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Microsoft creates a texttospeech Artificial Intelligence that can

Microsoft creates a texttospeech Artificial Intelligence that can


Microsoft AI creates realistic speech with almost unsupervised system

Technology major Microsoft, along with the support of Chinese engineers, have developed a text-to-speech artificial intelligence (AI) that can create a ...

Text-To-Speech Conversion by Microsoft AI Is Incredibly Realistic

Microsoft creates a text-to-speech Artificial Intelligence that can generate realistic speech

Text-to-speech tech isn't exactly new, although the downside is that for the most part, the current iteration of the technology isn't very realistic.

Microsoft Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Course

Microsoft,AI for Accessibility,Artificial Intelligence

Google Makes AI Sound Natural

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Copy Your Voice: What Does That Mean For Humans?

Google launches more realistic text-to-speech service powered by DeepMind's AI

Google releases dataset to help AI systems spot fake audio recordings

In conjunction with the annual event – Microsoft Ignite 2018, Microsoft announced several upgrades to Microsoft Cognitive Services, probably now is also ...

Microsoft's Artificial Intelligence creates realistic speech with little training

Microsoft AI: Incredibly Realistic Text-To-Speech Conversion

AI จาก Microsoft สร้างเสียงพูดสมจริงจากตัวอย่างข้อมูลเพียง 200 ชุดเท่านั้น

A logo is pictured at Google's European Engineering Center in Zurich, Switzerland July 19,

Microsoft Introduction to AI — Part 2

Seeing AI. An app for visually impaired people that narrates the world around you

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service 950×540

Saqib Shaikh demonstrates the Seeing AI app on his smartphone during a recent visit to Microsoft

Text to Speech in the Korean Language

Today, we are announcing several updates to Azure Machine Learning, available in preview.

Microsoft outlines AI programme

Microsoft Launches Chinese-Learning App Powered By AI

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Write Amazing Content – What Does That Mean For Humans?

So you can see here that what I've got is this endpoint and that endpoint is what the client application will use to connect to our LUIS app in order to ...

Above: Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research Group executive VP Harry Shum prepares to speak onstage at Build, a Microsoft developer conference ...

Microsoft AI produces realistic speech using 200 voice samples

Microsoft Cognitive Services for Developers: 2 Speech

Microsoft moves toward consolidating its many speech services

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Copy Your Voice

Microsoft builds AI for text-to-speech

Man Vs. Machine For Voice Over In eLearning - Part 2: How TTS Technology Can Enhance eLearning

Julia White, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Azure Marketing, speaks at the Conversations on

Facebook to Make AI More Inclusive By Focusing On Algorithm Development, User Studies and System Validations

Microsoft Focuses on AI at Ignite Conference

Automated Machine Learning and Hyperparameter Tuning

How to Convert Text to Speech Using Amazon AI (Artificial Intelligence) Polly

Artificial Intelligence for more human interfaces

In the war for artificial intelligence cloud dominance with the likes of Amazon AI and Google AI, Microsoft's Azure AI team today fired off a salvo that ...

Lyrebird claims it can recreate any voice using just one minute of sample audio

POEMPORTRAITS: an interactive artwork combining poetry + design + AI

As AI explodes in popularity, Microsoft aims to make adoption as simple as possible

Microsoft introduces Azure service to automatically build AI models

Yesterday was the first day of the Microsoft Build Conference and artificial intelligence(AI) was front and center of the keynotes. In the last few years, ...

Microsoft Introduces New AI Features To Word

Microsoft Azure Unveils AI that Automates AI Development

We can see the list of APIs provided by Microsoft.

Twilio gets more than 50 new text-to-speech voices with Amazon Polly

How Artificial Intelligence Is Making The Shift From System To Ecosystem


How to Build Your Own AI Assistant Using Api.ai

Only few hundred training samples bring human-sounding speech in Microsoft TTS feat

Microsoft's AI APIs add content moderation, speech recognition

Driving innovation by tackling the challenges of disability

Be your own landscape photographer and painting designer by using NVIDIA's AI Tool

Microsoft builds AI for text-to-speech

... Microsoft says it is democratizing AI and is making the technology used in building its own

Microsoft Introduces New AI Features To Word

A Microsoft Corp. Store As Company Exceeds Sales, Profit Estimates On Cloud Gains

Cognitive Service is developed by Microsoft to solve some of the AI problems. It wrapped as a API services that allows developers to use some Artificial ...

Baidu's new text-to-speech system can master hundreds of accents

Microsoft wants to help brands build their own virtual assistants 'in a matter of minutes'

Sign up athttps://goo.gl/dY9Dnwand learn about how AutoML is changing the AI industry!

You can see Speaker Identification, multiple simultaneous recognition, transcription, translation, besides other awesome AI features.

Sharing passwords for a video streaming site? This company will use Artificial intelligence to track

Microsoft, Google, AWS and Facebook are battling to democratize AI for developers

Google Cloud's Text-to-Speech learns new languages, gets new voices

Evelyn Thomas, Senior Programme Manager, Xbox, Microsoft, during an presentation.

Microsoft aims to empower 1 billion differently-abled with AI

Microsoft Makes AI and Cognitive Services Front-and-Center of New Family of Building Blocks

Google Just Open Sourced TensorFlow, Its Artificial Intelligence Engine

Joining Hands with Microsoft Xiaoice, Dragon TV Launches First AI Program Ever

Create Box Custom Skills with Watson AI

tr-build-2018-meetings.jpg. Image: Microsoft

So we're going to create an intent. So on the Intent tab in the UI we'll click 'Create New Intent'. A popup should show up. We'll give the intent a name.

New OECD Artificial Intelligence Principles: Governments Agree on International Standards for Trustworthy AI

Microsoft AI produces realistic speech using 200 voice samples

Embedding Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise Apps

Artificial Intelligence for .NET: Speech, Language, and Search: Building Smart Applications

Now we can see there are a few speech related "AI + Machine Learning " categories listed in the search result.

Before we move on to the blog, let us inculcate the habit of using a better word, Artificial Intelligence for the Disabled Specially-abled.

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