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What I found out about my health after 6 years of being vegan

What I found out about my health after 6 years of being vegan


Is a vegan diet healthy? What I found out about my health after 6 years

Building a Healthy Vegan Grocery List

6 Vegetarian Diet Benefits & Vegetarian Diet Guidelines

The 6 Blood Tests Every Vegan Should Get (And What You Need to Know About Them) | No Meat Athlete

The right plant-based diet for you


A plant-based diet is a heart-healthy diet recommended for cancer prevention

How to thrive on a vegan diet


Vegan meal plan

Is a vegan diet healthy? Only if you do it right

... what “real vegan” is (i.redd.it)

Vegetarian and vegan diets can't offer the same nutrients as this grilled meat.

A balanced diet for vegetarians

The Last Conversation You'll Ever Need to Have About Eating Right

A very low-fat, plant-based diet might improve someone's health in the short term, especially if they have ...

... (i.redd.it)

VEGANS vs MEAT EATERS - Who Will Live Longer? Food / Diet Comparison - YouTube

I Tried Mark Bittman's VB6 Diet, and Here's How It Went

Healthy Eating Habits

vegan beginners

6 Years of Vegan | Thoughts + Lessons


29 vegan dinner recipes

a Vegan Diet May Help Prevent Diabetes

Vegan Dental Health: Will Being A Vegan Harm My Teeth?

The unstoppable rise of veganism: how a fringe movement went mainstream | Life and style | The Guardian

People have been asking me to share my story on how my eyes changed colour after eating raw vegan for nearly 6 years. Before I went raw, my eyes were a dark ...

I love it. I could plant myself next to a cheese tray for hours (and I have). I think my grandma's meatloaf, ...

Some of the brands featured here are certified by the relevant bodies, such as Peta

A collage of a 7 day vegan meal plan

The vegan food plate: A simple guide to healthy vegan nutrition

The Independent. Whether it's for health ...

Healthy Vegetarian Meal Plans- an entire week of quick, easy and nutritious meals that

Vegan Diet Guide

Here are my favorite vegan restaurants. Six hot spots with delicious vegan dishes. Click here to find out more! #ARandomsLife #vegan #Cleveland # ...

The retreat from meatWhy people in rich countries are eating more vegan food

The Skinny Vegan's Guide to Gaining Muscle

The unstoppable rise of veganism: how a fringe movement went mainstream | Life and style | The Guardian

'Going vegan' is predicted to be the biggest food trend of 2018

How I Went Vegan Overnight and My Vegan Story. How my decision completely transformed my life + my health for the better. My 6 tips on how to go vegan .

6 Tips for Losing Weight on a Vegan Diet. Up your protein ...


Protecting Bone Health on a Vegan Diet

What every vegan should know about B12

why i became vegan

Reduce risk of the No. 1 killer – Heart Disease. Vegetarian diets tend to be ...

Here's What Happens When You Eat Nothing But Fruit for a Week

Are you overwhelmed by what healthy food to cook but don't know where to start? Alex and I were there too! But over the last 10 years, we've invested a huge ...

Is a vegan diet healthy?

Cookie and Kate's Best Vegetarian Recipes

Vegan Gifts: over 100 vegan gift ideas

#6 Health benefits. I watched a few nights ago Forks over Knives which are looking at health benefits veganism has. I know the film has been criticized and ...

The unstoppable rise of veganism: how a fringe movement went mainstream

Why is it Important to Encourage Healthy Meals For Children?

The statistical information on this page represents the most recent and accurate figures that we have available about the number of vegetarians living in ...

Vegan Christmas. It's my 4 year ...

What If The World Went Vegetarian?

10 Anti-Aging Foods to Support Your 40s-and-Beyond Body

I eased in slowly to become a vegetarian to make sure I fueled my body with every it needed.

Dr Fuhrman Aggressive Weight Loss Plan Eat to Live 6 week challenge The end of dieting

As ever our approach is to give you food for thought – forgive the pun! There is plenty of information to support you. Both the Vegan and Vegetarian ...

These Vegan Bodybuilders Will Literally Smash Your Vegan Stereotype

My mate, Marmite


the thriving vegan featured on

I have been vegan for almost 6 years now, a decision I made happily on my own. The last thing that I want is to force a vegan diet on my daughters ...

Is this the greenest meal in the UK? ...and it's vegan!

How does sugar in our diet affect our health?

Apart from that it is often said that a vegan diet is not suited for children in particular, as allegedly not all nutrients that are required for growth are ...

Who doesn't start to get tired after 40? You're working, you're raising a family, and maybe you're taking classes or volunteering. When you eat whole, ...


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None of that makes veganism, full- or part-time, and the spread of plant-based foods irrelevant. A mixture of ethical concerns, innovative cuisine like Mr ...

Our Vegan Affiliate Program at a Glance

... ever be able to stick to it, but now I couldn't imagine not being #plantbased, it's changed my health, mindset and strength.

A vegan YouTube star went to Bali. A video of her there brought her platform crashing down.

These creamy truffles from Booja-Booja mean vegan chocolate lovers don't have to

Vegan Children and Vaccines

vegetarian chili recipe

It's a constant battle for me to explain to my friends & family that with the proper foods I do indeed get the nutrition I need. Must show them this simple ...

If you eat a vegan or vegetarian diet, or if you're just aiming to keep your iron levels up, you probably know some of the many vegetables, ...

Living with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis as a Vegan