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Join Billy Carson at CITD2019 for his workshop The Anunnaki

Join Billy Carson at CITD2019 for his workshop The Anunnaki


Join Laura Eisenhower at #CITD2019. Not only will she be giving a lecture on

Join us and make #ContactintheDesert

Stop by Ryan Sprague's booth at this year's #AlienCon2019 in LA 👽 Say Hi to Ryan and the rest of the PursuingX group of researchers and speakers 🤳 Please ...

Join Brad Olsen for his workshop on the “Mysteries of South America” at #

Tomorrow on #TruthBeToldRadio you can hear from TWO of our #CITD2019 speakers. They

Join David Adair for his workshop “The Space Shuttle Program You Did Not Get to See”. This workshop will share the space technology that NASA doesn't want ...

You can also tune in to hear #CITD2019 speaker @emerysmith33 on Groundzero Radio with

You don't want to miss #TravisWalton 's workshop on “Evidence:

Join #ErichVonDaniken for his workshop “The Return of the Gods” as he talks

Tomorrow Victoria, the producer of #ContactintheDesert, will be interviewing Avi Loeb. What

Join @coachbillycarson for his lecture at #CITD2019. He will be “Linking Past

Join us for @david_wilcock 's panel “The Tipping Point” at #CITD2019. The panel will feature some of our favorite speakers; @tellingermichael, ...

Join us in the desert for workshops on #UnveilingSecrets and #Disclosure. You won't want to miss @clyde_lewis_groundzero lead his “Disclosure or ...

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This year at #CITD2019 you can join #MerrillCook at his lecture – “Disclosure

We've got a great lecture titled “ET's, The Divine Feminie and Ascension

Hear Chad Calek Talk All About Our Latest Documentary TWO FACE: THE GREY On The

Billy Carson

TONIGHT @emerysmith33 will be on @midnightinthedesert from April 10, 2019, 9:

TWO DAYS LEFT for advanced ticket pricing. Tickets are going FAST and we don'

Watch the full video at https://buff.ly/2VKUJwZ Join Adam next weekend at # CITD2019 by purchasing your tickets at http://www.contactinthedesert.com/tickets ...

We are officially at the TWO WEEK COUNTDOWN until #CITD2019. Have you gotten your

Scientists have found a tiny speck of a comet inside a meteorite! This was discovered

@honovi_strongdeer is on Truth Be Told Radio LIVE right now!! Go check out

Carole Davis, voice of the Skull and author of The Skull Speaks and Beyond the Veil of Time will join Bill Homann, the caretaker of the Mitchell-Hedges ...

Join #RobertPerlala as he hosts our panel discussion on UFOs, Crop Circles and Grids

You can see @thecryptidfactor LIVE with @rhysiedarby and @leonkirkbeck at #ContactintheDesert.

Did you catch #ErichVonDaniken on @wstrieber 's podcast Dreamland? Check it out

On Sunday June 2nd join us for our Contact Experience Panel hosted by #RobertPerala featuring

Wanna take a ride ??!?? .... the greatest late

http://contactinthedesert.com/billycarson/ Come to my lecture at @

Exploring pareyyyy

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We are doing ANOTHER t-shirt giveaway!! By now you know the rules

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos Giorgio Ancient Aliens, Ancient Astronaut Theory, Alien Theories, Ufo

You can now purchase your meal tickets on the website! Join us for the George Noory birthday luncheon, the speaker banquet and awards dinner and so much ...


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Tomorrow on #TruthBeToldRadio catch TWO of our #CITD speakers.⠀ ⠀ Join Dr

Michael Tellinger Lectures at Contact 2019

We have NEW t-shirt designs available in the #ContactintheDesert store. They are

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Join us on Saturday from 7:15pm – 9pm as host #StephenBassett leads us

#DerrelSims will be leading a workshop on “Alien Evidence Testing and Implant Testing” at #CITD2019 .⠀ ⠀ He will be exploring the various scientific ...

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Honored to be a featured Speaker at the 2019 CONTACT IN THE DESERT. Will also be sharing 10 ways you can connect to "other benevolent intelligences" at my ...

Disclosure of classified X documents and archaeological Aztec origin objects found in Ojuelos de Jalisco, Mexico The Aztecs came long after the Maya.

And coming up in just a couple weeks, #ContactInTheDesert! . Join me and

Did you hear about the meteor from a different solar system that might have hit Earth

Get a head start on making CONTACT and have a close encounter meeting other #CITD2019

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Join us for @brienfoerster 's workshop on “Peruvian Elongated-Skull People: Human Subspecies or Hybrids?”⠀ ⠀ Recent and ongoing DNA tests reveal that the ...

Did you know that unresolved pain may lead to psychosocial issues? Talk about it. Begin your healing journey.

Get your #CITD2019 passes in advance! A full weekend pass gives you access to

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The #UFO community is often painted as being part of the lunatic fringe, however

#ancientaliens panel hosted by #jimmychurchradio #fadernauts #cle2019 #erichvondaniken #lindamoultonhowe #

Join Jimmy Church & David Wilcock at #citd2019. Are you ready to make #

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Contact in the Desert

Pasadena #AlienCon was so much fun! Who's heading to #LA this June?

Join us at Orion's Look-Out for a night sky watch. Scan the skies

Exploring pareyyyy

We are so excited about our new venue for #CITD2019. Join us at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort and Spa. This 22-acre retreat is just 22 minutes from ...

Get ready for some images & video from our #ancientaliens panel from 7pm this evening

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TOMORROW be sure to tune in the #TruthBeToldRadio for your chance to hear TWO #

#ContactintheDesert #CITD #CITD2019 #cropcircles #ufodraws #abduction #ufospacenews #mufon #spaceships #spacecraft #agroglifos #anunnaki ...

Are you ready to make #ContactintheDesert? We know we are.⠀ ⠀ Who

Join us for a workshop led by #GrahamHancock called “Is the House of History Built on Foundations of Sand? Recovering Earth's Lost Civilization and ...


The Nazca lines are a series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. Their purpose remains unknown.

Contact in the Desert is guaranteed to be an epic weekend of adventure where we discuss


TONIGHT on Coast to Coast with George Noory, Derrel Sims will be on! Join

Thank you for buying my book @glamyourhair I dedicated this book to my Mother.

Full Flower Moon Saturday 05/18/19 2:11pm PST @DHSgetaway #

Join Dr. Jacques Vallée for his workshop “Witness of Another World: U.S. Film Premiere and Discussion with Producer Alan Stivelman”⠀ ⠀ This is the only ...

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Megalithomania tour to The Rollright Stones with Maria Wheatley in Oxfordshire. We are also both

With humility and great excitement I am able to announce that #amethystos was granted a

🚨NEW MUSIC🚨 "FADE" Ft. @aaronsxc is available for streaming on

The final schedule for #CITD2019 is now available on the website! Check it out

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I'm very much looking forward to being at @contactinthedesert in May/June in the US, especially the “Forbidden Archaeology: The Mysterious History of ...

There has been evidence found in ancient carvings of a comet swarm hitting Earth around 13,000


#robertbauval #lostorigins #lostoriginspodcast #andrewtuzson #innertraditions #bauval #cosmicwomb #chandrawickramasinghe

Join us as SAUCER lands at @contactinthedesert on May 31st - June 3rd ! See

Our opening ceremony will be taking place Friday morning, May 31st at 8:30am

上架喇喂! Follow @ps_noel 再留言話想要流十三

Join us on Thursday, May 30th at 3:00pm for our Integratron Frequency Experience

We need your help at #CITD2019. For