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Seoul Korea 17OCT45 Korea 1945 1946 Under US Occupation by

Seoul Korea 17OCT45 Korea 1945 1946 Under US Occupation by


Seoul, Korea 17OCT45 During World War II the Japanese, occupiers of Korea since 1910

(See Map 33.

Airfield Construction, Iwo Jima

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Yonabaru Pier in Operation, July 23, 1945.

Map 33: North China—III Amphibious Corps Operations Area

Tientsin citizens welcome first Marines to return to city since end of war

Map 33: Planned Attack on Japan

The Marianas, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and the Japanese Home Islands.

Map 34: Hopeh Deployment

Tinian Camp of the 50th Seabees, April 1945.

USS Comfort, AH-6, patient capacity 400, entered service in May 44, US Navy-built and operated Hospital Ship, off Los Angeles Harbor, California.

Repatriated Japanese soldiers salute American flag upon boarding LSTs returning them home to Japan.

Roi-Namur in the Kwajalein Atoll.

August 1944 to relieve the 110th Battalion, which left in September. The air base on Engebi was decommissioned on September 18, 1944, and by May 1945, ...

Three examples of bridging in the CBI

Sedimentation Tank in Operation in the Admiralties.

Docked at Guam in May 1945, after returning with casualties from the Okinawa campaign (this was the second Navy Hospital Ship operating under ...

Filipinos help construct a road across a ford in the Santa Cruz river, Luzon

71st Seabees Build an Airfield in the Admiralties.

Plaque to Aircraft Repair Units(Floating) Units Memorial Park, National Museum of the United States Air Force

Engineers use a Japanese Truck to support a temporary bridge in the Cagayan valley

... AH-6 (21 Jun 44 – 19 Apr 46) arrives at Hollandia, New Guinea, Dec 44. A US Army Base (Base “G”) was set up at Hollandia, western New Guinea in ...

This photograph shows conditions in November 1945

Map 34: Hopeh Deployment

Eve of World War 2:

Orote Peninsula, Guam.

Map 30: Iwo Jima

Samar Camp of the 100th Seabees, November 1945.

Bases in the Philippines

Trucks negotiate the Villa Verde trail where engineer construction is in progress

Eniwetok Atoll (Marshall Islands).

Kwajalein I. (Marshall Islands).

Ashore in North China

Logistical Support of the Armies Vol 1 | United States Army | General Officers In The Confederate States Army

Chapel in the Admiralties.

Navy carrier planes in a show of force flight over Peking with the Forbidden City in

Map 32: Pipelines in CBI

HISTORY UNITED STATES ARMY STATES ARMY By JOHN C. SPARROW ... The End of World War II Demobilization ... Effects on Air, Ground, ... - [PDF Document]

... Flying Cross - No.401 Squadron (deceased) - Award effective 1 December 1944 as per London Gazette of that date and AFRO 239/45 dated 9 February 1945.

Barrigada Radio Station (above) and Marine Corps Field Depot (below), Guam

1st Marine Division troops landing at Taku on 30 September 1945.

After extensive refitting and shakedown, the ship left San Diego with destination the Pacific Theater, where it took part in the WW2 numerous campaigns.

(16) Area Campaign Medals and. Operation and Engagement Stars, World War II

WW2 Hospital Ships

Personnel chart showing the organization of a Medical Hospital Ship Company, as per T/

Map 31: Okinawa

View of USAHS Thistle, converted passenger/cargo ship, 455-bed floating Hospital, leaving Brooklyn, New York, for Gibraltar, Oran (Algeria), ...

AH-13 Benevolence, 800-bed floating Hospital operated by the Navy (sister ship of the AH-12 Haven) in the Pacific Theater. After its WW2 assignment the ...


USAHS Frances Y. Slanger, at Brooklyn Shipyards, ZI, where the former transport vessel was converted, early Jun 45. The USAT ex-Saturnia was an Italian ...

AH-5 Solace, converted passenger vessel, 450-bed Hospital Ship operated by the Navy, at anchor. The ship was in Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack on 7 ...

(Photo: Cohen in his 401 Sqd Spitfire - May 1944) (Information courtesy Francois Dutil) ...

View of British Hospital Carrier “Prague”, during one of its cross-Channel evacuation runs. Shuttles ran between Cherbourg and Southampton.