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Trumps supporters have launched three serious terror attacks in the

Trumps supporters have launched three serious terror attacks in the


'No Blame'? ABC News finds 17 cases invoking 'Trump' in connection with violence, threats or alleged assaults - ABC News

Trump Should Stop Telling Hateful Lies That Racist Terrorists Believe


How to Build an Autocracy

Trump's lies are not the problem. It's the millions who swallow them who really matter

... trying to draw the attention of Republican voters back to issues like immigration, which have always sparked enthusiasm among the Republican grassroots.

Evan McMullin, a conservative independent presidential candidate, is slightly behind the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, in Utah, ...

Here Is a List of Far-Right Attackers Trump Inspired. Cesar Sayoc Wasn't the First — and Won't Be the Last.

Stop Shaming Trump Supporters

President Donald Trump delivers his first address to a joint session of Congress in February. On national security, he said: “We are also taking strong ...

Trump addresses supporters in Norfolk, Virginia

Why I'm Loving This

Jim Young / Reuters

Donald Trump attacks 'media hostility' after mail bombs

Trump deletes tweet linking to Breitbart following New Zealand terror attack

'Shithole' and other racist things Trump has said — so far

The One Weird Trait That Predicts Whether You're a Trump Supporter

Trump supporters displaying QAnon posters appeared at President Donald J. Trumps Make America Great Again

MELBOURNE, FL - FEBRUARY 18: In this file picture from 2017, Cesar Sayoc

PHOTO: Supporters look on as President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally, Sunday

Cathal McNaughton / Reuters

Donald Trump supporter in South Carolina: 'We're voting with our middle finger'

Supporters of the youth wing of India's governing party in Noida, India, celebrating after the airstrike on Balakot on February 26, 2019.

Donald Trump and the Politics of Fear

Ocasio-Cortez, others blast Trump for 9/11 video coupled with Rep. Omar's comments

Three Muslim women protest Donald Trump's immigration order.

Al-Shabaab's Kenya attack proves the terrorist group is still deadly

Protestors gather to oppose Trump's travel ban at Los Angeles International Airport on January 28, 2017. (Reuters / Patrick T. Fallon)

In the United States, right-wing violence is on the rise

Donald Trump Is the Most Dangerous Man in the World

John Trandem


What Would It Take For Trump To Get Primaried?

Sri Lanka Easter Sunday attacks: what we know

From left: Patrick Stein, Curtis Allen and Gavin Wright — members of a Kansas militia group — were found guilty of plotting to bomb an apartment building ...

Donald Trump. "

Flipping the Switch

Fox News believers

Pakistanis protest against Donald Trump's accusations that their country harbours militants, 25 August 2017

The Danger of President Pence

Amy Honeycutt

Extreme political polarization weakens democracy – can the US avoid that fate?

Deconstructed Special: Is Donald Trump Inciting Far-Right Terror in the U.S.?

'He's anti-left, anti-PC, anti-stupid': Trump supporters in their own words. '

Extreme Vetting of Immigrants: Estimating Terrorism Vetting Failures

Enlarge this image. Donald Trump stops as supporters ...

Year One List: 81 major Trump achievements, 11 Obama legacy items repealed

The Daily 202: The 11 GOP senators who broke with Trump over relaxing sanctions against a Putin-linked oligarch

Muslim Women Wearing Hijabs Assaulted Just Hours After Trump Win - NBC News

United States President Donald J. Trump makes a statement announcing that a deal has been


Donald P. Curry

The 155 Craziest Things Trump Said This Election

Then they punctuated it with the president's name.

When not calling Trump supporters “Nazis” as a means to dehumanize us, the establishment media like to whine about the lack of civility in American politics ...

How the Bible Belt lost God and found Trump

Donald Trump supporters furious after Eminem slams President in rap. '

Border Patrol Agent Roberto Rodriguez escorts two Mexican nationals apprehended near the Texas-Mexico border

Did Trump Really Beat ISIS?

Then they punctuated it with the president's name

Ian Allen

President Trump Ranted For 77 Minutes in Phoenix. Here's What He Said

A candlelight vigil is held at Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church for victims of the shooting

Donald Trump listens this morning during a bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago. (Jim WatsonAFP/Getty Images). 3.

Activists say more groups are also speaking out against bigotry

Trump typically reacts immediately to reports of Muslim terror attacks. When a gunman opened ...

Where did the Paris terror attacks take place?

Muslim Women Wearing Hijabs Assaulted Just Hours After Trump Win

Trump supporters react to his plan to ban Muslims

Aftermath of a terrorist attack in Jerusalem, 2008. (The Israel Project)

Trump rally Green Bay, live stream: Trump holds MAGA rally in Wisconsin - live updates from Wisconsin - CBS News

Steele told friends that Trump supporters were using him as a “battering ram” to “take down the whole intelligence community.”

How social media took us from Tahrir Square to Donald Trump

Dan Koehler

A white senior citizen wears a Trump t-shirt and sits on his golf cart

In several inflammatory campaign speeches, Donald Trump singled out Somali refugees as a national security threat—fueling the fears of homegrown terrorists ...

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Isis supporters 'frustrated' at being stopped from travelling to Syria may attack UK instead, terror police chief warns. '

Confronting the Cost of Trump's Corruption to American Families

The Real Story of Donald Trump Jr.

Trump holds the propellers of a small drone.

All of the extremist killings in the US in 2018 had links to right-wing extremism, according to new report

An Indian student holds a poster during a procession to pay tribute to the Central Reserve

Attorney Steven J. Harper and the producers at BillMoyers.com launched the Trump-Russia Timeline in February ...

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Trump holds up the March 1990 issue of Playboy with him on the cover as he

Special counsel Robert Mueller, center, is looking into Russian interference in the 2016 election

All the Terrifying Things That Donald Trump Did Lately

Trump's audience is angry. So angry, it can barely see through the red fog