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Padraig Pearse Ireland The Troubles Ireland Irish

Padraig Pearse Ireland The Troubles Ireland Irish


Patrick Pearse

Putting the language of Pearse in context: Blood Sacrifice and 1916

Pearse's writings “consistently and deliberately and without reservation equate the patriot and the patriot people

Patrick Henry Pearse (also known as Pádraic or Pádraig Pearse; Irish: Pádraig Anraí Mac Piarais; An Piarsach; 10 November 1879 – 3 May 1916) was an Irish ...

Padraig Pearse (Patrick Henry Pearse) one of the leaders of the 1916 Irish Easter

Arnold Bax: poet and composer was drawn to Ireland

wm_17PO-1B14-22 Patrick Pearse

Patrick Pearse - Easter Rising leader who read out the Proclamation of the Irish Republic outside

via Patrick Pearse @PearseQuotes P.H. Pearse, as a teenager.

during the First World War and its aftermath. It is true that MacNeill's position on political violence was not one of easy permissiveness, and he notably ...

Pádraig Pearse in an Irish Volunteer officer uniform addressing a recruitment meeting in July 1915.

Padraig and William Pearse- Following the collapse of the Rising and the execution of Padraig. Irish IndependenceEaster RisingIrish CelticIreland ...

Nurse Elizabeth O'Farrell accompanied Patrick Pearse when he surrendered to the British at the

Leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising: Liam Mac Piarais – The Wild Geese Northern Ireland

Young Padriag Pearse

Patrick Pearse. Photograph courtesy of the National Archives of Ireland

Patrick Pearse reading the 1916 Proclamation. 100 years ago was the Easter Uprising. The most significant event in Irish history besides the famine.

Pádraig Pearse surrenders at the end of the Easter Rising rebellion.

Padraig Pearse at the Funeral of O'Donovan Rossa | Toots travel 2019 | Irlanda

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"Ireland unfree shall never be at peace" (Patrick Pearse) - Dissident republican. "

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Irish Parliamentary Party leader John Redmond addresses a mass rally, c. 1912-15. Location unknown. (Part of the Independent Newspapers Ireland/NLI ...

Patrick Pearse in his barrister's robes c. 1914. (Pearse Museum)

Ireland unfree shall never be at peace

Upon the ultimate surrender of the Irish, formally delivered in person by both Patrick Pearse and Elizabeth O'Farrell, the British administration made the ...

Patrick Pearse, romantic schoolteacher, who led the revolt

Patrick Pearse 1916 2016 Easter Rising The Troubles Ireland Irish Eire Dublin Gpo War Of Independence Leaders 100 Years Centenary Undefined - Coffee Mugs ...

Irish rebels during the Easter Rising in 1916

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Easter Rising

Ben Phillips: “Listening to Irish expatriate NGO workers, diplomats, business people,

Neill Weatherall Passion Playboy Riots Playboy rehearsal at the London Irish ...

James Connolly

100 years on, the Irish lay to rest the ghosts of the Easter Rising

James Pearse—archetypical Victorian working-class autodidact. (Pearse Museum)

1916 Padraig Pearse print with still life.

Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as Pearse

Lispole, County Kerry, Ireland

Easter Rising 1916: Six days of armed struggle that changed Irish and British history - BBC News

Rebel role: Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as 1916 leader Padraig Pearse.

Pádraig Mac Piarais (Elsie Mahaffy's account of the Easter Rising, TCD MS 2074)

Mary Teresa Hayden, Irish historian, Irish language activist and campaigner for women's causes, is born in Dublin on May 9, 1862.

Éamonn Ceannt was a leading Irish nationalist who helped with the revival of the Irish culture and also became involved with the planning of the 1916 Easter ...

Grandson of 1916 Easter Rising rebel condemns wave of violence in Ireland

... Ireland, Irish History, Maud Gonne, Muriel Gifford, Muriel Gifford MacDonagh, Muriel MacDonagh (née Gifford), Padraig Pearse, Thomas MacDonagh

Neill Weatherall Passion Playboy Riots The Passion of the Playboy Rioters Justin McKenna as Patrick Pearse. “

Patrick Pearse - Fanatic Heart

Eoin MacNeill (1867–1945) was above all a scholar, a historian of early and medieval Ireland, and an Irish linguist. His call for Irish nationalists to ...

By Philip Kehoe For many Irish people, living in Ireland and abroad, 2016 is sure to be a special year as the nation reflects upon one of its most defining ...

The early years of Seán MacDiarmada

A typed and signed document of Patrick Pearse's final order of surrender

O'Neill feels a strong sense of Irishness.

The death of Adrian Ismay, bottom right, can be traced back to the 1916

Childhood: Patrick McDonnell hero-worshipped Pearse and his 13 disciples like footballers

1916's Easter Rising transformed Great Britain as well as Ireland

The Irish nationalist Rover Casement kept diaries of his sexual exploits. Photo: Topical Press

Irish Heroes of 19116 Scarf

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P.H.Pearse in his youth

Image of Patrick Pearse

Joseph Plunkett was born into a wealthy Catholic family in the city of Dublin. In his early years Joseph contacted tuberculosis and although he was taken ...

Joseph McGarrity

Patrick Pearse in characteristic side-on pose, pictured with his family

The leaders and organisers of the Rising. (Image: National Library of Ireland, EPH F339)

Alex Massie

Thomas Francis Meagher

Quote from Patrick Pearse carved on the base of a statue to the IRA in Athlone

The changing faces of Northern Ireland's murals

WB Yeats, Ireland's most well-known poet wrote about the 1916 and 1919-

How St Enda's put the Troubles behind them

Irish Rebel: John Devoy & America's Fight for Ireland's Freedom, New Revised Edition Kindle Edition

Patrick Pearse' Graveside Oration of Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa (Actual Footage of Funeral 1915) - YouTube

Patrick Pearse Poems by the Irish Patriot Padraig Pearse YouTube

Padraig Pearse Óró Sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile Image copyright Ireland Calling

Unearthing the ghosts of Northern Ireland's dirty war with Patrick Radden Keefe: podcast & transcript

Patrick Pearse and Proclamation


Proclamation of the Irish Republic read by leading republican Patrick Pearse read at the start of 1916 rebellion

Proclamation Day remembrance ceremony at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, 15 March 2016 (

Margaret Pearse

"It was the volunteers who were the experts and the British who were the amateurs," says a uniformed man holding an 1871 "Howth" Mauser rifle.

Glasnevin Cemetery to "review" omission of Irish language from famous Pádraig Pearse speech

Into the Twilight: Arnold Bax and Ireland

Seven women who played a key part in 1916 and beyond, impacting on society

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Why the idea of a united Ireland is back in play

“The Pope is the enemy of Irish Republicanism and Irish independence” Should we commemorate the Catholic Church's role in the War of Independence?

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Playing for Ireland: Looking for Its Future in a New York Theater

Margaret Pearse and Oscar Traynor view weapons on display.

Chief plotter Tom Clarke.

The Birth of the Republic of Ireland: The History of Ireland's Split from the British

There were several interesting items in last Wednesday's BBC documentary, My Dad, the Peace Deal and Me, featuring the Irish comedian Patrick Kielty and his ...


Patrick John Hillery, Irish politician and the sixth President of Ireland, is born in Spanish Point, County Clare on May 2, 1923. He serves two terms in the ...

As our neighbors in the UK grapple with the fallout over Brexit, Ireland is much further along in making its peace with its challenging past