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That was me literally every time a professor or teacher would assign

That was me literally every time a professor or teacher would assign


That was me literally every time a professor or teacher would assign for us read 📚

The "my teacher literally cant teach" starterpack (i.redd.it)

High School Teacher I Have to Be Objective You Can't Know My Political Views College Professor From to Hide Twitter Extra Credit Yesterday at 1102 ANM All- ...

Teacher smiling in classroom college professor secrets

High school teacher l have to be objective. You cant know my political views.

The 61 Best Teacher Memes On The Internet. Every single time ...

7 Bad Writing Habits You Learned in School

Viewing ...

University of Texas San Antonio Professor Who Called Police on a Student Is Suspended From Teaching Duties for Rest of Semester

20 Secrets Your College Professor Won't Tell You

College professor and student college professor secrets

Off to a Great Start: Stanford Teachers Share Tips for a Successful First Day of Class

We're nearing the end of the semester and I'm wrapping up two of the most exciting and intellectually invigorating courses I've taught in a long time.

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Does it have to be that way?

Five Reasons Why I Am A Techno-Optimist

Set yourself apart by explaining how you could augment textbook material with your own professional experiences

I only just recently realized that I'll be completing my 10th year teaching in higher education at the end of this semester (not counting my time teaching ...

For many professors, teaching is the most time-consuming — and rewarding — part of their job. It's also one that few instructors have had much formal ...

A red chalkboard with a sketched apple dominate most of the photo. On the ledge

Working cooperatively in groups with a difficult assignment ❤ ❤ ❤️

tired teachers .

It seems more students are left scratching their heads when faced with school assignments than you

After anti-Trump tweets, Fresno State removes adjunct professor from teaching position

Teacher with papers

Imagine the total learning experience from the perspective of the online student and put your all into preparation on the front end. This includes ...

Bonnie Greer, Paddy Ashdown and Sharon Horgan


104 Hilarious Times Students Took Stupidity To The Another Level

Education Post

Student studying in library. (Marc Romanelli/Getty Images)

How a Flipped Syllabus, Twitter and YouTube Made This Professor Teacher of the Year

We've all had that teacher–the one who speaks in a monotone voice and reads aloud from the textbook. And we've all had the opportunity to not be that ...

A professor built an AI teaching assistant for his courses — and it could shape the future of education

A.P. Bio Isn't Exactly Advanced Placement TV

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Fans legs, one holding a large poster of Trump's face

Briefly tell us about your favorite lecture topic or course to teach.

Can a 'No Excuses' Charter Teach Students to Think for Themselves?Can a 'No Excuses' Charter Teach Students to Think for Themselves?

I have a particular set of teacher skills Plagiarize, and I will find you, and I will fail you | liam neeson taken

“What makes a student artist stand out from their peers? What's something that can set them apart from everyone else?”


Instead of gathering students into a room and teaching them, everybody learns on their own time, on tablets and guided by artificial intelligence.

Things I Can Say About MFA Writing Programs Now That I No Longer Teach in One

U. of Rhode Island, Nora Lewis


What should a teacher do when the majority of his/her students lack understanding of concepts taught in a prerequisite course?

Office workplace people raising hands college professor secrets. It can ...

University Lecturer Teaching Students

Professor Office Hours: Dos and Don'ts

The End of the College Essay

I used to have a friend on my soccer team who bought the nicest, newest soccer gear he could find. When I asked him why, he swore by the following mantra: ...

Let me assign so much homework that you can't enjoy any of it

kids raising hands in classroom Teachers ...

A part of lesson planning involves being prepared to deal with disruptions. This article will

Much Ado About Free Speech: A Canadian Professor Responds

Bored man reading book college professor secrets

Small Teaching Online

Matilda / Amazon.com

Full vitae in defense of evaluations1

Why Teachers Choose to Homeschool Their Own Children. “

America's students are now majority-minority, but its teachers are not. That's why they need to be “culturally competent.”

A Guide to Communicating Well with Your Teachers

It's just about the moderation of things. The issue with high school is you're taking eight classes at a time, whereas college, your're taking less at a ...

'The difficulty is the point': teaching spoon-fed students how to really read

10 Surprising but True Confessions from a Former ESL Teacher

Hendrix College

Leigh Ann Hall, professor, Wyoming Excellence Endowed Chair in Literacy Education, University of Wyoming

2. Draw on past experiences with students, but don't necessarily rely on them. The start of the school year brings a fresh crop of children and teenagers ...

Professor Rodney E. Rohde is Director of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program in the College

Transgender Teachers, Long Isolated, Are Finding Strength In Numbers

Students: Professors, I just wish you would…

Me as a Postdoc at Caltech (December 2003)

Picture: Group project by Brande Jackson. Sourced from Flickr and reproduced under a Creative

Briefly describe a favorite assignment or in-class activity.

13 Simple Ways to Integrate Technology into any Lesson Plan

'I Was in Danger': What Happens When Students Harass Professors

Andrea Hickerson, director and associate professor, school of communication, Rochester Institute of Technology

Teacher Education Reinvented

What To Assign If You Want To Teach The Future: On Philosophy and Technology

I know some teachers who lend out of their own personal library but you run the risk of your music never being returned, or worse. Coming back like this …

Former New York State education commissioner John King, who is being sued by a N.Y.

Group working together college professor secrets

Jaime Escalante in the 21st Century: Still Standing and Delivering

Kalenda Eaton, associate professor of English, Arcadia University