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My tiny male has to remain at the vet for unexplained acute seizures

My tiny male has to remain at the vet for unexplained acute seizures


My little guy has to stay at the vet for unexplained acute seizures, send him

My little guy has to stay at the vet for unexplained acute seizures, send him good vibes? : cats


My tiny male has to remain at the vet for unexplained acute seizures, send him fantastic vibes? | Refreshing - Funny Cats | TOP Funniest Cats

Poor little guy is shivering after his first vet visit.

What to Do If Your Cat is Having a Seizure

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No Sir, we will not

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A Chihuahua Owner's Guide to Seizure Disorders

Following a bad working day, this minor woman brightens up my day. Hope she

My Story of Dealing with Kirby's Seizures

What is epilepsy?

How careful do you need to be with a dog that has IVDD?

Epilepsy is a serious but usually treatable condition. Here is information and comfort for those

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Before we get too far, let's be clear that poor nutrition and malnourishment are two different concepts in the health of a pet. Poor nutrition, as cited by ...

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Seizures in Chihuahuas can begin suddenly, even after years of good health.

Another area where epileptic dog owners have found melatonin to be beneficial is during the post ictal phase of a seizure. For dogs who have prolonged or ...

Senior Golden Retriever with veterinarian

German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian)

Why Vets Don't Recognize Dog Vaccine Reactions

... dog seizures dog seizures

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Download figure ...

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Vet checking dog for lumps and bumps

Overview of Epilepsy

Dodger airing smallest DeGioia

Something that is not widely discussed in the pet world is stress induced seizures. While it is not something that is common, it can happen to any cat or ...

If Your Dog's Having a Seizure, Here's What You Should Do

My buddies cat has a bad rash from the vet. What is this and how can we treat it?

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Types of Epileptic Seizures in Dogs

Let's Use Our Brains to END EPILEPSY®.

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Small worried looking mixed breed dog

Seizures in senior dogs

A focal seizure begins in a localized brain area which we can detect with the EEG.

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Peak Veterinary ...

Doctors say knowing these 11 symptoms could save your dog's life

My amazing sister made this beautiful picture of our pet Cocoa. I have it framed

It's likely no one warned you how hard it is to be a dog owner sometimes.

Most veterinarians today believe the PennHIP approach yields a more accurate prediction of your dog's future hip health. The drawbacks are higher cost and ...

Your seizures may not be exactly as one of the types described, but they will usually last the same time and follow the same pattern each time they happen.

When I've spoken to other people about seizures, I've heard some unfamiliar terms. What do these terms mean?

Yorkie Seizures - image

A dog is examined by a Blue Cross vet

Older Boxer dog resting

Another seizure last night. Had to be close to her mama all day and still

Second – The ictal phase is the seizure itself and lasts from a few seconds to about five minutes. During this period, all of the muscles of the body ...

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How to Know If You Should Take Your Pet to the Vet Right Now

As with humans, dogs can develop what is known as a hernia. However, since this problem is entirely internal in nature, it can be difficult to detect or ...

Ashleigh's Thunder Shirt still helps her, even though it is in pieces now.


Common Problems With Older Dogs

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My cat having a seizure

There are many conditions that affect the skin of dogs, ranging from flea bites to skin cancer, but what is almost certainly the most important canine skin ...

It is devastating when a pet dies suddenly, with no prior history of disease. This is a guide about the causes of sudden death in dogs.

Jhett Husky

One moment my young male Belgian Tervueren was snuggling against me as I sat on the couch; the next moment he lost control of his hindquarters and fell onto ...

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Overview of Buffering and the Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation

My best advice for dealing with seizures in senior dogs

10 Questions Dog Owners Ask About Seizures

Rex the dog giving a CBD testimonial for seizures

Abnormal behaviors may last minutes or hours and can be followed by a generalized seizure.

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Sam the West Highland Terrier and who has been given a temporary reprieve at Aberdeen district

... serum chemistry and urine tests (ref) do not give much insight into organic heart problems - but your vet may want to run them just to be sure there are ...

Your pet may have to receive oxygen, some fluids, and other treatments. With severe overheating, seizure and or cardiac arrest may occur.

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What is a seizure?

The dog is lying on the carpet

But then the man started going through Reggie's stuff, and that's when he was reminded of a letter the previous owner had left with the dog.

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