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Join the January Decluttering Challenge and live more with less

Join the January Decluttering Challenge and live more with less


Join the January Decluttering Challenge and live more with less! With easy to accomplish daily

The 7th annual 91 Day Declutter Challenge will start January 7th, 2019.

Everything you need to get started on a home decluttering challenge. Get your home decluttered

Free printable January 2016 decluttering calendar with daily 15 minute missions. Follow the entire Declutter 365 plan provided by Home Storage Solutions 101 ...

Ever feel overwhelmed or embarrassed by your home because you have too much clutter? Take

30 Day Minimalist Decluttering Challenge - A Welder's Wife

365 Items in 365 Days Decluttering Challenge

The 31 day home decluttering detox free printable. A step by step plan to go JANUARY TASKS DOWNLOAD

2017 Declutter Challenge – Starts January 2nd

Life As You Live It: 30 Days of Decluttering + Free Printable

12 Week Declutter Challenge

Why Join?

30-day NO SPEND challenge guide: Declutter and organize your mind, simplify your life and spending habits, spend less and live a minimalist lifestyle, ...

Free printable January 2019 #decluttering calendar with daily 15 minute missions. Follow the entire #Declutter365 plan provided by Home Storage Solutions ...

Do you feel like clutter is taking over your life? Are you constantly reorganizing,

January notes sheet for the home decluttering challenge.


30 Day "Clear the Clutter" Challenge!! (Plus a Printable to Keep You On Track) www.thatonemom.com

January 2019 free printable calendar.

best decluttering course

Decluttering together! Join the challenge and get rid 80 items in 40 days! Perfect

The Minimalist Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to a Decluttered, Refocused Life: Joshua Becker: 9781601427991: Books - Amazon.ca

How to Live With Less

30-day NO SPEND challenge guide: Declutter and organize your mind, simplify your

Plant-Based January / Decluttering / No-Spend Challengeđź’°

Did I mention, you can declutter anything you want this month?! You don't have to follow this plan. Or you can change up the plan to better fit your home, ...

April Declutter challenge Declutter your home in 30 days! Tamara's DeClutter challenge with some H2O at Home products too!

In Japan ...

We decided more recently to sell the furniture in our home that was not being used. You know like those cute chairs in the entry way that no one ever sits ...

Join us for a new type of decluttering challenge – a 24 Hour Challenge!

30 Day Declutter Challenge Pinterest Pin

Month One Of The 90/52 Decluttering Challenge: Decluttering Paperwork And The Master Bedroom

13 Minimalist, Zero Waste and Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Challenges If You're Keen to Live More Sustainably. January 4 ...

Decluttering Burst: Let go of one hundred things in less than an hour

15 Things to Declutter (That Aren't Things)

HAPPY FIRST POST OF 2019! As much as I appreciate the long blog posts looking back on how great the year was, I don't have time to reminisce.

As I have worked on decluttering my home, I have come across boxes and bags and shelves full of items that I know I no longer use.

Slow Home Essentials – Decluttering

Soulful Simplicity: How Living with Less Can Lead to So Much More: Courtney Carver: 9780143130680: Amazon.com: Books

How to declutter your home.

Easy Declutter Challenge: 200 Things to throw away (plus free printable)

Everyday in October (except Halloween, because well, it's Halloween!) we will be decluttering one different area in our homes.


Decluttering on a low income has different challenges than when you are decluttering from a place

Days to a Clutter Free Life Challenge | One Month to Clear Your Home, Mind

6 Popular Minimalist Decluttering Methods

Why I Don't Host Decluttering Challenges

Declutter Game

How to Declutter an Entire Room! My Organized Office | 30 Days to Less of


2016 Decluttering Challenge

So as of now I'm at 0 items in/out, with a goal of decluttering 250 items in December.

While January flew by, we are quickly racing through Febuary!! This month is short and we have a lot of goals that we are hoping to accomplish.


Living with Less: How to Downsize to 100 Personal Possessions by Mary Lambert

Join the Challenge

Join the challenge put on by nourishingminimalism.com and receive a free Decluttering Chart!

Days to a Clutter Free Life Challenge | Printable Ground Rules

Conquer Your Organization Goals With These 10 Books

Get your whole house in order in ten weeks! Details and a plan and a

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How to Get Started with The Capsule Kitchen Challenge

Decluttering tips for families living on lower incomes. You really can declutter your home,

Facebook invited me (little ol' me!) to join a handful of testers for a brand new feature.

The 100 Thing Challenge: Living with Less and Finding Contentment with What You Have |

How to Declutter, Get Rid of Your Stuff and Simplify Your Life

This years' declutter project was exponentially easier than last year. Our house is actually more organized than it was last year, it's emptier than ever ...

That year I hosted the 40 Bags in 40 Days™ Decluttering Challenge as a way to connect with and support other people looking to live with less.

No time to declutter? This plan will help break down the decluttering you need to


Declutter Challenge

Do you follow the Minimalist on Instagram? They have pretty awesome plans for getting rid of clutter. My friend, Meighan, sent me their Instagram handle ...

5 habits to start minimalism

The Home Decluttering Diet. An easy step-by-step plan to get your

Imagine a holiday season free of overwhelm, stress, and clutter! That's what we

2013 in 2013 Declutter Challenge - January

how to declutter your home

31 Areas to Declutter in 15 Mintues or less! Printable list and tips

Methods for decluttering

When I first started experimenting with minimalism, about five years ago, I had no

Are you ready for a CLEAN home today? Print these two FREE cleaning schedules!

Easy Declutter Challenge: 200 Small Things to Throw Away {FREE Printable Checklist}

Less Clutter, More Joy: Closet Edition! Jan

Go Zero-Waste in 31 Days

What we gain from keeping books – and why it doesn't need to be 'joy'