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Living in alignment with what you truly value is the most important

Living in alignment with what you truly value is the most important


Your Life Will be Incredibly Better if You Pursue Meaning Instead of Happiness


“You don't become happy by pursuing happiness. You become happy by living a life that means something, says Harold S. Kushner

Are you living in line with your values? Do your words reflect your passions? Do your actions reflect what is truly important to you?

There's no doubt about it: life is hard. It's a given.

10 Life Purpose Tips to Help You Find Your Passion

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The Secret to Happiness Is 10 Specific Behaviors

How to create your personal strategic plan and align your actions toward what is most important to you

How Do We Align Artificial Intelligence with Human Values?

The Pursuit of Meaning, Not Happiness is What Makes Life Incredibly Better

Law of attraction - let it all come

Begin Your Values Alignment Process by Identifying Your Most Important Values


LOVE the Life You Have

9 Ways to Reinforce and Live Your Company's Core Values Every Day | Inc.com

Integrity Scan - How aligned are you?

What capitalism prioritizes, the world does more of. So how can we change capitalism so that it focuses on what humans really want and need?

7 Steps to Discover Your Personal Core Values

How to Define Your Company's Core Values (37 Experts Share Their Advice) | kununu

Podcast: AI and the Value Alignment Problem with Meia Chita-Tegmark and Lucas Perry - Future of Life Institute

I think maybe this value more than any of the others might seem “too good to be true” when you think about a real-life workplace. Could everyone at Buffer ...

meaning of life

The search for value: How to define clear brand values for your company

Almost every company has a set of values, but very few truly live them and build culture around them. In this blog, we look at how to choose, define, ...

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Sign #1: You Can't Say What You Care About

Chic and stylish 2019 planners designed to help you live a truly happy and fulfilled life by creating a life in alignment with who you truly are and ...

Here are a few steps you can take to align your existing and future projects with your organization's strategic goals:

This Is How To Let Go Of What No Longer Serves You, So You Can Attract More Of What You Really Need

Graphic showing the stages of the employee journey—attraction, recruiting, onboarding, experience


Understanding Workplace Values

True Alignment: Linking Company Culture with Customer Needs for Extraordinary Results: Edgar Papke: 9780814433362: Books - Amazon.ca

Welcome back to the AI Alignment Podcast series at the Future of Life Institute. I'm Lucas Perry, and today we'll be speaking with William MacAskill on ...

Now, here's a bit more about each value, how we on the Buffer team try to live it and how it has affected our work and our lives.

Is there alignment?

What brings meaning into your life?

Welcome back to the AI Alignment podcast series with the Future of Life Institute. Today, we'll be speaking with David Pearce and Brian Tomasik.


mission and vision statement for the year

The Elements of Value

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One of the hardest things in life is to know when to keep going and when to move on.

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Discovering your brand value definition

Give Up Being Perfect

World Values Day reached out to over 30 million people around the world, but we couldn't have achieved that without your help. So, thank you to all of you ...

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