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Populists Seek to Break the European Union From Within News in

Populists Seek to Break the European Union From Within News in


In Parliament Elections, Populists Seek to Break the E.U. From Within - The New York Times

Sunday News: “Populists Seek to Break European Union From Within”; “Trump Implies He Trusts North Korea's Kim More Than His Own People”; “Virginia's Paul ...

Italy's Salvini kicks off EU poll campaign with populist alliance


European Right-Wing Populists Eye European Election Success

E.U. Rejects Italy's Budget, and Populists Dig InE.U. Rejects Italy's Budget, and Populists Dig In

European Right-Wing Populists Eye European Election Success

How Europe's Populists Can Win by Losing

'For the first time since its creation,' Europe has enemies, says EU Commissioner Moscovici

To beat populists in the EU elections, progressives must learn from their tactics

... President Emmanuel Macron of France discussed at a meeting Tuesday how to put out the growing number of populist fires over migration on the Continent.

Italy's M5S forms new populist bloc to fight EU elections


Fredrik Erixon

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Photo Gallery: Populists Eye More Influence in Brussels

Family members cast their vote at a polling station in Riga, Latvia. Photo:

Italian deputy premier Matteo Salvini will host a gathering of European far-right parties in

Europe's populists form right-wing alliance ahead of EU elections

Populist tide rises but fails to flood EU

Explained: the rise and rise of populism in Europe

Behind Italy's fiscal fight with Europe, a populist pledge for an economic jump-start

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From left, Olli Kotro, leader of The Finns Party, Jorg Meuthen, leader

EU elections 2019: Rise of nationalist trends and populism in Europe challenges the EU edifice

Charles Michel: 'I don't think Europe needs 1,000 priorities, but a shortlist with high added value' © Bea Uhart/FT

Participants at rally with the motto “Yes to Bulgaria in the EU and NATO and No to the Russian influence”, held in the city center of Sofia, ...

Euroskeptic, anti-immigrant parties team up for EU election

Can the European Union find a stable equilibrium?

Estonia elections cause crisis for EU as populists to soar 'we're not like the French'

Michel Barnier warned the European Union was under threat 'from those who want to demolish Europe with their fear, their populist deceit'.

In Brexit UK's Euro vote, a populist accused of using anti-Semitic tropes leads

Europeans love the EU (and populists too)

One "Brexit Betrayal" protester holds a gallows in a demonstration Sunday against British Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to leave the European Union.

Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte arrives at the European Council summit in Brussels

The wave of populism has wider security implications and poses challenges to both the EU and NATO as values-based organisations. © NATO

Steve Bannon in Prague in May 2018. Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The Italian crisis shows why the European left must break with the neoliberal EU

Steve Bannon

Populists such as Nigel Farage have scapegoated the EU for decades

In this photo taken on Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019, Italian Deputy Premier

An EU flag outside Parliament.

Guy Verhofstadt fears EU will 'die from the inside' as Brussels populists unite

For the most ardent federalists in Brussels, Brexit means this is a time to push further and faster with EU integration; to those already sceptical, ...

Austrian People's Party leader, Sebastian Kurz, talking to media

Populists in four nations form new right-wing alliance to 'change Europe'

AfD leader Joerg Meuthen speaks at a party meeting about the European elections in January 2019

In February 2019, the Timbro Authoritarian Populism Index (TAP) published its latest findings revealing a series of alarming predictions for the coming ...

Behind the Clash Over Italy's Budget, a Fear of PopulismBehind the Clash Over Italy's Budget, a Fear of Populism

Matteo Salvini speaks during an anti-immigration protest in October 2014 in Milan. Long

A woman walks past a vandalised electoral poster of incumbent president Milos Zeman ahead of a

Europe's Populist Challenge

'A lack of EU policies' causes populism — Verhofstadt

From left ...

Thought populists want to kill the EU? It's worse than that.

Populist Tory leader would break up the union, warns David Gauke

U.K. Independence Party leader Paul Nuttall speaks to supporters on May 20 as he campaigns with the party's parliamentary candidate in Clacton-on-Sea, ...

Poland, Italy forge populist alliance ahead of European Parliament elections

Still image from a protest at Westminster Palace in 2017 (Svetlana Turchenick/shutterstock.com).

EU and Italy face off over populist government's budget

Britain's anti-EU party launch populist manifesto, demand clean Brexit

Gerolf Annemans, Belgian MEP; Marine Le Pen, head of French far-right

“The people vs. finance”: Europe needs a new strategy to counter Italian populists

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... have renewed a postwar friendship treaty as the two European nations try to breathe new life into their place at the centre of the European Union.

... CC by SA 2.0

Matteo Salvini speaks in Milan, May 18.

French far-right Front National party leader Marine Le Pen and her director for strategy

The German Marshall Fund of the United States

RABBI PINCHAS GOLDSCHMIDT: Jews become the collateral damage

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian talks to the media as he arrives for the informal meeting of European Union foreign affairs ministers at the ...

Italy swears in first fully populist government

Members of the European Parliament: it is a genuine co-legislator in many areas

John O'Sullivan

President of the Republic of Kosovo Hashim Thaci holds a speech during the ceremony to mark

Spain elections: Right-wing populists and Eurosceptics now represented in 23 out of 28 EU member states

Stubb: No room for populism in EPP, European values are under threat

French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy

Giuseppe Conte, Italy's prime minister, should stake a strong position at this month's European Council in the debate on eurozone governance © Reuters

A year of Doug Ford: Retreating on cuts or just taking a break?

President of Italian State TV RAI, Marcello Foa, gives a lecture on fake news

The rise of populism and its effects on the Eurozone

The popularity of right-wing populist parties in Europe.

European Disunion. What the rise of populist ...

January 15, 2019 - Europe's right-wing populists, which now represent almost one in five EU citizens, hope that European Parliament elections in May will ...

... watermark of European populism. A demonstrator wearing a yellow vests (Gilets jaune) speaks to gendarmerie security forces during

Elections to the EU Parliament held last week in 28 European countries, including the U.K., were the second-biggest democratic exercise.

Battered EU Centre Holds Off Populist Surge in Vote

May's task has been to quell a populist wave, not ride it. Her best hope has been to contain the damage on all sides.