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Mounted Knight with Battle Axe The Armchair GeneralToy

Mounted Knight with Battle Axe The Armchair GeneralToy


Mounted Knight with Battle Axe

Mounted Knight with Battle Axe | ''The Armchair General''.....Toy Soldiers & Military Figurines | Medieval knight, King, country, Knight

Mounted Mamluk (14th Century) | ''The Armchair General''.....Toy Soldiers & Military Figurines | Military art, Knight art, Miniatures

KNIGHTS: Miniature Knight with battle axe. (artist unknown) Help eliminate poor…

Battle Axe, Ceremonial Axe, Double Axe, Fire Axe, Wood Axe...and Tomahawk!

Medieval Mounted Knights 54mm

French Mounted Knight (14th Century)

German Mounted Knight By Igor Baklanov

...and none chunkier than this chap, clearly on illegal anabolic steroids, the worn examples show that the underlying PVC could be a creamy white or ...

Mounted Knight with Mace


A nice 15mm mounted knight and an Aztek (?) are te best of the bunch, but I'd like to ID them all eventually?

"It's over, He-Man. I have the high ground!"


Knight, 14th century Knight On Horse, Norman Knight, Medieval Knight, Miniature Figurines

Here are the foot knights that go with the mounted knights. They are a little stylize but they would go well with with any knight army you are trying to put ...

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The mounted figures were not only all-new mouldings, but they got an all-new horses and a new design of base, although the old bases were used as well, ...

The Sheriff's men are a nice complement to the 60mm Merrymen and the Marx Figures. There are eight poses: kneeling firing bow, standing firing bow, ...

Starting these was a bit daunting as it's been over a year since I painted anything in this scale and even then I wasn't too happy with it.

Fire fire fire fire!

Jumbo Melissa & Doug Jumbo Plush Dinosaur Stegosaurus Excellent Condition

Wonder Fest Summer 2018 – MAFEX Alien, Aquaman, and Robocop 3

KNIGHTS: French Knight Heraldry and Barding. (artist unknown) Help eliminate poor pinning! If you know the artist and can supply a link, please update this ...

2Pc Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Cute Soft Fluffy Beige Jumping, Walking Bunny

Mounted figures - the majority were based on the pop-together figures (which will appear above in a day or two!), although some were based on the standard ...


There two items in the collection the first one is mounted Indian with a cloth teepee. You also get some animals and accessories.

Sjoberg Duo Nordic Hobby Jr-Sr Accessory Kit - 33316

English Knight (15th Century)

ROBLOX Days of Knights Mix & Match Set - Series 4

He-Man waving you off (or kicking you out...):

[Image: 0iZUuZo.jpg]

30/12/2012: Hope the weather is perfect so the kids can fly from Te Anau to Supper Cove and Lake Roe today: wish I was there - there are empty seats on the ...

The right-hand figure in these line-ups are the latter ones who get black helmets and 'panzer' grey mail highlights. They also lost the additional belt-hung ...

The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on January 10, 1933 · Page 18

Mezco Variant Mega Scale Thundercats Lion-O and Mumm-Ra

Japanese Vending 1 Mewtwo PSA 9 Series Pokemon nbwucg3697-Pokémon Individual Cards

The above figures are not a new item, I finally picked them a few weeks ago. This is one of my favorite science fiction films.

Excavator Mode

Vintage Barbie Japanese Iki Iki Eli doll

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knight Medieval Knight, Knight Armor, Classical Art, Middle Ages, Soldiers, War

The other sides of the model:

Hasegawa 1 48 Dornier Do215B-5 Model Kit NEW from Japan NJG2 nroyjv6867-Models

These tend to be found in the Jungle, Zoo or Arc related sets and are quite nice, clip together soft ethylene (although both types can be found in styrene), ...

Fresh and beautiful young fashion model posing


Over the years I have acquired many different knight figures from around the world. The first knight figures I had were from the Prince Valiant playset by ...

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30/12/2012: Hope the weather is perfect so the kids can fly from Te Anau to Supper Cove and Lake Roe today: wish I was there - there are empty seats on the ...

British Gordon Highlander (1882) Lead Soldiers, Toy Soldiers, Home Guard, British

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 9, 1932 · Page 18

The second conversion was slightly more extensive. The powersword was cut off, and the hand was drilled, so the axe could be pinned into it.

as I listed these two Blue Box (with caveats) I shall now list them Lucky (with caveats) and see how long it takes me to prove myself wrong, while searching ...

Here is the Pirates of Caribbean set Laurie got me for Christmas. The figures are 60mm and are great addition to any pirate figure collection.

Battle Mode

Winkie Business from Wiiz of Oz by Robert Tonner


Sleeping Knight Custom Action Figures, Box Art, Figure Model, Vignettes, Miniatures,

He-Men sparring on the roof of Castle Grayskull:

Crescent always did their mounted figures in threes and the trick for a collector is to get one of each of the three horse poses, in each of the three ...

The Viking set has too many figures with horned helmets. The horned helmets did not existed and if you would try to wear a horned helmet to the York England ...

30/12/2012: Hope the weather is perfect so the kids can fly from Te Anau to Supper Cove and Lake Roe today: wish I was there - there are empty seats on the ...

KNIGHTS: Niena-Studio (artist unknown) Help eliminate poor pinning! If you

If however you are a Constructicon nut like I am, or intend to form ROTF Devastator (Scrapmetal will make up one hand) then this guy is certainly worth ...

And taking their battle to the rooftop of Castle Grayskull:

These should have been in last year's Rack Toy Month (as should a few other things in this year's!), but they got held over. The figures are well sculpted, ...

10/09/2012: SOME beetle (note size of man): ...

By pushing down on the front of Prowl's chest, you make his shuolder cannons come down to do his 'Jetblast' move. Why this is called a jetblast I have no ...

French Knight with Standard

There were also a set of mounted legs, and it was in this guise, with a coat of gold paint that they were carried through to the Great Shield range in 1988 ...

The set comes with five knights one which can be placed on a horse or one foot. The knights are okay I can not tell if they are copies of of other ...

"It's over, He-Man. I have the high ground!"

Templar Knights 3

Four more of the larger figures, with the painted original which was issued by Playwrite as Tomb Warrior Skeleton Warriors the baseless one is the mounted ...

One of the items I got was a set of pirates called Battling Pirates. The set comes with pirates, skeleton warriors and accessories.