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One of my paintings was adopted Steemit Photography Painting

One of my paintings was adopted Steemit Photography Painting


One of my paintings was adopted!

I noticed this guy a long time ago on Steemit. But still could not dare to draw his portrait. This time I decided, but with the search for his photo came ...

Genesis Oasis Abstract Transformation #1


Photo feed.jpg

Ecco 1-2-3 (tryptique) - what do you estimate the price of this big 3 pieces of 130 x 195cm each (in the center of the photo) to be?

Soft, 2018 Steemit.jpg

The post will be built in the format of the step-by-step drawing process adopted on Steemit.

Collaborative Art Journey - Take Action

"Verticalité bleue" 1 and 2, 50 x 150cm each on the left wall, "Enflammé" (tryptique), 174 x 198cm on the right wall, guess the prices in "Comments"

AI Artist Robbie Barrat and Painter Ronan Barrot Collaborate on “Infinite Skulls”

It is no accident that I found myself in the field of computer science. I have always been fascinated by computers and electronics. When I was younger, ...

Good afternoon to the plankton, minnows, dolphins and whales of Steemit! I decided that I should add a quick post that is somewhat of a continuation post ...

Around 80,000 new users are joining Steemit worldwide every month. Every new participation to the community brings a new breath, a new perspective.

STEEM Dapps Are Ready for Mass Adoption

"Paris, lumière du soir" on the left and "Luxembourg, ville majestueuse" on the right

The most prominent example of Monet and Impressionism: Pictures of the Rouen Cathedral — Steemit

The painting on the left is not for sale, but how much would you say is a fair price for "Etincelles", right, 116 x 89cm?

... hailing from the mitten-shaped state of Michigan. I am here to deliver fascinating photography and (hopefully) innovative ideas on art ...

Unique Sticky Note Art #1 — Topographic — Steemit of The Day

I joined Steemit in January 2018 and quickly adopted to the environment. In this article I will try to explain why I have embraced Steemit so much.

The Right Kind of Snark for the Art World

Here is the first Steemit Gear photoshoot I ever did, and it may still be the coolest one: 1 Year Ago I Started My New Fashion Line "Epic Steemit Gear" Here ...


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Youth One was the name he adopted because he believes "he should die old with a young spirit" and that free spirit is very present in all of his works.


Photo Gallery. Blockchain Steem

Daniel Friedman Edition of 300

Enter ArtZone competitions on Steemit for your chance to win a share of the STEEM & MUSICOIN (MC).


Get ready for the 3rd edition of the annual biggest and the best blockchain/cryptocurrency event in Nigeria. #steem #bitfxt #steemitinnigeria #steemit ...

I Dare You To Steal My Art

My Feed page, which contains posts mainly from those who I follow.

In2itive Art

En todos los instantes recreamos inocencias que nos hacen vivir de un modo espontáneo, miles

Burgers casting cut final.jpg

Pascal Boyart has integrated the idea of digital currencies as he navigates the world of street art in Paris.

ON VIEW: July 30th to August 3rd. GALLERY PARTY: Wednesday August 1st /// 7pm - 11pm

If Zappl could be pulled off as a legit micro-blogging platform, why couldn't there be a similar alternative to Instagram.

CC: On your website, you have as a core mission statement – We believe blockchain can transform art and art can advance crypto.

STEEM is mostly known for its role in SteemIt - the online community which rewards people for content contribution. By "upvoting" people's posts, ...


Is Art Blockchain's Killer App?

#Crypto4help inspired Art by Venezuelan Children Refugees

18"x24" Canvas, Hand Painted, 1 of 1

MusicVoter (Steemit)

Opporty joins Crowdholding

More About Busy:

What's hiding behind crypto winter? Blockchain development, gathering disruptive energy.

Process is key for all art forms, whether it is painting or drawing or taking good pictures. One of my favorite types of art is digital art.

Annual Outlook for Cryptocurrency Industry Reveals Cryptos Most Likely to Succeed in Coming Year


illustration of sperm in the shape of the number zero

Clinton Foundation, Planned Parenthood, Partners in Health, Ivy League Schools

The WIRED Guide to Your Personal Data (and Who Is Using It)

Good Just Drawing (Fan Art) - Venom — Steemit Ideas


Handmade Heart Art: With summer flowers from my garden. Original Photography .

What Are Dapps

The Art To Eat Food! @tatefood_com Visit us on Facebook

A few of Atle's paintings on canvas and on paper

Fractal Art By Cinelonga . . . #fractals #fractaldesign #fractal #art #digital_art #digitalarts #fractalgeometry #fractalgallery #fractalart #fractalplanet ...


Bitcoin King of cryptocurrency world wide #bitcoin #art #share2steem #news #bitcoins #life #partiko #BitcoinExchange #cash #money #steemit #cryptocurrency ...


oil, synthetic polymer paint, enamel paint and oilstick on canvas 102.0 x 76.2 cm. Surf Coast Secondary College, Torquay © Harry McEvoy

New Members Dark-ArtistryWelcome to all who have joined Dark-Artistry! Featuring art by our newest members! :icondark-artistry:

ON VIEW: September 3rd to September 7th. GALLERY PARTY: Wednesday September 5th /// 7pm - 11pm

Photo by MILKOVÍ on Unsplash

Doggo art — Steemit

Steemit Set to Add New Social Media Features to Increase Mainstream Adoption


For a Sigil Painting Talisman I include the drawing as a collage element, with oil paint and pastel and found objects bound together with encaustic wax ...

synthetic polymer paint on paper on plywood (a-e) 30.5 x 22.8 cm (each) Melbourne Grammar School, South Yarra © George McGrath

To my loyal readers--The path of this experiment veers, Wordpress giving way to Steemit

South Korean Crypto Exchange Korbit Drops XMR, ZEC, DASH, REP, and STEEM

We have an announcement to make and there's no better way to kick off the new year than this one - Dapp.com is supporting dapps that built on STEEM ...

Why the Crypto Dream Does Not Work, For Now.

Blockchain Mass Adoption

A Crypto-Conference to Bridge Education with Action [Takeaways from Mondo.NYC] | The Creative Crypto Magazine

Temporary Owl (Pixel Art)&quot;sean Nethercot | Redbubble This Month

... and curation (July 2018 – ed.1 on Steemit), featuring reviews of Steempeak.com, Musing.io plus crypto market comment, free photo-art and trading tips.

Icons for the Facebook app, Amazon.com Inc.'s app, the

Cryptograffiti BTC Edition of 2000

Steemit ...

Tiny Artwork Sold in Micro Crypto Auction for Lowest Bid of 1 Millisatoshi

@nakedverse informed us about a new competition on Steemit for musicians (posted by @inthenow), the Blockchain Music Contest. Judges are: @d-vine, ...

ELON is putting a nice CHESTAHEDRON in orbit🛰😨 . 👀Take a look at my # Steemit post for details of this CRYPTOCONSPIRATION😱 ...

Ferdinand Hodler was one of the best-known Swiss painters of the nineteenth century.

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... what's going going on on secret travels secret travels totally locally totally locally town council town council cooking with do-it-ourselves steem ...