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This hit is About to Get Real JustNeedsPaintcom Kitchen

This hit is About to Get Real JustNeedsPaintcom Kitchen


What could possibly be wrong here?

What is Wrong with this Kitchen?

No safety issues here, but.

Preparing to build a tile countertop off-site. We fabricated granite tile countertops, Hey, this kitchen ...

Bicycle Hooks

I couldn't help but notice the lone bird apart from all the others on

The countertop on the other side of the oven was cut down on-site since that section was the filler (wiggle room #1). The refrigerator can move a little ...

Before and After: Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Shoddy flood remodel warning sign: stain in tile grout lines. As we all learned

Are you debating on how you want to lay out your tile, specifically, between


Vapor Barrier Between Subfloor and Plywood

Before and After: Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Subfloor Problems Exposed!

Are you in love with granite, but have sticker shock on slab pricing? Here

Shoddy flood remodel warning sign: old style cabinetry. Shoddy flood remodel warning sign:

WARNING: Real Nerd Alert!

How to DIY a Natural Stone Interior Door Threshold

*A stunning photo taken off a real Zillow listing. I would give credit to

A Free DIY More-Than-Just-Paint Visualizer

A must-click listing on craigslist as a result of a quick search using optimized

Childproof Kitchen Appliances? Try Before You Buy

A step-by-step tutorial building a copper Uponor PEX-a manifold:

Even worse than just tile--the lower half of this kitchen needs to go

That Mold Smell is Just a Symptom

New 1" x 4" Subfloor

Deciding between an EPDM or polyethylene house gasket? Two house gasket durability experiments prove how

Crushed Old Floor Joist

Sanity Saving PEX Manifold Installation Tips

New Notched Sistered Floor Joist

Reasons to Choose Uponor PEX-a

How to Determine Countertop Overhang

Don't just put your house back together--make it better! Suggestions

Make Sure You Buy or Design a House for Real People

At least 4 hours into demo day. No pillow needed for a nap.

When you have an under slab plumbing leak you call out a plumber to detect the

A tutorial on how to measure baseboard. Order the minimum number of sticks, prevent

Tips for Rebuilding After a Flood: Ready for the Next One

The end result was a perfectly level floor.

An overview of the housing market after a hurricane. Breakdown actual MLS listings along with

How to Bullnose Tile: Two Options

Get the best quality renters lining up begging you to take their money with these ESSENTIAL

No one under the age of 40 was served fresh squeezed backyard grown tangerine screwdrivers and

Great Minds Brainstorming

The instigating room: a friend's stunning laundry room with some amazing bold black and white

DIY Bullnose Profiled Travertine Tile Bathroom Surround

With keys in hand, one day later the location of the previous kitchen was now

Artistic pattern choices can be impacted by tile trim edge thickness.

My brother challenged me to use every last pot, plate and utensil in the house

A Mustachian Wedding: Trading Manual Labor for Vows

The arrows indicate where four tiles will cover the joint between the two parts of the

Installing the Hardibacker on the Plywood

Detailed tile work of the backsplash behind the stovetop.

Build a tile countertop: Finish something before you get the keys. A project already

With a slab plumbing leak how should the bypass get run? The thought of ripping

The Luxury of Patience During a Remodel

Look! A stainless diamond found in the nether regions of Craigslist.

There was also an old gold metal interior door threshold between the kitchen and living room

The Ultimate Guide on How to Build a Tile Countertop

FLIR C2 Review: Superman Vision with a Thermal Camera

Once you have a set retirement date, you know what is funny? Seeing that

Need A Home Workout Plan? Try DIY Home Renovations!

A screenshot of Capital 360's goal tracker. Set a goal, make automatic payments,

X marks the spot--of the leak.

Painting a cinder block wall a uniform color isn't that much different than looking

We sure enjoyed him and his family's company during our celebratory meal.

How to DIY a Natural Stone Interior Door Threshold

How to Spot Shitty Hurricane “General Contractors”

Do you have a plumbing leak in a supply line under your slab foundation? Tearing up your flooring and digging a trench in the middle of your house is one ...

Learn a New Skill: Read a Book (It's Not Heart Surgery)

If you have a cat or a dog, finding them unusually comfortable in an unusual

Can you spot all the subfloor problems? The floor joists, sill plate and header

Quickly searching craigslist using these options will shorten the amount of time spent searching as well

Vacations? Hooky day off? Unexpected extended work trips? Make your home smart for

This house was not designed for real people. A 23" doorway and a small

Cute and cuddly, Wyze Cams are deceptively powerful for the price. When I wrote

One of the more “creative” parts of the renovation–one of many projects to finish out a dark, damp, unfinished basement–was how to install that last line of ...

1. Check the plumbing lines going out of the water heater.

We ran a continuous line from the hot water manifold to the manifold dividing the water

A square pattern is a great layout to choose when you have many endpoints. It

Comparison of Bullnose to 90° Profile Edge

If you use a diamond pattern and the edge ends with a small triangle along a

A Mustachian Wedding: Trading Manual Labor for Vows

Think you might have a leak, but you've looked in all the easy

No, this wasn't an oops. We opened up the width of the

The bathroom before it was remodeled.

How this House Stuff Began

Little hands on the refrigerator water dispenser can turn a kitchen into a pool!

Stay motivated to finish a project with a challenge! I think I'll start

2017 Menards trip: 18 boards of OSB

Ways to Try Out House Designs and Layouts

How to change your tagline...I mean blog sub-heading.

Lesson #3: Muscle and prayer are a good remodeling skills often used at the same time.

Bicycle Storage Solutions: Steadyrack offers a pivoting foldable bike rack.

The scene in every yard when shitty hurricane general contractors stroll into town.

How to Install Click Laminate Flooring without Removing Baseboards - Just Needs Paint

You know when you finish a project and its 99% of the way done?