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I bet you cant guess who the Boss is around here TRUE or

I bet you cant guess who the Boss is around here TRUE or


OK, who here has a terrible boss?

Nothing has more power to turn a good work situation bad than a bad boss. Sadly there are quite a lot of them around.

Dressing Up & Cheating On You

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BET YOU CAN'T FIND THE DIFFERENCE! | 100% FAIL | Hotel Transylvania 3 movie puzzle

There are a few problems here. One is that at that moment, you're kind of skill-less and knowledge-less and a lot of other things-less:

Ultimate Guide to Habits

If your employees begin to “give up” on their job, it will manifest itself in many ways – but the most noticeable will be in their attitudes and work ethic.

That's Right! That cute baby is Mauricio Camargo. If you don't know him, you will soon – he is a talented dancer, dedicated father, and rising Zumba® star!

Unlike “Yes” men and women, they actually possess the drive and skills that your business can put to good use. However, these same employees often ...

The customer is always right?

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Why Being Naive Can Make Your Fortune

A Hilarious C-Level Executive Assistant Spills Insider Thoughts You Wish People Knew

Contrary to popular belief, men have feelings and care about yours. What other myths

If your employees are actually telling you and others how unhappy they are in their jobs, there's a good chance they're ready to quit.

My boss wants me to take an earlier train as they never run on time. I cannot ...

Should you tell your boss about mental illness? Absolutely

Employers are monitoring computers, toilet breaks – even emotions. Is your boss watching you?


If your employee is using an excessive amount of sick, vacation or personal time at the beginning of the year (or yearly cycle), there's a good chance ...

ZLife: How has fatherhood impacted your career and life? Mauricio: My son is my everything! He has reshaped my outlook on life and my future. Everyday I am ...

ZLife: We know you grew up in Cali, Colombia – Beto's hometown! Tell us about your childhood, and how you found your love of dance. Mauricio: I was born to ...

Find Your Quitting Point

Danube Delta, Romania

Is there a guy you like and you're wondering if he likes you back? This post highlights some of the surefire signs that a guy is into you.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 91 Pics

How to Hire the Right Person

steve jobs quotes details matter its worth waiting get right wisdom

I wish someone had told me .

NAV & Metro Boomin - Call Me (Official Audio)

This Is How To Deal With Psychopaths And Toxic People: 5 Proven Secrets

Stop Spending So Much Time In Your Head

Note: this post has been updated as of March 2019 to maintain accuracy.

feel lonely travelling alone

The Hiring Manager's Guide to Hiring the Right Person - Business Guides - The New York Times

Five Grammatical Errors That Make You Look Dumb

Aidy Bryan (center) plays Annie in Shrill. Many of her clothes were made from scratch by costume designer Amanda Needham.

The 12 Things Toxic People Do and How to Deal With Them

Employees have personal lives too – which is something no boss should ever forget. It's the balance of work and home life that keeps people on an even keel ...

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Why You Should Quit Your Job and Travel around the World

Women—and Men—Share Their Harrowing Stories of Workplace Harassment

New 2019 Volkswagen Atlas V6 SEL Premium with 4MOTION®

71 TV Shows We Can't Wait to See in 2019

All That Gold Find Me Out Fifth of July Still So Still Coming Around Again Little Man Bottom of the Barrel Not Right Yet Carry On Fine Never Been Home

hate my job can't afford to quit

Technical writing

Thanks, tired of the useless “tee hee bubble bath and book” and the “if you dont do this i will shoot you” bullshit.

(At a rough estimate, I would say about .0000001% of us are in that situation. And whoever this lucky person is, I envy her.)


Another reason you feel like you can't quit the job you hate is that you can't make as much in a new job as you do in your current job.

Reddit and the Struggle to Detoxify the Internet

How to Hire the Right Person

Gold Museum, Romania

A collage of office workers surrounded by social media icons.

The flatworm's boss-highway system was the world's first central nervous system, and the boss in the flatworm's head was the world's first brain.

Gallery: 10 Tips For Managing A Moody Boss

Employers are monitoring computers, toilet breaks – even emotions. Is your boss watching you? | World news | The Guardian

Breaking Up With and Getting Over a Married/Attached Man

When It's Not You, It's Them: The Toxic People That Ruin Friendships, Families

7 Dark Reasons Why Good Workers Don't Get Promoted ...

Vietnam is loaded with beautiful nature, experiences and culture. This list will help you to find the best things to do in Vietnam as well as how to prepare ...

In the fall of 2014, word got around Pendleton, in Indiana, that a crew was coming to make a film, called “O.G.” It was to feature inmates and guards as ...

Found: the real Bullitt Mustang that Steve McQueen tried (and failed) to buy

5 Grammar Mistakes that Make You Sound Like a Chimp

steve jobs quotes major thinkers people really create things change industry both thinker doer one person

Assign Some Homework

Bet you don't say shit!!! you're a silent stalker that's what punks do.

What to say when someone puts you down

a busy Vietnamese street

I had never been through anything quite as deep, or frankly, personally frightening as my burnout over 10 years ago.

A handy Unicru answer key to aid in taking the employment test. Many potential employees

I started Docstoc in my 20's, made the cover of one of those cliché “20 Under 20” lists, and today I employ an amazing group of 20-somethings. Call me a ...


Keep your cool at work

A little while later came the arrival of mammals. For the Millennials of the Animal Kingdom, life was complicated. Yes, their hearts needed to beat and ...

Family Guy Recap. Courtesy of Fox

“I can get a really good sense of whether I want to be working with somebody when I walk them through the place.”

Relationship Connection: Should I care if my husband won't give me his phone password?


The Scary Truth About Why Companies Won't Hire You Back