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The Bullish Case For US Stocks Deflation News Twitter Marketing

The Bullish Case For US Stocks Deflation News Twitter Marketing


The Bullish Case For US Stocks - http://deflation.market/the

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The Bullish Case For US Stocks | Deflation News | Gbp usd, Technical analysis, Marketing

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The Bullish Case For US Stocks | Deflation News | Gbp usd, Technical analysis, Marketing

... https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-10/21-trillion-and-rising-how-central-banks-are-lboing-world-one-stunning-chart …pic.twitter.com/EMK63TrlJd

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Is Deflation Dead?

Is Another SaaSacre In The Offing?

One place where the immediate adverse, and thus deflationary, impact of trade war is clearly visible is the decoupling of growth stories is clearly visible ...

Back From the Dead: Coal Stocks Have Risen Since Inauguration Day

Over the past decade we have shown this chart on numerous occasions and usually in the context of failed Fed policy. After all, based on the fundamental MV ...

The CBB is a research service that speaks to thousands of companies and bankers on the ground in China every quarter. It contends that deflation is the ...

Reading the economic indicators

And David Stockman asks how the stock market can be up when business profits are down year after year. Here's a chart from the Federal Reserve he uses to ...

To be sure, conceding that a "terrible trio" environment has brought us to the end of the current cycle would not be prudent for Goldman which still remains ...

Here, Edwards like so many other commentators, takes the opportunity to remind readers of his own take on why the inverted yield curve has been "so ...

More importantly, most speculators, while cautious, have not yet pivoted to proactively selling off US stocks; they seem to be waiting to see what happens ...

As noted earlier, altcoins have suffered as well, save for Ethereum Classic, which saw at 15% jump today as a result of the most recent set of news ...

But the clearest take on whether trade wars result in higher or lower prices, is in the bond market itself, where concerns over the growth outlook are ...

Source: FRED

That said, let's also note that inflation isn't a one-size-fits-all matter. Much depends on your individual spending patterns. If your largest expenses are ...

Is Gold finally about to break out from a 5-year bullish ascending triangle pattern? We will find out very soon!

Following this surge in the shadow rate, which also takes into consideration the Fed's balance sheet and the (lack of) QE, with the US economy and equity ...

Prof Yang Jun-seok explains where the economy goes from here on today's #WeeklyEconomyReviewpic.twitter.com/kBlPLw1O0B

Source: NY Fed

High-profile political election results can move the markets in a big way, Just look at how crazy the E-mini S&P's traded during the US's 2016 presidential ...

And while there is a temporal aspect, as of late SocGen has found that the deflationary impact of the trade war has been dominating. Here's why:

Twitter & StockTwits feeds, minus the noise.

Crude Oil Acquisition and Marketing Is SXL's Largest Segment

... Wall Street rallies on rate cut hopes, China tariff delay

'Bloomberg Markets: The Close' Full Show (4/23/2019) – Bloomberg

Stock Market News, Latest Stock News - Stock Market Live Updates, Stock Market Today

'Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas' Full Show (05/14/2019) – Bloomberg

'Bloomberg Surveillance' Full Show (05/23/2019) – Bloomberg

... positive news from the mortgage market drove stocks of real estate investment trusts (or REITs) such as Iron Mountain (IRM), Macerich (MAC), ...

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On the other hand, markets eventually react positively to aggressive rate cutting measures. The US equity markets have reacted positively to the low ...

Europe's Refugee Crisis By The Numbers (Ian Bremmer via Twitter) Ian Bremmer, Bar

The Path to Abenomics: Japan Continues to Fight Deflation

So while refusing to time the bearish inflection point, Takada writes - somewhat redundantly - that investors in global equities in general and US equities ...

There will be TEN (10) Fed speakers this week along with Retail Sales, Empire State Manufacturing, Industrial Production, the Atlanta Fed, ...

Does Europe have the power to break up Google?

Chart: Amazon's Dominance In Ecommerce

Food prices moved into deflation from October 2018, with a sustained fall in prices of vegetables, fruits and sugar due to robust supplies.

AUG U EDI ST 2 TIO 015 N The e-magazine created especially for active spread bettors and CFD traders

Groupon slumps to lowest price ever

Setting aside the causes and drivers for this development, here is the latest evidence on the wealth distribution around the world from Credit Suisse:

While it is difficult to get a read on which way Fed officialdom is leaning overall, recent comments by individual Fed officials make us think that a June ...

tech stocks down

Since the R^2 is only 0.32, I continue to wonder if you'd get a higher R^2 using only revenue growth as opposed to rule of 40 score on the X axis.

There is a slightly optimistic path to the abyss

Cover Story deflation chart

The Bloomberg story describes the Treasury Department's plans to “maintain elevated sales of long-term debt to finance the government's widening budget ...

These 10 little-known stocks surged up to 850% in FY17; did you

US stock indexes on record-breaking spree

The chart shows the XLK Technology ETF, which consists of the S&P 500 Index technology components. That dotted line shows that XLK only recently surpassed ...

Surveillance: The U.S. Is Abusing Its Privileges, Rose Says

“That (U.S. investigation) is currently weighing on stocks, but more importantly the market is increasingly pricing in the risk of recession,” said Rabobank ...

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Gold Wins in a Currency War

Stocks Blog: Auto makers drag down Shanghai benchmark from one-year high | South China Morning Post

Tobias Levkovich, chief U.S. equity strategy at Citigroup's Citi Research, argues that investors shouldn't look to tax cuts to keep the market roaring.

Source: Atlanta Fed

The deflation in prices of the sugar and confectionery sub-group since February 2018 because of excess domestic production, increased open market sales and ...

and while Nomura admits that the correlation could turn out to be coincidental, if one goes by the pattern in sentiment, he sees the possibility of "a ...

Financial traders watch data screens at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, operated by Deutsche Boerse AG, as the U.K. triggers Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty ...

Africa Progress Panel via Twitter Charts, Africa, Infographics, Map, World, Twitter

All the previous sub-10 closes occurred in only two periods: Four of them were in the winter of 1993–1994 (around Christmas, which is traditionally a light ...

The sentiment among traders has turned openly bullish on gold and Kitco News asked analyst what that could mean for prices going forward.

There is no way to statistically weight a billion prices. Ask the creator (Roberto Rigobon) how he does it. I did.

I.2 The Outlook for Inflation

... with the economy expanding much faster than its potential growth rate, greater inflationary pressures could be on the way, which may prompt a shift in ...

Market strategists expect U.S. stocks to outperform bonds again in 2018, especially with interest rates rising. The Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond ...

Philippine Canadian Inquirer #346

American debt

As a case study, the SocGen strategist reminds us that back in the early 1990s, a similar decline in new home inflation saw CPI rent inflation slide from ...

But the entire crypto space is suddenly weaker.

VERTEX; 5. 8 years Equities Market Boom VERTEX The ...

Ken Kocienda, Creative Selection [Book Review] "Ken Kocienda was the principal engineer

Brent is a standout presenter on #RealVisionTV and you can find his company here: http://www.santiagocapital.com/ #Gold

Not If! It shows US Debt in red blowing right past US GDP. And the debt is climbing at a steeper rate.


As you can see, debt has become steadily less stimulative over the last several decades. But focus specifically on the lower right area.

Office Construction Office construction has realized a bullish run since 2013.

SDSN Youth on

Rumors swirl that China and Russia are colluding for something grand, possibly a new global reserve currency based on the petro-yuan and gold.