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Island Weirdness 30 Homo floresiensisThe most surprising resident

Island Weirdness 30 Homo floresiensisThe most surprising resident


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The most comprehensive study on the bones of Homo floresiensis, a species of tiny human

Reconstruction of a Homo floresiensis female (Photo: Smithsonian)

Rachel Summers

Island Weirdness

Homo Floresiensis Poster featuring the photograph Homo Floresiensis Skull by Javier Trueba/MSF Hominid Species

Homo floresiensis

Homo Floresiensis Poster featuring the photograph Homo Floresiensis Skull by Javier Trueba/MSF Homo Floresiensis

Prehistoric Man, Prehistoric Animals, Homo Floresiensis, Biological Anthropology, Forensic

Animal Planet brought us another mix of legend, historical fact, and speculation last week with its movie, Cannibal in the Jungle. The difference with this ...

Temporal range: 190–50 Ka Hobbit, Homo Habilis, Homo Floresiensis, Biological

Ancient Creature Called Real-Life 'Hobbit'. Homo FloresiensisFemale ...

Homo Floresiensis and Denisovans

Face Of The “Hobbit” Revealed For The First Time, Female Face Of Homo Floresiensis Dr Susan Hayes' facial approximation of the female 'Hobbit'.

Homo floresiensis is known to have lived on Flores until as recently as 54,000 years ago.

Originally thought to represent Homo habilis, later studies show that this fossil represents a distinct lineage. Credit: Chip Clark.

"Neo” skull of Homo naledi from the Lesedi Chamber. (John Hawks/University of the Witwatersrand)

Homo floresiensis

This is a fossil skull of Homo antecessor - the earliest known human species in Europe. Credit: EL MUNDO.

is it alright to tag these as paleoart when they dont represent a specific species or are accurate at all? or is that specifically reserved for accurate, ...

Reconstructed Homo floresiensis skull in Liang Bua cave, Indonesia

Fluffy Carnotaurus

The most comprehensive study on the bones of Homo floresiensis, a species of tiny human discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores in has found that they ...

denisovans | Homo Sapiens vs Neanderthal skulls

What is Homo floresiensis

A composite reconstruction was made of the earliest known Homo sapiens skull from Jebel Irhoud in Morocco. Credit: Philipp Gunz/Max Planck Institute for ...

New evidence pushes back the time of disappearance of the Indonesian 'hobbits' (Homo floresiensis)

Scientists working on the Homo floresiensis find have also referred to the Ebu Gogo as 'Hobbits'.

35 Fossil remains of Homo floresiensis were discovered in 2004 on the island of Flores in the South Pacific; it was the size of a three-year-old human being ...

On Komodo island, tourists and giant lizards will just have to get along

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HFlores03 Residents ...

Homo habilis (“handy” man)

Matter: An Ancient Human Species Is Discovered in a Philippine Cave

Video: Scientists surprised to discover tiny toadlets can glow

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Short-statured Flores residents not descended from 'hobbits'

a photo of the inside of a Phillipine cave

I thought their make-up people did a wonderful job bringing H. floresiensis to life – scary and realistic!

Over the last decade, researchers have come to agree that this finding is a true one. That is, modern humans do have Neanderthal ancestry. In fact, most ...

See more. Primative early human making a stone tool. Homo sapiens has a long history of stone

These are more spirals on the Canary Islands. Credit: Carmen Machado.

Getting to the cave on the 2100-metre-high Ebulobo volcano, however, will be no simple matter for the team led by Professor Mike Morwood of UNE.

Maya Untouched Cave

Eight years of further excavations at the Indonesian cave site of Liang Bua have pushed back the time of disappearance of Homo floresiensis.

... Figure 16.2 Neanderthal man skull (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis) (De Agostini Picture Library/A. Dagli Orti/Bridgeman Images).

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... reveals more about the species of human that was discovered in a limestone cave in Liang Bua, on the Indonesian island of Flores. Homo floresiensis ...

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Dr. Robert Sharer, Director of the Penn Museum's Early Copan Acropolis Program (1989 to 2003), working in the Hunal Tomb, examines the bones of K'inich Yax ...

This Floating School Was a Design Nerd's Dream

Moershoofd interstadial[edit]

Thigh bones of a human species found in Red Deer Cave in Yunnan Province, China

New scientist 2 1 2016

Programming of Life, Blu-ray & DVD

Images of the skull cast of a 18,000-year-old Homo floresiensis skull with cranial measurements marked with toothpicks. Using cranial measurements ...

Q&A: What We Know (And Don't) About Homo Naledi - The Diane Rehm Show

The Fossil Chronicles: How Two Controversial Discoveries Changed Our View of Human Evolution

Digging for Glory

Excavations revealed some surprising finds and a wealth of data. Shanna Diederichs, supervisory archaeologist for the project, said: “This has been a ...


A team led by Dongju Zhang (top right in the trench) excavated trenches in Baishiya Karst Cave in 2018. (Dongju Zhang/Lanzhou University)

Owlman Oddities

Homo floresiensis from ATOR (Arc-Team Open Research)

William E H Harcourt-Smith | Ph.D. | City University of New York City - Lehman College, New York City | CUNY | Department of Anthropology

Digital reconstruction of homo floresiensis, nicknamed 'the hobbit'. Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Homo neanderthalensis and Homo sapiens were not the only survivors of the genus Homo to come through the bottleneck. Two more have only recently been ...

Unfortunately, we do not have a time machine, nor is there any likely possibility of any such thing in the near future. The laws of physics are what they ...

Music Interviews

Anatomically Modern Humans known archaeological remains in Europe and Africa, directly dated, calibrated carbon dates as of 2013.

homo luzonensis

Blake Smith at [email protected] and @doctoratlantisKaren Stollznow at [email protected] and @karenstollznow Theme Music by ArcheopSoup ...

#oddities #thisismuskegon

Cave Bear

Homo Neanderthalensis: Kennis & Kennis Amazing anatomical reconstructions from actual skulls and skeletons.

Prehistoric teeth found in China may point to mysterious new human species | Ancient Origins

New Human Ancestor Discovered: Homo naledi (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO) | National Geographic

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Cave Bear


Today we talk with Andrew White about the current Giant craze.

Science Express has just published a new study of (a virtual endocast from) the skull of (specimen LB1 of) Homo floresiensis. The abstract:

The collection of primitive weapons and armor of the Philippine Islands in the United States National


Source: Huw S. Groucutt et. al. 2015

Homo Sapiens Map. The Denosavan range is shown in green

Sander van der Kaars | MSc, PhD | Monash University (Australia), Melbourne


Cave Bear

May 35 playwright Candace Chong Mui-Ng (left) and director Lee Chun-

According to the Smithsonian Institute, “Paleoanthropologists found many stone tools associated with H. floresiensis and these tools are broadly similar to ...