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This Native American Has The Oldest DNA Found In North America

This Native American Has The Oldest DNA Found In North America




Boy's bones. DNA from this ancient Siberian skeleton offers clues to the first Americans.

Closest-known ancestor of today's Native Americans found in Siberia

Darrell Crawford In Montana

Ancient DNA confirms Native Americans' deep roots in North and South America

A New History of the First Peoples in the Americas

REVEAL DNA analyses of these skulls and bone fragments from Lagoa Santa, Brazil, and other ancient remains from North and South America are helping ...

DNA from Ice Age Baby Uproots Native American Family Tree

Oldest DNA from Africa offers clues to mysterious ancient culture

No 'lost tribes' or aliens: what ancient DNA reveals about American prehistory

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Diver Susan Bird


Native American History Timeline

A dog buried in Western Illinois 10,000 years ago is one of the oldest dogs known in the Americas, and the oldest dog burial in the world. These native ...

Despite having an unusual skull, DNA suggests that ancient people like Brazil's “Luzia”

The Ethical Battle Over Ancient DNA. Researchers who study the DNA of ancient Native Americans have ...

Reconstruction of the Upward Sun River base camp

What the ancient DNA discovery tells us about Native American ancestry


Native American origins: When the DNA points two ways

Kennewick Man.jpg

New research using ancient DNA finds that a population split after people first arrived in North America was maintained for millennia before mixing again ...

Found: North America's Most Remarkable Skeleton. The skull of Naia, as it appeared in 2011, having rolled into an upright

Native Americans

Closer look at Naia's skull. Follow forensic clues that reveal intimate detai.

Ancient DNA Tells Our Species' History

The excavation of the Upward Sun River infants

Mal'ta boy burial

American Jews

One of the 15,000 year old spear points discovered in Texas.

New DNA Results Show Kennewick Man Was Native AmericanNew DNA Results Show Kennewick Man Was Native American

DNA From 11,000-Year-Old Alaskan Child Skeleton Rewrites History of Humans in America

Duncan McLaren and Daryl Fedje excavate one of the footprints on Calvert Island. (Grant Callegari/Hakai Institute)

(Illustration: Public Domain)

A plastic casting of a controversial 9,200-year-old skull sits in the basement

Ancient Genomes Reveal Clues About Native Americans’ ...

History of the Americas

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Studies reveal 'missing links' in ancient Native American history

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Ancient Bones Spark Fresh Debate over First Humans in the Americas

I was raised as a Native American. Then a DNA test rocked my identity

Tales of African-American History Found in DNATales of African-American History Found in DNA

The Race to Recover South America's Ancient Past

Ancient baby's DNA reveals completely unknown branch of Native American family tree

The sequencing of DNA from the earliest known North American remains has provided the first genetic confirmation of Native American ancestry, ...

DNA sequences suggest 250 people made up original Native American founding population

2000-year-old tattoo tool

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Indigenous Puerto Rico: DNA evidence upsets established history

1200 Year Old DNA Helps Find Living Descendants of Indigenous Taíno Americans

David Edwards, a Mutthi Mutthi Elde,r prepares to welcome Mungo Man back in

Is The Carolina Dog Native To North America? New Science Says: Maybe

12,000-year-old baby DNA unlocks clues to earliest Americans

Pre-Columbian South American artefacts: the genetic history of their makers turns out to

Ancient DNA From Teenage Girl Shows Link Between Ancient and Modern Americans – National Geographic Society Newsroom

The child's skull was found in Montana with a host of Clovis tools

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DNA links Native Americans with Europeans

A Chihuahua wears a U.S. flag

Native Americans may have arrived in the Americas via several routes

A Cherokee boy and girl stand in costume on a North Carolina reservation in 1939.

Mastodon ribs and vertebrae from a site in Southern California that may contain evidence that the

History of the Bering Land Bridge Theory


New DNA analyses show the earliest known Americans split into distinct groups after they crossed a land bridge from Asia.CreditAndré Strauss

... known as Paleo-Eskimos, made a significant genetic contribution to populations living in Arctic North America today. (Illustration by Kerttu Majander, ...

Early Americans moved into prehistoric South ...

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... Warren and "much of the U.S. public" of ceding the issue of Indigenous identity to “mostly white” geneticists and not to tribes themselves.

10,000-Year-Old Remains in Siberia Reveal the "Missing Link" to Native Americans. "

Snow lingers on a rainy day in early April near Heart Butte.

A Native American man.

The story of human evolution in Africa is undergoing a major rewrite

New DNA Research Sheds New Light on Ice Age Europe

For a long time, it has been known that people first arrived in North America via a land bridge between Asia and what is now Alaska as long as 26,000 years ...

Different groups have mixed and migrated throughout Siberia in Russia and into North America over the past 40,000 years.

The Map Of Native American Tribes You've Never Seen Before

Why Native Americans struggle to protect their sacred places

Its DNA revealed that an unknown population, the Paleo-Siberians, may have been the ancestors of living Native Americans.CreditElena Pavlova