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The Two Ways You Are Repelling Your Clients And How To Change That

The Two Ways You Are Repelling Your Clients And How To Change That


Are you a lady boss entrepreneur who is struggling to attract your ideal client & audience

The Two Ways You Are Repelling Your Clients And How To Change That

ep-57.001 How to Know and Attract Your Ideal Client

When considering what tone of voice to use in your content (and any other communications you have outside your business) you'll want to consider how to ...

The Two Ways You Are Repelling Your Clients And How To Change That

Are you a woman lady girl boss babe Christian entrepreneur who is ready to increase your

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The biggest shift for me was positioning myself as a business partner, not an employee. I accepted that my clients don't always have the right answer.

I'm carrying on the controversy here. If you know who your ideal clients are, then the likelihood is, you'll know who you don't want to work with. For ...

Here's Why the Five Star Client Formula Is Going to Make It Super Easy for You to Attract Your Very Best Clients… Even If Nothing Has Worked for You in the ...


Here is the "It's not you, it's me" email I used to fire my clients.

How do you attract loyal customers who are a pleasure to do business with, while repelling customers that want to destroy your business?

Introduction. I truly believe our online presence can be a game changing ...

How to get coaching clients

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Two ways to get clients (coaching, consulting, service)

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Setting prices on the value you deliver


How You Can Become The Catalyst For A Simple Idea That Could Change The World

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Consistently producing good, helpful content has done nothing but great things for our business. One thing that really surprised me was how much the ...

Obviously, the point of your website is to help get people into your showroom and investing in your remodeling services. The last thing you want to do is ...

High-Ticket Sales: How To Stop Cold Calling And Get Customers Chasing You

This is the time of year that people declare what they want to change in their lives. Unfortunately the real-time decisions you make will likely be based on ...

I know it's a controversial one, but talking about pricing has had nothing but benefits for our business.

10 Ways to Differentiate Yourself From Others And Eventually Stand Out From The Crowd

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All you need to create a blog strategy that attracts your ideal client and convert them

7 Steps to Building a Personal Brand That Attracts Your Perfect Clients (Personal Branding for

11 Ways to Create a Strong Employer Brand

Learn ways to educate your clients about these anniversary reactions and acquire tools that will help your ...

Patagonia Encapsil Parka

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How to Get Coaching Clients with 3 Emails

Making the Impossible Possible #3: It's often closer than you think

6 Ways To Tell Better Stories In Your Content Marketing | Thinkific

Online reviews have been around a while. But in the past few years, they've increasingly become more important than ever, and the statistics to support its ...

Anything to add?

5 - Change the product sales strategy.

maximize your potential

According to countless studies, including one conducted by a Harvard Med School team led by Sara Lazar, PhD, the practice of meditation permanently ...

There have been many launches for digital products and programs where they are making $500,000 to $1 million within 24 hours to 1 week.

5 ways This is pretty much my ...

Some Statistics on Why Signage is Important for Your Business

... they invited be back to speak at a later time for a full hour. This builds trust and likability quickly and creates a lot of interest in your services.


How to get coaching clients through email- The Line In The Sand

There is no question how prebooking can dramatically improve your productivity rate, first and existing client retention rates, frequency of client visit, ...

3 Ways You Can Attract More Of The Clients That You Desire

The Events Competition Funnel - Understand Your Competitors and Gain Advantage

They run their life based on a series of "shoulds" that make life tolerable rather than a sequence of wants and desires that create a thriving life they ...

7 Ways to Attract the Right Things Into Your Life

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Unreasonable clients who mistreat your employees and disrupt your business can become an important energy drain. Firing such clients can gain the ...

How to get coaching clients through email-The Why Now

How to Read Your Customer: The Body Language of Yes and No

Even if you are not able to change something, offering to make up for it goes a long way in customer service.

Why “pick a niche” is bad advice and what you should do instead

Question #1: What are your client's or customer's priorities? For example, if they ...

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How to get coaching clients through email-The Transformation Story

The purpose of a call-to-action (CTA) is, first and foremost, to provide an instruction to website visitors to contact you immediately, as well as a reason ...

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answerthepublic restaurant marketing ideas. Basically, you can read your customers' ...

Make Sure There Are Plenty of Upsells Within Your Event Proposal

One of the quickest ways you can drive people off of your site is by having an unresponsive website. You might be wondering what makes a website responsive ...

This strategy can be employed in your business proposals by anchor high to establish the value of the three options. The middle one is where you want them ...

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Unfocused marketing means spending a lot more of these