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I kicked a condomwell nothing abnormal about that Funny

I kicked a condomwell nothing abnormal about that Funny


I kicked a condom...well nothing abnormal about that

Monsta masta hahahahahaha Funny Girl Names, Character Maker, Name Quotes, What Is Your

The Boy and I got, Tango the Beautiful Banana Slug and Tango the Intelligent Rabbit. :D

I ate myself because Im retarded

gumby condom well thats...uhhhhh...hmmm Laughter, Crazy Things

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NWI Entertainer - Feb 2014

21 Funny Pictures Of The Day

30 Ridiculous People of Walmart That are Extremely Weird to Handle

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What habit did you pick up as a doctor that most people wouldn't understand?

Getting Red Bull at Walmart

What have I learned from Rob Benedict/Chuck Shurley:

Song for the Day: Little Black Raincloud- Winnie the Pooh Fun links of the Day: These are amazing. I bet it really sucked when it rained. Pot, meet kettle.

I profilattici su misura (www.VignetteItaliane.it) Hmm Meme, Dont

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Man cave chair, when ya can't wait for half time . oh ew lol

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Funny Picture Of The Day Only At Walmart, Walmart Walmart, Walmart Shoppers, People

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Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball

Make anything into a sandwich… Stupid Products, Funny Products, Silly Things, 21

Song for the Day: I Think I Need a Bandaid- Trout Fishing in America Fun Links of the Day: Get your free subscription to Crappie World.

For those who are not Catholic, there is a tradition that the Virgin Mary appeared to 3 children and made 3 predictions in 1917. From what I understand, ...


October 10, 2018

This is…um…kind of funny? I guess? Zazzle for the win? Sort of?

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I found this in a Google image search and I'm totally linking it like a non-stealy-asshole. It's from Fark or something. I LOVE THIS.


No, no, I'm too shy. Please don't take my

I absolutely love this singer, she has a fresh unique voice and her cd is GREAT!! Fun Links of the Day:

Cinemandando è l'occasione per andare al cinema gratis : basta azzeccare i titoli dei tre film in questa pagina e vincere i biglietti per te e un amico per ...


2016 താലപ്പൊലി മഹോത്സവ നോട്ടീസ് പ്രകാശനം 12065853_1922389457986496_7448827568833417447_n

Apheresis machine collecting bone marrow stem cells. Same machine is used for collecting platelets. Image source. Breaking News, India News, Sports News and ...


Points to lone turdball lying on living room floor... Song for the Day: "Special"-Garbage Fun links of the Day: Drunk Monkeys Cause Chaos


Don't think as a doctor you will never have a burnout. It happens to most doctors. We all need to develop mechanism to prevent or come out of burnouts.

Song for the Day: Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me- TISM Fun Links of the Day: The End of the World Awww look at the little froggie!! **KABOOM**

Now, before you're all “BUT BITCH IS A BAD THING” – nope, not always. Usually, when someone's bitch-shouting someone, it's because that person stood up for ...


Deranged (Sequel to Crazy, WWE Fan Fic)

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Walmart is for Lovers - He Sticks His Hands Down My Pants in Public - Couple


there is nothing better in life than a soft breeze on your genitalia


Tags: @coffee-obsessed-writer @sandlee44 @wildefiction @sorenmarie87 @through-thesilver-lining @runekisses @pink1031 @zelda2248 @kazzieglove @journeyrose ...

Walmart Funny, Only At Walmart, People Of


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Do I not have the most handsome BFF in all the world? Meh, Fabio's ok too, I suppose. LOOK AT BFF! I miss him like crazy, living all the way across the ...


The DA's office is swamped, so I'll spend the day bailing. Meet tonight at your place for a hero's return?"

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funny walmart people, better go for a diet



Repeat Offenders (#563) · bra drive

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You know, you read eyes described in books - especially in romance novels - that simply defy the possibility of physical reality because they are so blue or ...

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An Focal Volume XVII Issue 10



Oh, Ken. This is bad. This is really bad. I feel TERRIBLE. Look how he's all schemey right now!

ฮัลโหล...ต้อมเรา..เก็บถุงกอล์ฟไว้ท้ายรถแล้วน้า...อย่าลืมละดวลสวิงกัน...เราไม่ออมมือแล้ว..จิงๆ ฮัลโหล..ผมต้อมรับทราบ..ครับ..โปรตู่


An Focal Vol XVIII Issue 11

The following letter written by a doctor refusing to treat a patient was received on whatsapp.



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Black Sabbath. Сингл God is dead?