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If you are facing some unwanted acute or chronic trouble in your

If you are facing some unwanted acute or chronic trouble in your



One in four people with acute mental health problems unable to get the help they need, study finds

What makes you afraid?

Facing my fear: my insomnia almost drove me crazy. Then I got help


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relates to Facing Wave of Opioid Lawsuits, Drug Companies Sprinkle Charity on Hard-Hit

PTSD can arise as a result of a traumatic event or experience.

“I still remember the day my brain broke”

Ten challenges in improving quality in healthcare: lessons from the Health Foundation's programme evaluations and relevant literature | BMJ Quality & Safety

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The main shoulder joint – the glenohumeral – is a ball-and-socket joint. It's called this because the top of the upper arm bone – the humerus – is shaped ...

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Your Spouse Has Chronic Pain? Here Are 26 Ways to Support Them.

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“I still remember the day my brain broke”

It's normal to feel anxious when facing a challenging situation, such as a job interview, a tough exam, or a first date. But if your worries and fears are ...

5 Shocking Stats About Real Millennial Problems - Facts About Millennials. I have statistics about the real challenges facing ...

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If you believe that you've developed one of these mental health ailments, try to remember that your friends are looking out for your best interests.


How have you been? “Oh, you know, busy!”

Faced with an outcry over limits on opioids, authors of CDC guidelines acknowledge they've been misapplied

Suicide is a preventable tragedy, and if you're feeling alone or hopeless, it's crucial that you understand that there are people out there who care.


Reducing Back Pain While Sleeping: Causes & the Right Sleep Positions for Treatment

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The 7 biggest problems facing science, according to 270 scientists


How Loud is Too Loud - Various common noise levels and when noise becomes hazardous to hearing and well-being


Doctors Tell All—and It's Bad

How to Normalize Stools and Restore Natural Bowel Movements

Each person responds to stress in a different way, but too much stress can lead

Solution – The cause of this problem could be either a malware-infected computer with access to your email address or your email account being hacked.


A depressed person will display some unmistakable signs. If you notice any of these symptoms affecting you or your near and dear ones, you may want to ...

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The Pueblo County, Colorado, Sheriff's Office. Addiction and mental illness pose a particularly acute problem in jails.

Fig 4 Radiographic signs of dental abscess

Financial Stress and Wellness: Understanding the Problem

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Cerebral Palsy: Hope Through Research

sleep and mental health

Furthermore, the British Lymphology Society's Consensus Document on the Management of Cellulitis in Lymphoedema10 advises hospital admission if there is:

Muscle disease

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The Science Behind Procrastination

Feeling lonely is not the same as being alone.

Stress can lead to migraines. from www.shutterstock.com

FIGURE 5-1-1 Schematic of the Triple P system of tiered levels of intervention. SOURCE: Prinz (2014).

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Health Care Workforce | The Heritage Foundation

For other valuable sources, especially if interested in particular countries or regions, see IFPRI 2016 and Rosen et. al. 2016).

But persistent cough can indicate health problems, at times something serious.

A man expressing stress with both hands on his head.

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Borderline (Emotionally Unstable) Personality Disorder can present with suicidal behavior; hence the following treatment protocal for suicide is important.

Cost of malnutrition treatment graphic

Perhaps in the decades that followed you pursued a series of fad diets, questionable lifestyle choices, and too many days when ...

Fight to the death: Why Canada's physician-assisted dying debate has only just begun

'Pimples are in' – the rise of the acne positivity movement

How Haze Affects Your Health


Chronic stress ruins your sleep.

sleep deprivation

Very British Problems: Making Life Awkward for Ourselves, One Rainy Day at a Time by Rob Temple (Paperback, 2014) for sale online | eBay

Why You Shouldn't Use Airbnb: 8 Troubling Issues You Didn't Know

What are the causes of acidity?

This worksheet can help you understand how your current food habits compare with the DASH eating

Psychology Today

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FIGURE 2-3 Calibration in the diagnostic process. Favorable or unfavorable information about a clinician's diagnostic performance provides good feedback and ...

Antibiotic Resistance: How Serious Is the Problem, and What Can Be Done? | Clinical Chemistry

Fig 1 Schedule of interviews over the 18 month study

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4 Things You Should Understand About Living with Kidney Disease

Disasters 2017: The devastating hurricanes, fires, floods, and heat, explained - Vox

Retaining Millennials in the workforce for a longer period of time