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Is this a sign you need for your classroom Its so frustrating to

Is this a sign you need for your classroom Its so frustrating to


It can be so frustrating to successfully ignore an attention-seeking behavior only to have a well-intentioned adult walk into your classroom and give the ...

Kara on Instagram: “Is this a sign you need for your classroom? It's so frustrating to successfully ignore an attention-seeking behavior only to have a ...

Smart Classroom Management: 6 Signs You're A Pushover It's common for teachers to ...


10 Tips for Setting Up Your Classroom

Smart Classroom Management: How To Handle Six Disrespectful Students In One Class

'I Work 3 Jobs And Donate Blood Plasma to Pay the Bills.' This Is What It's Like to Be a Teacher in America

creative informal assessment ideas

Teacher Allison Kline instructs students at Jay Cooke Elementary. The North Philadelphia school suffers from

If You Want Equity in the Classroom, Above-Average Readers Need Intervention Too

The Cornerstone For Teachers

Do Smartphones Have a Place in the Classroom?

Educators must re-examine how we hold political discussions in the classroom .

tired teachers . Are you ...

Closeup of high school students writing notes in classroom

Signs of a gifted child in the classroom

Homework: is it worth the hassle?

What Is Dyscalculia

Teacher and student.

Teachers in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, use a curriculum that mixes teacher-directed whole-

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Why I'm Calling It Quits After Six Years as a Teacher

Natacha Pisarenko / AP

How to Write a Thank You Note to a Teacher

(Astrid Riecken / The Washington Post)

Turn Your Classroom Irritation Into Compassion

Digital Ghosts in the Modern Classroom

Mobile devices transform classroom experiences and student/instructor relationships to learning

At a Glance. Frustration and anger are ...

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But it's sprinkled with what I like to call “gems” like these from your preschoolers:

Cell Phones In The Classroom: Learning Tool or Distraction

Teacher: A one-size-fits-all approach to instruction is stifling our classrooms

At a disadvantage: while middle-class girls thrive, working-class boys struggle

Bored out of their Minds

Teachers Turning To Free Supply Shops To Outfit Their Classrooms

Education Post

The Research Files Episode 46: Practical strategies to assist children with ADHD in the classroom

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Teaching Tolerance illustration a child with nazi drawing uniform confronting another with jewish symbol

Have you ever planned a lesson, poured your heart into it, only to find it completely derailed after three minutes because of the constant interruptions?

Does this sound familiar?

A part of lesson planning involves being prepared to deal with disruptions. This article will

e-learning vs classroom training.jpg

Premium ...

The Particular Agony of Teacher Observations

Amidst reports of Steve Jobs and other Silicon Valley CEOs imposing extremely strict technology rules on their children, the debate around technology use in ...

Google Classroom Review: Pros And Cons Of Using Google Classroom In eLearning

Teachers' Expectations Can Influence How Students Perform

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This is why it's so hard to help with your kid's math homework

How to Break the Cycle of Student Misbehavior

I didn't know what else to do. Until one day, before I picked up my class from the cafeteria, I prayed.

hands in unity

Lining Up Tips for Preschool and Pre-K

Your happiness is missing in action, and you want it back. You need it back. You don't want to go home and bring that frustration to your family.

Office of Field Placement Resources

Other teachers may see your class roster and warn you about a particular student, but if what they have to say is negative it can taint your perception of ...

Student sitting at a desk in the back of a classroom, taking a moment to

Use EXPO markers to write directly on metal, non-porous filing cabinets so you can quickly see what's inside. Whether you've alphabetized folders in ...

Podcasting in the Classroom

Bored Out of Their Minds. By Zachary Jason. Illustration by Todd Detwiler

Dr. Christopher Emdin is a passionate and unapologetic advocate for the advancement of urban education nationwide. In his book, For White Folks Who Teach in ...

Library Organization Step #1: Get supplies ready. What materials do you need to get your classroom ...

Diverse classrooms are the key to building a better preschool, a new study reports.

Even better, I will explain why you need them for your classroom. Be ready to be amazed!

Why Keep Your Child Out of Special Education?

Smart Classroom Management: How To Eliminate Cell Phone Use In The Classroom

A kindergarten teacher closes the windows as her students crawl under their desks during a classroom lockdown drill February 18, 2003 in Oahu, Hawaii.

Quizlet's getting smarter to make your life easier this school year | Quizlet

A clueless kindergarten substitute teacher and her bored classroom

The resource section has links to helpful articles and websites for further support. It is ...

5 Tips for Teaching the Tough Kids

Are you guilty of doing any of these things that drive educators up the wall?

Establishing Rapport in the Classroom

We do not call home to parents when students get a regular Think Time. Parents are informed that our school uses Think Time and what it is, so most of them ...

3 Teachers' Top Tricks for Getting Your Kids to Behave

—Courtesy of Allison Shelley/The Verbatim Agency for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action

A teacher goes over fractions in a fourth grade math class in Takoma Park, Maryland. Fourth and fifth grade math teachers in the state are training ...

The dark side of classroom behavior management charts

Teachers work in a team on creating balanced classrooms

What is Backwards Planning?

Chromebooks in education: Everything you need to know. Chromebooks are the ...