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The Top Challenges in Journalism According to a Survey of

The Top Challenges in Journalism According to a Survey of


The Top Challenges in Journalism according to a Survey of Journalists and the Cliff Notes to

While this is still high, it's the lowest it's been in years.” [Note: it looks to me like the structure of this question changed from last year, ...

The Top Challenges in Journalism According to a Survey of Journalists and the Cliff Notes to 3 Studies by PR Tech Vendors [UML]

Knight Foundation on Twitter: "The journalists see decreasing newsroom resources as the top challenge among four listed in survey.

Which of These Represents Your Greatest Challenge as a Journalism Educator?

How Much Trust and Confidence Have Your Students Expressed in Mass Media?

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One participating publisher said, “There's all this PR speak about the importance of local journalism ...

FIGURE 2 Experience of the survey respondents

Student Journalism Classes Going Strong, Poll Finds

(click image for higher resolution) top pr tech vendors

FIGURE 3 Education of the survey respondents

Our 2019 Trends and Predictions report surveys 200 digital leaders from across the world on what they believe will be the challenges and opportunities ...

The Next Generation of Media Professionals. How Would You Rate Your Students' Ability

Criticism From President Trump

According to a Pew Research Survey of investigative journalists ...

Global Challenge 4


Journalism, 'Fake News' and Disinformation

One platform said they emphasize “relevant” and “trustworthy, high-quality sources”; when asked about the inherent editorial judgement required for ...

British journalism is 94% white and 55% male, survey reveals

FIGURE 4 Age of the survey respondents

FIGURE 1 Geographic distribution of the survey respondents

Donors Match Their Stated Commitments with Money… in Some Cases

for quality journalism training institutions & identifying potential centres of excellence in journalism training in Africa

Conclusion. By Emily Bell

Global Challenge 15

Teaching journalism for sustainable development: new syllabi

Friend and Foe: The Platform Press at the Heart of Journalism - Columbia Journalism Review

Four UK news sources among top 10 most trusted in US – survey

4 Observations From Recent Surveys About The State-Of-Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The trend in content marketing

The 7 biggest problems facing science, according to 270 scientists

The Social Media Revolution: Exploring the Impact on Journalism and News Media Organizations - Inquiries Journal

Four UK news sources among top 10 most trusted in US – survey | Media | The Guardian

Conversely, investigative journalism stands out as a relatively well funded category in our data, whereas it does not seem to figure in CIMA's regional ...

Oct. 16 & 17: Journalism Workshop on Senior Health in Los Angeles

2016 prison census: 259 journalists jailed worldwide

Beyond the topics for which it is the top source, the internet is often the second-most important source of information on a variety of other topics.

By GVC Staff April 2019. The field of journalism ...

The Elements of Journalism, Revised and Updated 3rd Edition by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel

Guide to Advertising Technology

A range of metrics mapped in terms of relative clarity of definitions and

The news cycle is relentless: it doesn't allow for journalists to take weeks off to learn new skills.

News organisations have traditionally been competitive, but should that change? To what extent do you agree that they should …? Digital leaders survey, N= ...

Truly novel research takes longer to produce, and it doesn't always pay off. A National Bureau of Economic Research working paper found that, on the whole, ...

Thematic Issues in Media Development Funding, from Highest to Lowest Funding, 2010–2015 This list presents the issues present in media support projects ...

... on radio”; 6.

Senior execs in Asia are adopting AI to improve the customer experience and business decision-making, but challenges such as a talent shortage and high ...

Nonprofit news is a US$350 million industry, according to new report

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... Graphic report: Workshop - Business sustainability of independent journalism through smart media investment ...

The media exaggerates negative news. This distortion has consequences

Take the National Institutes of Health, a major funding source. Its budget rose at a fast clip through the 1990s, stalled in the 2000s, and then dipped with ...


Getting the Message Across Reporting on Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific: A Handbook for Journalists

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The Modern Newsroom Is Stuck Behind The Gender And Color Line

; 13.

Attacks on the media are growing, and with journalism weakened already by disruptions to its business model, those assaults are more effective than ever.

Media freedom in Russia

fixing science 3

Life at small-market newspapers: A survey of over 400 journalists - Columbia Journalism Review

The Backbone Structure of Audience Networks: A New Approach to Comparing Online News Consumption Across Countries

Library shelves of books

Thinking now about some of the news media organizations you trust, what are some of the reasons why you trust those news organizations? [OPEN-ENDED]

Recent Posts. Survey highlights desire for ...

... Graphic report: Workshop - Business sustainability of independent journalism through smart media investment ...

Customer pain points WordStream agency survey biggest challenges. During our analysis of the ...

Challenge 11. How can the changing status of women help improve the human condition?

A continuum of forms of analytics used in newsrooms.

Small-market newspapers in the digital age

General 17 August 2018

January 2019 Crain's NewsPro. The 2019 January edition of ...

Duterte-fake-news. With the rise of ...

Chart 4: The proportion of posts made to Apple News, Facebook, and Twitter (red) versus the other 11 platforms studied (August 2016–March 2018).

The large size of the financial support to news production category in Figure 6 is attributable to how some donors, notably Germany and the Netherlands, ...

All effects are significant at p<.01 according to a logistic

Arizona Republic newspaper front page

Zoe Jazz/The Conversation ...

More incidents suggest law enforcement officers need training and directives to respect journalists' rights to cover events – like the case of Chris Hayes, ...

The Guardian

for journalism education: a compendium of new syllabi

Chart 5: The number of articles posted to Apple News in weeklong periods before and after the paywall facility was introduced.

... Graphic report: Workshop - Regional cooperation of independent media and public broadcasters in the region ...

Disrupting Journalism Ethics

Social media and mobile plays a large role in Millennial news consumption

DRAFT Chapter 1: The Necessity for Trust – Trust, Media and Democracy – Medium

“Mobile was the driving idea behind [the story],” said New York Times designer Matt Ruby, who helped plan – and shared editorial control over – reporter ...

NFL.com - St. Louis Rams page

Pressure Washer Market Opportunities, Top Players, Survey, Capital Investment Status and Trend Report By 2024

Nearly four in 10 U.S. adults who are inattentive to national news (39%) say they do not trust any news organizations. That compares with 17% of those who ...

What journalists can do better to cover the disability beat

Industry Consolidation Continues Among PR Vendors PR Tech

A range of factors are transforming the communications landscape, raising questions about the quality, impact and credibility of journalism.