NYPL, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

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-Mr P's Mythopedia- Wicca, Magick, Witchcraft, Greek Gods, Occult,

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Poppet doll exhibit at the Museum of Magic and Witchcraft

There are many different witchcraft traditions from all over the world. Find out which type

The Cailleach: Winter Witch Goddess.

The Witch: A History of Fear, from Ancient Times to the Present

Toil and trouble

Witchcraft in the Jacobean Era

Scottish Witches, Fairies and Old Religion - Prof. Diane Purkiss

Irish Mythology – Wizards and Witches

The Witches of Salem

Two witches performing a full moon ritual in a wood in Scotland

The Pittenweem Witch Trials

Fairy Faith and Animism in Scotland. A Challenge

Landscape of Scottish Mythological Gods, Goddesses and Giants

The Adoration of the Magi, a rare survival of pre-Reformation religious iconography from a house in Dundee

A member of the Waldkircher Kandelhexen witches' club celebrates the witches' sabbath in Waldkirch

Equal rights for women in ancient Ireland

Le Champion des Dames

Captain Morgan's Inca Gold

The Eildon Hill is said to have been the site where Thomas the Rhymer met the

Author Lenny Low runs witches tours in Pittenweem

Aleister Crowley

Scottish Witchcraft Documentary - 'The Witch You Know'

Matthew Hopkins, Witch-Finder General

Scottish Myths and Legends