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What to Do with Old Garden Soil 3 Ideas to Make it Useful Again

What to Do with Old Garden Soil 3 Ideas to Make it Useful Again


Plant in raised beds with rich soil. raised garden beds

Great Garden Ideas S1 • E3

I have had a bit of a dream for a while now of having my own garden out back and it's finally happening this year!! We love cooking food that's as fresh ...

To Till or Not to Till the Garden is the question. Here I explain when

preparing a raised bed garden

GardenFarm raised beds

What to Do with Old Garden Soil (3 Ideas to Make it Useful Again)


7 Ways to Improve Soil Quality: Many of us inherit gardens and yards that consist

Vegetable garden

Challenges with the no-till Back to Eden Gardening Method. An honest review and

Old Farmer's Almanac

Compost bin in a backyard vegetable garden

Bury An Egg In Your Garden Soil, What Happens Few Days Later Will Surprise You

What to Do with Old Garden Soil (3 Ideas to Make it Useful Again)

A few years ago, while driving with my family through the countryside of Bulgaria, I noticed how strikingly similar the landscape was to that of central ...

Garden Myths - Learn the truth about gardening

Outdoor potted plants depend on us to provide the nutrients they need to grow. That's

Crop rotation will benefit vegetable crops in two ways: first, it will prevent the build-up of soil-borne pests and diseases; second, it will allow for the ...

Follow These 10 Steps to a Magnificent Garden

Raking soil

How to Mulch Your Garden and Stop Weeds in Their Tracks

What to Do with Old Garden Soil (3 Ideas to Make it Useful Again)

Old Farmer's Almanac

How to Prepare Your Garden Soil for Planting Vegetables in 3 Easy Steps // Spring Garden Series #8

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Elevated raised bed gardening is a great way to grow! (AD)

Raised Vegetable Gardens

Raised garden bed. Photo by Oregon State University/Wikimedia Commons.

How to Improve Soil

Raised Bed Gardening - How To Start A Garden With Raised Beds

25 Rustic Repurposing Ideas To Make Good Use Of Old Gardening Tools

Starting a vegetable garden from scratch

Revitalising and re-using old potting mix

Difference Between Garden Soil and Top Soil

If you were to track every hour spent in your garden, you would probably find that you do an inordinate amount of weeding. And while the first few weeks of ...

How to get rid of weeds

woman shoveling dirt to back fill tree hole

What to Do When Weeds Have Taken Over Your Garden

Rules of Thumb For Choosing a Potting Soil:

A new growing season is just around the corner and you're beginning to think about all the materials you'll need to get your plants off to a good start.

blackberries grow best in fertile soil

7 Tips for a High-Yield Vegetable Garden, Even When You're Tight on Space

Good soil prep is the key to successful gardening. This article covers the basics of soil preparation.

Transitioning to a No-Till Garden: Have you heard about the ecological benefits of

Image titled Fix Compacted Soil Step 1

Suppress garden weeds in the paths with landscape fabric

building garden soil - wood mulch

Vertical Gardening

Garden ideas on a budget: 5 easy projects outdoors



weedy herb garden pre vinegar

Organic Garden Soil

Alan Titchmarsh, shift, plants, garden, UploadExpress

Old and scratched CDs and DVDs are easy to find, you can make them useful

Mulch Pile

Mulching with a 1-3 inch layer of organic material will help to build good air and water relationships in the soil as well as add nutrients for uptake by ...

Cross Section SheetMulch

How and When To Plant a Tree

How to Find Free Containers For Your Garden

Compost can be confusing. We all know it's "good", but good how? And when should we use it? Do we even need to use it? Here is a short good-to-know guide ...

Six ways to save water in your garden

Heathers in garden

Garden Tilling Benefits

Fertilizer will keep plants looking good throughout the growing season, even if they're

filling garden with mulch

However, Bunnings National Greenlife Buyer Rachel has some great ideas to help give grass a boost, and get your lawn back ...

Simple Ways to Fix Dry Garden Soil

From your farm. Food just tastes better when you grow it yourself. We make

How to Prep Your Garden for Spring Planting

The Basics of Growing Roses

Watering your garden is obviously a super important step, so make sure you are planning to put your garden not only where it will get a lot of light (8 ...

three Gardener's Victory Self-Watering Planter Gardens growing tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers

How to Prepare Soil for Roses

Gardening for beginners: the cheat's guide to herbaceous borders

Spring Garden

Lettuce problems

The no-brainer guide to starting seeds indoors

When those first sprouts start to appear, will you be ready? Read more on

How to Grow Your Own Tomatoes, Part 1: Starting Seeds Indoors

Florist Clare Day raises her own organic flowers on her 12-acre farm in British

First I'll explain how garden soil dries out… Our bodies get ...

This Stress-Free Fish Tank Lets Plants Do the Cleaning

Helpful Products from Gardens Alive!


Brand New Beds

9 small garden design ideas on a budget

Taking the effort to clean up the vegetable garden beds in fall makes it very easy

Garden Renovation: Tips For Removing Existing Plants In The Garden