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Many cities shut down during the daytime of Ramadan for deep

Many cities shut down during the daytime of Ramadan for deep


When is Ramadan?

Jerusalem's Ramadan Is Different This Year

Breaking Fast at Mumbai's Nightly Ramadan Food Festival

Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque, UAE

Manakeesh Bakery in West Philly drastically reduces its hours during Ramadan

It is said that Prophet Mohammed once spoke, "When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of heaven are opened and the gates of hell are closed and the ...

The Higher Purposes Of Ramadan

Photo by Emin Özmen

FILE - In this June 30, 2014 file photo, an Indian Muslim father holds the hands of his daughter in his palms and prays before breaking fast on the first ...

Eid al-Fitr is a big Muslim holiday that comes after the month-long Ramadan. It's celebrated all over the world and is known to every community– the annual ...

Daylight hours in North Carolina during the month of Ramadan vary as the Islamic calendar shifts

During Ramadan the days in Istanbul are a bit quieter but the nights bustling, full

Ramadan is more than refraining from eating and drinking throughout the day. - NSTP/HAZREEN MOHAMAD


Abu Nassar Hinnawi restaurant in the Israeli city of Jaffa. (Kaja Bouman)

Maze-like streets: Dubai


Volunteers distribute food for the Iftar meal for Muslims to break their fast at sundown during

Chinese flags and cameras in a street of Kashgar, part of Beijing's crackdown on minoritiers

shopkeeper in Sri Lanka during riots that followed the Islamic State Easter Day slaughter of 258 at churches and hotels (prior to Ramadan).

'It's brought us together': at Ramadan, American Muslims on life in the age of Trump

... earlier in the day or for a chunk of the evening as Muslims gather together to break fast in a meal known as iftar. Here are some tips on visiting ...

Ramadan 2019: When is Islam's holy month, why does its date change every year and why do Muslims fast? | The Independent

Effects of Ramadan on food intake, glucose homeostasis, lipid profiles and body composition composition | European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Israeli police arrest Ramadan wakers in Jerusalem

Dearborn: The American city that does not sleep during Ramadan

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Clashes Erupt on Temple Mount as Jews Mark Jerusalem Day in Final Days of Ramadan

Ramadan 2018: Annoying questions people ask Muslims every year about fasting | The Independent

Hidden Gems of Ramadan in Rabat

Visitors wrapped around Independence Mall on Saturday to see the Liberty Bell, made possible by

Ramzan Mubarak – The Holy Month of Fasting for Muslims

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ramadan jerusalem mosque aqsa

For many travelers to the Middle East, Ramadan is a special time to gain unique insights into the Middle East. However, there are a few things to take into ...

How Minnesota's Muslim-owned coffee shops, restaurants and cafes survive during Ramadan

The Muslim Holiday Shop in Haledon, New Jersey, sells outdoor decorations for the home


travel during ramadan

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey at dusk

FILE - In this July 11, 2018 file photo, Chechens wait to break their

Street food, shopping and kindness - how these streets of Birmingham come alive after midnight during Ramadan

Expedia Singapore Travel Blog

How Are Palestinians Celebrating Ramadan? In Gaza, It Is as if It 'Has Not Yet Come'

Ramadan Practices

Government shutdown: What if it goes on, and on, and on .

A family breaks fast on the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, at al-Khazir camp for the internally displaced, located between Arbil and Mosul, ...

Most of these outdoor foods are deep fried in oils which are reused multiple times. Re-using cooking oil may change its chemical compound, ...

The roar of cannons signals the end of the day's fast and iftar is proclaimed. With a sip of water and a few dates to replenish the precious minerals ...

Men gather for games of mheibes in Iraq

Auburn Gallipoli Mosque

As we moved eastwards from Urfa, iftar became the highlight of our day. In Kars, our Couchsurfing host invited us to join him at his auntie's home.

Ramadan in the Islamic Calendar

Ramadan 2017

Three Muslim women at the Sehitlik Mosque in the Neukoelln district on the Open Mosques Day on October 3, 2017. Emmanuele Contini/NurPhoto via Getty Images

One way to better sleep is to try and avoid stimulants such as coffee, fizzy

Ramadan Travel to Egypt

Ramadan is the month-long Muslim fast or more properly the ninth month of the Muslim year in which the fast takes place. According to Islamic custom, ...

Hanukkah, Christmas and Ramadan, celebrated together

https://www.visitdubai.com/en/articles/ramadan-explained-daily-ritual English Dubai Corporation of Tourism & Commerce Marketing

On the second day of my training, when I told them I'd skip lunch again, my colleagues smiled and told me where they'd be if I needed anything.

Muslims break their fast on the first day of the holy Islamic month of Ramadan in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 27, 2017. Photo: Getty Images/MANAN VATSYAYANA

Downtown Amman, Jordan at dust

1, the appearance of the first crescent moon signalled that it is time once again for Ramadan, the holy month of fasting for Muslims around the world.

Ramadan 2019: holy month to begin on May 6 in most Islamic nations - The National

How to eat right and keep well during Ramadan

MIDWOOD/KENSINGTON – Muslim tenants at 250 Parkville Avenue are angry after a notice was placed announcing the water will be shut tomorrow Fri.

Ramadan: 5 things to know

Teacher strikes have shut down hundreds of schools in Oklahoma and Kentucky

What does playoff life look like for Enes Kanter while observing Ramadan?


Foodies, Faithful Flock to Metro Detroit Ramadan Festivals

Muslim radio station shut down after broadcasting 25 hours of lectures by al-Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki

Ghana asks mosques to turn down the noise and use WhatsApp for call to prayer

Ramadan 2019: How long does Ramadan last? How many hours is Ramadan?

Egyptian Muslims gather for iftar at the end of the fasting day during the holy month of Ramadan outside Hussein mosque in Cairo on July 13, 2015.

Many cities shut down during the daytime of Ramadan for deep spiritual cleansing. Arriving at

A Kuwaiti shops for fruits at a market on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan in downtown Kuwait City, May 27, 2017. Photo: Getty Images/YASSER AL- ...

Hotels and restaurants in Dubai will not serve alcohol on Monday evening and Tuesday during the

FILE - In this June 29, 2014 file photo, displaced Iraqi citizens gather for

Fasting for the first time this Ramadan? Here are some tips - Khaleej Times

lunch ramadan dubai restaurants open

Muslims performing especial Ramadan prayers

It's my second day in Dubai and I'm at the breakfast buffet at the Al Manzil Downtown Hotel. My eyes scan the pastry selection, but I opt for a green juice ...

Mohamed El-Munir Gains Perspective Through Sacrifice During Ramadan | Los Angeles Football Club

Muslims prepare for fasting, charity and worship during Ramadan 2019

Not only can you see people preparing for Ramadan, you can smell it. The city I lived in was called the Mecca of ...

When is Ramadan

Stornoway's Muslims – a few dozen people out of about 8,000 in the town – attended