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Let this be your default response Your autocorrect when someone

Let this be your default response Your autocorrect when someone


how to reply all by default in gmail

Figure B

Reset the Keyboard Dictionary in iOS

change the reply behavior in gmail


Reset Autocorrect Dictionary in iOS to fix improper word corrections on iPhone and iPad


An easy way to teach autocorrect how to learn uncommon names properly is by adding the name to your list of contacts. Open up the Contacts app, ...


why is gmail reply all by default

And spelling it incorrectly will mostly autocorrect to the version you actually want. As you can ...


Picture of IPhone Autocorrect Prank

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Choose your preferred autocorrect language from the drop-down menu under Spelling.


1 Don't call your mother an idiot. Damn You Autocorrect


This is a sticky situation.

Click the checkboxes next to Correct spelling automatically, Capitalize words automatically, and Add period with double-space to turn these features on or ...

Tap the cog icon in the keyboard, select "Settings," followed by "Themes," then check the dark option under Default, and see your new dark keyboard in ...


You can enable the auto-correct function by pressing the TouchPal Logo on the top-left corner of your keyboard and going to “Settings” > “Prediction” ...


And spelling it incorrectly will mostly autocorrect to the version you actually want. As you can ...


How you can tell when someone is seeing your text messages

How to End an Email: 9 Best and Worst Email Sign-Offs

What's scarier than any ghost, ghoul or goblin? Sending a horribly embarrassing autocorrect.

While these functions are no doubt helpful, there's an additional feature called custom responses that lets you mold Slackbot to your individual workplace.


Automated Boilerplate Using Microsoft Word - Autotext Autocorrect Building Blocks and more


ios-languages-switch-layout.jpg ...

Grammarly Keyboard on the App Store

defiantly used for definitely onTwitter 24 Oct 2014

Browser app, Firefox radio button in Android settings

Step 3: Select the “CUSTOMIZE A NEW THEME” tab and tweak your keyboard to your liking.

Android lets you choose how your phone handles app notifications on your lock screen. Let's go check out the options. Open up Settings and tap Apps ...

Google voice settings menu

... This let's me disable the number row as it's super fast to long press anything. You'll have to see for yourself but it makes a world of difference

QuickType is Apple's predictive keyboard that gets smarter as you use it. Since QuickType is contextually aware of your conversation, it can even present ...

Open by default, Clear Defaults, No defaults set


Preset replies like Hello, What's up, and on my way.

A bit of the old flirt divert.


Choose a different option from the Color Theme menu in the Appearance area. I like the retro soft gray, so I go with Light. Whew. So much easier on my aging ...

If you still have capitalization problems you can try turning off autocorrect, or clearing the cache on your keyboard, which we'll explain below.

Google Says It Will Stop Android Phones From Suggesting "My Face" When Users Type "Sit On" : nottheonion

AutoCorrect Options word 2010


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How To Use AutoCorrect In Microsoft Office To Create Your Own Boilerplate Responses

Had it with autocorrect on your smartphone?

Picture of Keyboard

Change your language settings if your keyboard types the wrong characters.

How to Disable Auto-Correct on iPhone Completely

android messages on the web desktop

For this step, we're going to general phone settings, not the keyboard settings. Pull down the notification bar and tap the gear-shaped settings button.

Deadly serious.

... your personal dictionary, please send an email to [email protected]@touchpal.com">[email protected] and let us know what the problem is.

Do not check spelling option

Let Gmail Finish Your SentencesLet Gmail Finish Your Sentences

Broken Microsoft Word Spell Checker

(But what about that big background graphic that is slowing you down? Put it on a layer and hide it. Don't display it as a shadow of its former self.)

PowerPoint 2013 Language Preferences

Frequently used emojis, like the heart and ok.

... or off for all your text messages (meaning senders won't be notified when you read their iMessages, head over to Settings >> Messages then toggle "Send ...

What Apple's differential privacy means for your data and the future of machine learning | TechCrunch

Also, there's an option to quickly set the apps as the default. If the app isn't responding, there is a new Terminate button to close the app and all its ...

How To Turn Off Text Auto-Correct & Text Suggestions On Android Devices | Digital Citizen

... app and just happen to be signed into your Google account, doing this will only delete the history in Gboard, not anything saved to your Google account.

Tap on the schedule button, choose the day and time to want the message to go out. After tapping on the done button exit your message and it's going to be ...

How to change your autocorrect language

I let Apple's QuickType keyboard take over my iPhone

predictive text ...

Apple to release software update to solve iPhone issue when typing the letter 'i', here's a workaround fix


SwiftKey learns from your writing style.

Can't make smiley faces any longer!

... AutoFormat As You Type Options - Word 2010

... control a device only using your eyes. If you have compatible hardware to use this feature, the options to manage Eye control will appear on this page.

Ken Kocienda is the man behind the SMS autocorrect feature on iPhones that prevents swearing in texts. He's sorry - not sorry - because at the time it was ...

Go back to the keyboard settings and tap on Predictive text, instead of swiping the on/off toggle switch. In here, uncheck “Auto Replace”.

Damn You Autocorrect