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Were you aware that you could catch a disease from a mosquito bite

Were you aware that you could catch a disease from a mosquito bite


What Happens When a Mosquito Bite Gets Infected (And What to Do)

Picture courtesy: Pexels. Being surrounded by mosquitoes can ...

A mosquito bite might lead to a severe infection.

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The effect of an insect bite can range from mild irritation to a serious disease.

The Anopheles mosquito passes on malaria.

Why do mosquito bites itch and swell up? In this article we look at why mosquito bites itch, evidence-backed ways to reduce itching and swelling, ...

Aedes aegypti mosquito


9 home remedies for mosquito bite itch

Invasive mosquitoes are spreading across Los Angeles County. Have you been bitten?

Why You Can Get So Many Diseases from Mosquitoes

Do You Have a Mosquito Bite Allergy? The Most Common Reactions, Explained

West Nile virus: Why majority of infected people don't even know but others get very ill

Difference Between Mosquito & Sand Fly Bites

9 home remedies for mosquito bite itch

Only female mosquitoes bite. Both male and female feed mainly on fruit and plant nectar, but the female also needs the protein in blood to help her eggs ...

7 Bug Bites You Should Never, Ever Ignore

You Asked: Why Do Mosquitoes Always Bite Me?

Bed bug bites: Have you been bitten? Five signs to look for and how to get rid of them

bug bite There are some signs you ...


How to Know It's a Chigger Bite and What to Do About It

What you need to know about Zika virus

While mosquitoes can carry blood-borne diseases like malaria, West Nile encephalitis and dengue fever, it is the aggravating bite that gives them their ...

Here's What Happens to Your Body When You Get a Bug Bite—and Why You Shouldn't Scratch It

Tick bites don't usually cause itching like mosquitos, but are more of a concern due to infections they can transmit. Ticks are predicted to be more ...

How to Prevent Bug Bites. “

Are fly bites dangerous?

Mosquito Bites in Dogs


Is Your Bug Bite Dangerous? These 6 Photos Can Help You Tell

Top 5 Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites

Ant bites


A feeding Mosquito

can bed bugs make you sick

Her head consists mainly of two giant compound eyes able to pick up movement and bright colors from long distances. From as far away as 120 feet, she can ...

Summer bites, explained


Mechanism of a Mosquito Bite

Everyone has dealt with annoying mosquito bites at one point or another. Try my top five home remedies for mosquito bites and ways to avoid being bitten.

Extreme detailed study of a mosquito head taken with a microscope. This ancient pest is a bit more complex than you may have ...


Through mosquito bites

Tick bites might lead to a range of diseases but are often harmless.

The 2 most important principles are2: 1. Avoid being bitten by mosquitoes

Bites are usually worse on kids. Lolo from Tahiti/Flickr, CC BY. The reaction to mosquito bites can ...

Identifying Bug Bites: How to Prevent & Treat (Infographic)

Culex mosquito on a human finger

Why do only female mosquitoes bite?

Blood in a Mosquito's Belly Could Reveal How Diseases Spread

Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch and Swell?

What do mosquito bites feel like? You might ...

Everything You Need to Know About Ant Bites (and How to Avoid Them)

No-see-um, 70 times life size. (Illustration by Lynn Kimsey)

Prevent Bug Bytes

A New Way to Keep Mosquitoes From Biting

Insect bites guide: Pictures and treatment advice for bites and stings from zoologist Dr James Logan

Fire ant bites

Hand feeling rash on arm

Some types of mites, as well as fleas, bite humans, and in some cases, they can cause serious reactions.

Wasp or hornet sting

Aedes Aegypti mosquitos in a lab in El Salvador

In order for ticks to progress through their life stages, they need to feast on the blood of mammals. Here you can see an adult female (left) and a nymph ...

Treating and Preventing Mosquito Bites in Children

West Nile Virus


12 Totally Natural, Genius Ways To Relieve Bug Bites

What is Lyme disease and how do you get it?

How can I stop mosquito bites from itching?

Pictures of Bed Bug Bites

Infographics: Prevent Bug Bites

Mosquito bites. Zika — the mosquito-borne disease that impacts fetal brain development — has been shown to be sexually transmitted (making it the only known ...

The Aedes aegypti mosquito is a carrier of the dengue virus. new research suggests that

The loathsome, lethal mosquito - Rose Eveleth

Flea bites

Why Pregnant Women Are So Tasty to Mosquitoes

Curious Kids: When we get bitten by a mosquito, why does it itch so much?

pixularium/Shutterstock. “The concern with tick bites is that they can ...


Information About the Tsetse Fly and Sleeping Sickness

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