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MRW a customer asks me a stupid question OC Our Funnipic Funny

MRW a customer asks me a stupid question OC Our Funnipic Funny


MRW A customer asks me some dumb shit

When someone asks a really dumb question.

'Am I the only one who...' NO. You live in a world with seven fucking billion people. No, You are Not the only fucking one.


The Dumbest Customer Questions Ever Asked dump

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 123 Pics

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Questions people ask me… Super FunnyReally FunnyFunny CuteThe FunnyDumb ...

Mrw I get told to smile by two guys I never met before, so I tell them to tell me a funny joke first and then I maybe would, and suddendly I ...

MRW our waitress won't stop flirting with my husband.

Bill Burr ain't got time for stupid questions.

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MRW people ask me how my hour drive in traffic was

Friend asks dumb questions #Ask, #Dumbest, #Friend, #Funny,

I want to see your manager ...

MRW I think I asked a dumb question

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30 Times People Asked Siri Stupid Questions And Got The Stupid Answers They Deserved


MRW I'm solving a mystery with Sherlock Holmes and he asks me if I found any fecal matter during my investigation of the crime scene.

Friday Funny: Bill Nye's 'ask me anything' explodes in his face

MRW people do this to their uncrustables

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An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy.

35 Dumb Questions People Were Asked in Complete Seriousness

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Anti vaxxer asks a stupid question & gets a stupid answer

I'll know he's the one because he won't ask me this dumb

MRW my coworkers ask me how my Valentine's day went

If you ask me questions im gonna start crying like a baby tribble in the kill zone GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Dara O'Kearney recently released a book on satellite tournament strategy.

Stupid Questions Part 2. Funny ...

Friday Funny - Advice from another scientist to Neil DeGrasse Tyson @neiltyson - 'stick

Big Trouble

Kids Create Absurdity-A Silly Fill In The Blank Card Game That's Fun For The

'Time' isn't the only factor when considering dating a separated or recently divorced person

Fall 2014 Class Notes

MRW my friends ask me why I'm single on Valentine's Day but I'm the only one that still gets to play WoW when I want. : wow

Dr. Evil's First Year in the Oval Office

don't ask Bill Burr stupid questions

MRW boss asks me how I'm doing in my current work

this is definitely me since i dont care to watch a bunch of over paid over. Funny ...

I don't even have time to tell you how wrong you are. Actually

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MRW in an office full of ladies, we were asked to stop putting nasty chewing tobacco in the trash... It was actually some cheap loose leaf black tea.

Realizing you have a crush…

I would definitely recommend Florida as a bird photography location, especially for a beginner or for somebody (like me!) who is stretched for time.

NessaX1A / Reddit.com


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Eric Trump's yearbook page from 2002

[ IMG]

Qantas Cash

36 Fresh Memes To Kick Start Your Day

MRW someone asks me why I'm not a people person

The ridiculous things you find on Yahoo answers... Dumb People, Yahoo Answers

by The Hoosier Hot Shots on Amazon Music - Amazon.com

Work by Dijan Kahrimanovic at LISTE – Art Fair Basel, 2015. Photo by Alec

The second contest is a little closer to home for me. The 2019 Maine Romance Writers' annual Strut Your Stuff Award judges the best romance novel ...

Text Message Chat

"He'll hop on the sled and reset..." | BeachGrit

MRW I finish watching the Season Three finale.

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... The Great Escape

Photo of Studio Manhattan Art + Design - New York, NY, United States.

Amid the peaks and the valleys of the Ozark Highlands, winds the Meramec River, one of the longest free-flowing waterways in the United States.

MRW I'm a probation officer and my offender makes a whoopsie daisy by sending an incriminating text message to me instead of her potentially equally dubious ...

Sales/Marketing dept. Meet production dept <3

MRW someone asks a stupid question.

There's so many questions to consider now that the first Oscar charts for Best Actress (and all other categories) are now up. We've asked you seven ...

Photo of Third Eye Photo Booth - Los Angeles, CA, United States. Best

Bill Nye the clueless weather guy - flattened by tornado data

A Degenerate Gambler's Guide to Living on the Edge

Jonathan Gruber, ObamaCare, and "Stupid Voters": It Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Shill | naked capitalism

35 Dumb Questions People Were Asked in Complete Seriousness. Dumb QuestionsThis Or That QuestionsThe FunnyFunny ...

Detroit: Become Human under fire for controversial domestic abuse scene • Eurogamer.net


Aomine Daiki x Reader (Look At Me, Nya!)

MRW everybody gets to enter the AIBAs.

Noam Chomsky

Amazon launches Prime Photos with unlimited storage for Prime members: Digital Photography Review



The 'Pallywood' smear: Viral images of Palestinian boy's brutalization brings backlash

Casio Mrw-200H-1B2vdf Men's Mrw200 Black Resin and Dial Watch

For this we changed the main text to the typeface Impact and the sub point to Ariel Black. These are both chunkier typefaces that make it much easier to ...

Breach of trust here [R]