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Laminitis can occur any time of the year and being aware of the

Laminitis can occur any time of the year and being aware of the


Laminitis can occur any time of the year and being aware of the subtle signs can help you take action faster.🏇Read and share our advice on…

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Dr Danica Pollard, of the AHT, said: “Our findings indicate that laminitis is more common than we initially thought and occurs at similar rates to other ...

Laminitis is recognised as one of the most common and crippling diseases affecting horses, ponies and donkeys. Laminitis occurs as a result of inflammation ...

radiograph of equine foot clearly showing pedal bone

The Types of Laminitis in Horses

A study conducted by the Animal Health Trust in collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College and Rossdales Equine Hospital, and funded by World Horse ...

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Laminitis - typical crisis slide 1a

The ground freezes over at night and in some places the mercury hardly rises above zero during the day. Whilst most horses don't encounter any ...

Stages of laminitis

Laminitis in horses: recognising the signs

laminitis common in horses

Figure 1b.

Background: Anatomy of a Hoof

Horses in winter

Minimising the risk of laminitis this autumn

May issue of Your Horse. This month ...

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How to reduce the risk of laminitis in horses

5 Things to Know About Laminitis in the Fall. Laminitis can happen at any time ...


Laminitic Horse Hoof

10 things you need to know about laminitis

Laminitis – dispelling the myth

Home Health Laminitis How to spot the signs of equine laminitis in your horse

New laminitis research shows gaining weight is a risky business

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Your ONE-STOP resource guide for information from some of the worlds' leading veterinarians and other equine experts, all compiled into a wide ranging ...

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As a professional hoof care provider you might think this list simply describes all the best practices that you employ on a daily basis. Still, it will be ...

No velagliflozin-treated pony developed laminitis in the study.

Petplan Equine's top five most claimed-for conditions: focus on laminitis *Promotion*

Laminitis: The First 48 Hours


Horse Laminitis Information

Feeding the laminitic horse

Why Some Horses Don't Get Laminitis

Dr. Don Walsh tending to the hoof bandages on one of the many laminitic horses he treated at his Homestead Animal Hospital in Pacific, Missouri.

Laminitis in Horses, the Causes and What You Can Do About It

Life after Equine Laminitis

Not looking bad for 26yrs old... someone is feeling good! #horse

horse laminitis

Cushing's Disease or Equine Metabolic Syndrome?

Preventing Sole Bruising on Hard Ground Surfaces

No horse immune to potentially fatal disease. Laminitis is a ...

Treatment: The laminitis was treated with one dose of PulpCyte (10 million particles/dose) in a proprietary solution and injected under ultrasound guidance ...

What Are the Risk Factors of Laminitis?

Laminitis Prevention

protein for horses prone to laminitis forageplus

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Springtime is the time of year that too many horses slip into that painful condition of inflammed laminae. That's exactly what "laminitis" is - "inflammed ...

Normal Laminitic In cases that are not improving or are having recurrent bouts of laminitis remedial

Posters on the research project can be downloaded from here.

The Threat of Laminitis

As feared as laminitis may be, research suggests that horse owners may easily confuse subtler signs of the disease with other common conditions.

There are many predisposing factors that trigger the onset of laminitis. Regardless of the original cause, however, compromised blood flow is thought to be ...

Its that time of year when the spring grass is lush and sugary. So for

A subclinical condition has no recognizable or measurable clinical manifestations. Oddly enough the term 'subclinical laminitis' is often being used to ...

Grass Founder by Dr. Christa Harder Now that summer is almost here, and the green grass is finally growing, our horses are very eager to get out on pasture ...

018 You Cant Cure Laminitis fb

Horse that has had a fractured repaired in the right foreleg wearing a foot support on

The four-year study, being undertaken by the Animal Health Trust (AHT), in partnership with the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), and generously funded by ...

diagram of Laminae

Laminitis Solutions

Regardless of the option you select for shoeing or protecting the foot based on the laminitic case, be upfront with the owner on what the short-term vs. ...

Ten percent of horses may have a laminitic episode each year, research suggest

Ultimately this should help reduce the risk of disease with a particular focus on laminitis and other disorders that can be nutrition-related.”

However, it is important to be vigilant to both prevent and quickly recognise laminitis, particularly in those ponies prone to the disease.

2. Minimal to little rotation is critical for success. Therefore, intervention with stem cell treatment should occur as soon as possible.



2012 analysed freeze-dried carrots - the DM content of the freeze-dried carrots was 89.1%, sugar 58.1% (glucose 12.4%, fructose 12.5% and sucrose 33.2%), ...

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****White Line Disease**** The white line of the

Laminitis drug could be on market in six months

Learn about laminitis in the horse, including current science and research, laminitis prevention,

Laminitis can occur in all shapes and sizes of horses and ponies, although it is


Preventing Laminitis in Horses : a Practical Guide to Decreasing the Risk of Laminitis (Founder) in Your Horse: Christine King, Richard A Mansmann: ...

Laminitis, PPID, and Hyperinsulinemia: What's the Link?

Laminitis leaflet

Daisy is suffering with laminitis so is on stable rest, much to her disgust!

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It's important to pinpoint what type of laminitis is occurring in order to develop a specific treatment plan that will help your horse get back to full ...

Figure 1a.

Vets are being urged to redouble efforts to educate owners about laminitis in the wake of a revealing study showing weight gain more than doubles the risk ...

Why you need to DO SOMETHING about Laminitis NOW! February has been a busy month ...