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She joined the fandom in November of last year and acquired almost

She joined the fandom in November of last year and acquired almost



Season 2 (Young Sheldon)

MCV941 November 2018

Hearst Magazines Buys Clevver's Pop-Culture YouTube Channels After Defy's Demise

Toy Story

Inside the 'Star Wars' Fake News Con That Tortured Fans for 20 Years

First, I asked them what platforms they used to participate in the fandom. As you can see, asking the question on tumblr skews the demographics.

Conviva - Delmondo acquisition

Capture.JPG. Mel. In the past year ...

The Star Wars logo

December 17, 2015 • Alexandro Segade on the Year in Mutants

"Wynonna Earp" co-star Katherine Barrell greets fans at the 2018 edition of

Acquires Machinima – Variety

Weaponized Fandom


Homestuck Book One Rerelease.jpg

Graph Source: Reddit User PalmFranz | Data Source: National Employment Law Project Broken Laws Report

Petitions over The Last Jedi? Ewok rage? Anger and frustration's long been a part of Star Wars fandom.



Their “Beautiful Balloons” column would run in alternating issues for years after that.

210: Star Trek, Picard, and the Gatekeepers of Fandom from The Rusted Robot on RadioPublic

The Fandom, Food and Folksonomies panel at ASIS&T 2018 (courtesy of Eric Forcier).

Star Trek CBS All Access


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The Twenty-Five-Year Journey of Magic: The Gathering

She helps companies to optimize visibility and conversion of their apps in both App Store and Play Store through ASO experimentation & keyword optimization ...

How Football Leaks Is Exposing Corruption in European Soccer | The New Yorker

Book Excerpt: How Music Fans Built the Internet

Spektrum #3 1988

People who do research for a living will probably weep about my scientific method. I've had nearly 600 responses, and if I'd had any idea the response rate ...

File 770


I mean, it was okay if this was all deeply ironic. Even my mother asked me if I had embarked on an elaborate practical joke, but she did buy me this for ...


We, uhm, bought some music in 2017. Somehow more than we realized, and definitely more than our last few years' totals. Does anyone else still buy albums ...

Growing up as I did in Wisconsin in the 1970s and 1980s, you might think it a foregone conclusion that I would become a Packers fan.

Computer Games 4.jpg

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The email forwarded to Caron LeNoir by Jamie Broadnax, who is also CCed

Despite some very exciting sequences in and around the epic Battle of Axanar, I noticed that there were no scenes that took place on that incredible USS ...

Pie graph illustrating respondents' first contact with the show. The largest percentage, at

My podcast with Liz Myles, Hammer House of Podcast, continues every month (twice a month if you're a Patron). We're watching all the Hammer horror movies in ...

Probably revealing some art on either September, October or November.

Is China-owned MP & Silva about to become the biggest fail in sports marketing history? | South China Morning Post

In the midst of this schadenfreude, competing fandoms began to rejoice in Seungri and Bigbang's downfall by using images and .gifs of their idols as memes:

Community Is Core to Next-Gen Brands

2018 First Fandom Awards and Big Heart Award

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Pie graph illustrating respondents' frequency of listening to Welcome to Night Vale. The largest

... 24.

So my friends started teasing me about always talking about One Direction. And I like to embrace that sort of mockery, so I started replying to tweets with ...

Finding a Book When You've Forgotten Its Title by Gwen Glazer, Librarian, Readers ServicesNovember 22, 2017

Version two (Updated FAQ on Universal Fan Con's Website):

I also, this week, signed contracts for the fifth and final Lychford book, Last Stand in Lychford. We're going to end the arc with book five and provide a, ...

... forthcoming monograph examines the figure of the werewolf in horror cinema. What sparked your interest in the topic? Did it begin with your own fandom?

The year we wanted the internet to be smaller

Source: H2S Media

300 Years before A Game of Thrones, Dragons Ruled Westeros. A new book by George R. R. Martin will be released in the US and Canada on November 20, 2018.

First Fandom Annual 2018

Photo: Bill Hughes

Image 4: Pictured here is correspondence from Joanna Russ and Samuel Delany from the Larry

Alumni News Archive

Books from Cita.

Kris Wu and Ariana Grande

Wikia and Wired Building location

The Times and The Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature Festival 2018 Brochure

If time is the relevant variable, then looking for young, cool stars should be the best way to test the hypothesis. If they are fast, then stellar type is ...

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

The cover of Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen by Dylan Horrocks. A pen draws


Roecker has made a very vague comment on the Universal Fan Con cancellation in Facebook comments.

Fans insist that the word "fandom" - used to describe fan community subcultures since the 1930s - was the common property of ...

According to True West, a magazine that covers the history of America's Old West, Edgar Rice Burroughs's stories were influenced by his two-year stint in ...

avatar for Circle Round

If time is the relevant variable, then looking for young, cool stars should be the best way to test the hypothesis. If they are fast, then stellar type is ...

I was curious about her writing process, role of social media in book promotion and consumer fandom, so thrilled Rebecca let me ask her Five Questions.


Film Review: 'November Criminals'

Fa Mulan

Hand-drawn pastel-color image of an androgynous man wearing glasses, a tie

fulfills *core human needs* that allow us to better understand ourselves, connect to

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Shiage and Women's Flexible Labor in the Japanese Animation Industry | Feminist Media Histories

ClexaCon co-owner/director Danielle Jablonski at Flamingo on Monday, April 1,

Members of the Manchester United Shanghai fan club react as they watch a telecast of the



The yearly releases are still a recent development, thanks to Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm. It was almost sixteen years between the release ...

Version two (Updated FAQ on Universal Fan Con's Website):

Will Facebook swoop in at the last minute? – Gigaom