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NSV My aunt sent me these boots last summer I couldnt zip them

NSV My aunt sent me these boots last summer I couldnt zip them


"NSV!!! My aunt sent me these boots last summer. I couldn

Definitely a bittersweet feeling when you realize that it's soon time to part with clothes you

Month TWO wasn't the best but I have to remind myself its not all about the scale. I'm sleeping better, my clothes fit better, and I have more energy.

Back to winter weather again today. It was so cold this morning I had to

4 weeks ago, I could barely get them on. 1 week ago I could zip them but couldn't button them This week their on, zipped, button and comfortable! # nsv ...

This is pretty much what I do in the Contest for my Contestants. Check out

These jeans I'm wearing my sister-in-law gave me. She

Very strange but good #nsv tonight as I got dressed to go to a women's


I am still down 3.4 pounds for the month, and had I not been on Weight Watchers I could have easily continued on the holiday bus and gained 10 pounds this ...

🦇Celina Pepina Locke🦇 ( @the_pineapple_latina )

Multimedia: Making It Work Eighth Edition

"NSV: these legs started out Trim Healthy Mama last October in a size 24 jeans . My friend just gave me a whole bag of clothes and these size 12 beauties ...

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My old faithful @topshop boots have died 😭😭😭 These boots are older than

Kim ⬇ 23.8 Pounds ( @kimsgettingskinny )

It took me just over 12 minutes to walk from the train station – not too bad. Since I had no idea how my day was going to start, ...

Dug our my fave dress from last summer and twinned with my red sparkly converse.

#NsV medias

Meg Buster

We have snow so I dug out my boots and was thrilled to discover that my calf pinching boots from last year slide around on my calves now. #nsv ...

Dec Toiec Practice Fourth Edition

Kit Scrogham ( @kitmuses )

I am totally fine with it – while the scale is moving slower, today I am wearing a pair of pants that Hannah gave me for Christmas that I couldn't zip up, ...


프린트 된 인조가죽을 을 클러치백으로 제작하고 싶어요 가죽은 제가 드릴예정입니다


Had the best time at the NFR!! I wish I could go back 💕

So, since I set up the particulars of this challenge, it behooves me to get on with them, and they are:

I was in the last stage of my weight loss journey, with only about 20 pounds to go to reach my ultimate goal weight. Then life happened (fabulous, ...

Day 15 of my challenge group. I have got Total Body Cardio Fix in this morning. Getting stronger everday. I had an amazing weekend at Super Saturday (my ...

Remember how I talked about indulging in just ONE thing a day on vacation? Within minutes of entering my Aunt's house on vacation, she showed us all these ...

"NSV! My very skinny sister sent me this designer jacket that was a little

Which means that the weather is turning warmer, the days are getting longer, and fitting in outdoor activities is a whole lot easier.

Bariatric Bee 🐝 9 focuses on one simple thing you can do to be not only #accountable but also unlock the secrets as to what is working in your regime and ...

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Since this post is a year old I don t know if you have gotten datinbor found the mystical one. He added While some may argue that these women are just using ...

#NSV medias

Is it a bug or have they released it silently??


I couldn't decided between sweet or savory for breakfast, so you know me, I did both! In between the waffles is egg whites (1) ham (1) lite mozzarella (1) ...

Five Fast Tips for Fighting Depression

I thought this was pretty cool! Thanks for sharing @avocadosandbacon #wls #wlssupport

Got all these sweet fucking badges from the Lose-It app. Been tracking food and exercise during the first month of my weight loss. Totally awesome.


#NSV I wanted to get out today and felt like a run (this rarely

As you can see, the boot legs are still too long on me, even though they're “shorts;” I have to take them to the tailor to have them hemmed. This is a ...

Joseph Butler ( @josephlosing )





This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you'd like to have with other readers, by popular demand. (This one is truly no work and no ...


This morning, I did DOUBLE Zumba. I hit an 8:30 class, and then a 10:00 class. I hate shoes, so I have to take them off in-between.

In Super Bowl ads, a play for values and a contentious MLK message. THOMAS JAQUES In this ...

NSV!!! Can I just say that at one point the pants I bought

I am in the 150s!! And after the WI I was able to see that I was 160.6 last week, so down another pound this week, making my total 18.8 pounds lost ...

About to head out of town on a mini vacay, but first I needed pants

I've had this shirt for 4 years. It's a size medium from Maurice's. It didn't fit at the beginning of the year. It fits now and it's loose! Major NSV!

We're more than a quarter of the way into 2016, and I'm ready to post what my 2016 goals are going to be. Last year I was able to check some really ...

@rodriguesbabiih Guys, I want to ask forgiveness for any mistakes in English, I

Unexpectedly, however, the Allied advance stalled. The aim evinced at the beginning of September by the Allies' supreme commander, General Dwight D. ...

Caroline ( @liftingforlasagna_ )


Vancouver Courier December 19 2014



Tracking my meals is an important factor for me. I 💚 this app better than my fitness pal bc it tracks net & total carbs.

As I was on the Fitbit site, I rearranged my tiles, and discovered one (This Week's Activity ... see it in the middle there) which hadn't been there last ...

Les superbes oeuvres de blindSALIDA

After how the last few weeks have been, I'm honestly super pumped about this weigh-in! 😀 I'm slowly, but surely getting my crap together.

It's been a strange food day today. I attended a work conference at a hotel


So remember all the leftover butternut squash from my “tray of happiness?” That made it's way into this leftover steak and butternut squash summer salad.

Love to see my weekly report. It gives me a better visual of things and

در فروش ویژه ماه رمضان جین‌وست می‌تونی بیشتر انتخاب کنی اما کمتر پرداخت کنی!


NEW SHOES!! 👢🥿👠 Even the terrible snowy April weather couldn't

So proud of this run! I actually ran .2 more miles than it tracked in that time! I think this is my quickest 2 miles yet! I was changing my songs on ...

Stop hating and start smiling bih! 😃 There's way too much girl-on-

NSV- a friend gave me a pair of jeans today. I smiled politely and

heatherleighmarie. 🏃🏼 ♀ Yes! ♥ My foot is still not

Don't wait till next month, this summer, this fall, after this event or for that graduation to change your health. Do it now. Do it for you. Do it for the ...

SPURGEON: Newspapermen like Steve Duin and myself can't help but see this book and shake our heads in wonder that this splendid-looking material used to ...

Packages like this don't arrive everyday ... I admit it was a


Well, actually, it began in the garden of eden at the fall through Adam

Have you seen this graphic (or one like it) floating around? Have you heard the incredible caloric claims coming out of Zumba classes?

Since my sister and I went to the WW meeting before work to weigh in, I had time to accessorize my breakfast. I put my food together before going to work, ...

What ...


Do you have a group of people, in real life or virtually, who make

So, my 10 y/o kid @joe.splawn grew out of these

Chris Duffy's The July 4th Project: Send Him Your Patriotic Superheroes