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Musical type Ohshc fanfic Yato Hot Anime Guys Anime Anime art

Musical type Ohshc fanfic Yato Hot Anime Guys Anime Anime art


#wattpad #fanfiction Zaruhi is Haruhi Brother!? Zaruhi was adopted by Zaruhi's mother best friend at age 1. Zaruhi adopted parents die.

Anime Boy robot

Like korea stylo style | Anime boys cool ♥ trong 2019 | Anime, Anime art và Anime characters

(*=3=*) insta @rizw_n_kh_n - | Anime Guys | Anime, Cute anime boy, Cute anime guys

Musical type Ohshc fanfic

Why all cool guys have so small eyes....Ain't they feel blind.

Anime guy with earphones on

Anime Garçons, Boys Anime, Cute Anime Guys, Arte Anime

Manga Art | The Art 123. Manga Art | The Art 123 Anime Guy Hot ...

But you can change the attire,hair style and color and eye color

Anime Guy with Black Sweater (Face Covered)

Anime Guy - Knight

Her Other Half (An OHSHC x Male!reader FanFiction) - Characters - Wattpad

Anime soldier boy

Guru is more of like a silent type and he only talks to the closest people

Cute Anime Boy, Hot Anime Guys, Anime Boys, Hot Guys, Manga Boy

Hot anime guy

Im Tyler and im 15,I am a guy.I like writing . I like Anime .I like stories about romance and my favorite kind of romances are love-hate relationships, ...

Kuro is a very I repeat very kind and dense boy,he will not recognize

Neko, Rpg, Big Sisters, Weapons, Role Play

Author has written 11 stories for Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime/ふしぎ星の☆ふたご姫, Gakuen Alice, Shugo Chara!, Yumeiro Pâtissière/夢色パティシエール, ...

This one is adorable.



The Boy In The Hoodie [OHSHC] [BxB] by randompersons1

anime make me less sad


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Cute anime boy with rev hair

Rei is more like the older brother of Guru but both of them still care and

7. MaronxChiaki - Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Chiaki definitely had some issues to work out: he's an insecure dork who is constantly worrying that his girlfriend ...

Music Room #3 ||thoughts|| All girls! ||with|| Perry @GraveyardExplorer. Kohana @Emerals856 Katelynen and Kayyla @Katelynen Daichi @Lyyra"] ||Outfit||

Her Other Half (An OHSHC x Male!reader FanFiction) - Characters - Wattpad

Author has written 7 stories for Kuroshitsuji, Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club, Vocaloid, and Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Karura is the first that comes to mind, ...

Image by Misaki-Kurenai


Bakugo Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku | Katsudeku

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Hhhoootttt X3 talking about the coffee... Find this Pin and more on Anime Guys ...


... my favorite male anime characters (of some shows I've watched or been watching) and realized they all seem to have something in common with each other…


Author has written 9 stories for Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Les Miserables, Silmarillion, Hobbit, One Piece, Hamilton, and Book X-overs.

I'll also give a shout out to Kogami from psycho pass, ...

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Butlers Against Humanity Animated

Soul Evans x Reader | Seven Minutes in Heaven by Words-Of-Fate on DeviantArt

Image de anime art, elsword, and ciel<<< This looks

He and Yu get along very well both of them have alot of things in common

No need to thank me 😊 Credit: I forgot sorry Follow (@otaku_thegod)

anime make me less sad


Author has written 5 stories for Naruto, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Ouran High School Host Club, and Harry Potter.


Even as a straight dude, I'm not ashamed to admit that Sinbad is hot.

Papa France X Baby Reader (Japan Ending)

Tenou is just a normal guy with a nice heart and a real talent for watercolor

anime make me less sad


-Some hints we're truly given in the series, Neither are very alone and decide to continue being alone, Both Much colder in each other yet has cynical ...


Anime: Sword Art Online #Anime #Manga #Meme #Animeme #Animememe #

anime boy male blue green headphones

Why hOI there fellow mortals~ (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

lol anime. Chelber. 4 years ago. Tagged by @Music Saved Me

Author has written 1 story for Vampire Knight.

The Sexy Type/Kyoya x Male! Reader!OHHCS by Living__Being

Erza 🤧😍❤ - Heyyyy! Today was a very fun day! I

Nanashima is the one that's special to me 😍😍😍 ~anime:Kiss him

... my favorite male anime characters (of some shows I've watched or been watching) and realized they all seem to have something in common with each other…

8. HisokaxTsuzuki - Yami No Matsuei OH MY YAOI BABIES. XD YnM was my first BL series and I fell in love with this relationship. These two are such The Odd ...


Nanashima⚡ and Shinomiya❤ From #kisshimnotme My two baby boys 😭🙌 • •

Mature Content

Dark angel anime boy



Author has written 1 story for Danny Phantom, and Supernatural.

anime make me less sad

I can't answer for sure, ...

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Various Anime Oneshots || requests are open. Fanfiction

Anime: Ouran Highschool Host Club 🎆 🎆 🎆 #Anime #Mangs #OHSHC #


Pink hair boi Anime Neko, Manga Anime, Anime Boys, Hot Anime Boy,

Anime: Monthly girls nozaki kun Follow --- @danganronpa_.yara._ Posted by Kori #anime #manga #kawaii #netflixanime #animelove #rpg #animegirl #mangagirl ...

why can I relate тнαикѕ fσя ℓιкιиg 💚 ___^______^______^______

Mature Content

Oh yes, my favorite topic and the best thing to talk about......XD

Type of Host/Hostess(Host/Hostess only): n/a. Which host do you schedule with regularly?(Customer only)open. Who's child are you(Host/Hostess/extra char. ...