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How to Raise Apologetic Children Best of Purposeful Mommy

How to Raise Apologetic Children Best of Purposeful Mommy



Parenting tips on how to raise kids and everything you need to know about being a

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Here are eight ways to encourage your child if they are hesitant to pray out loud! Help your kids develop confidence in their time spent in prayer--out loud ...

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Friday, January 13, 2017

12 powerful parenting phrases that make talking to kids easier - Motherly

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angry mom with toddler

angry mom

single mom twins Sarah Lenti _00000000

The boys and I visited my mom in Florida this weekend, and while making guacamole, I suddenly remembered something she used to say…

Mums Chat – Bouncing Baby

As I pointed out in last week's post, homosexuality shouldn't have been the tipping point for Christians to start boycotting movies and canceling trips to ...

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Mama Bear Apologetics - (Paperback)


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You'll Be Sorry – Children and Apologies

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Disobeying toddler boy sticking his tongue out, sitting on a red chair “

A great way to keep your family healthy is to have your kids exercise and stay active. Playing outside, riding bikes as a family, or even doing yoga ...

Should parents apologize to their kids? And if so, what's the best way to do it?

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I am 16 years old. I am in the 11th grade, and I am in independent studies for the school year. I am studying for the GED test to take when I ...

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Royalty Free

Silent treatment is an act of contempt. It's meant to silence any dissent and remind

How to Tell Your Boss That You Are Resigning to Become a Stay-at-Home Mom

... have what it takes on our own to homeschool, or raise obedient children, or manage a home, God shows up mightily and we can give all the credit to Him!


Here are 5 common reasons you're an angry mom.

It's funny how even a single sentence can sometimes be so powerful, don't you think?

And, as a mother raising three black boys in America, I would forever owe them an apology, if I didn't become my own superhero.

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Learn How To Teach Your Child Humility in a few simple steps. #parentingtips #

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Home by Choice: Raising Emotionally Secure Children in an Insecure World: Dr. Brenda Hunter: 9781590528105: Amazon.com: Books

As A Mom, I Think Trudeau's Nannies Make Him A Hypocrite

When you thought I wasn't looking

Mom hugging her daughter

12 Ways to Confront Mom Guilt

A mom shares her story of autism and faith

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The first audiogram that showed a significant increase in loss was a hard reminder of what our future held.

Security expert Raj Samani has warned parents against posting pictures of their children's first day at


Boundary setting. When it is your company and you are passionate about what you are building, it is hard to set and stick to boundaries that protect family ...

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With all the things we could invest our time and energy into as parents, there is great value in teaching our kids apologetics.

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New Neighborhood Pariahs

Fatherless children are at risk.

Parents may prompt an apology to mend an interpersonal rift. Girl image via www.shutterstock.com

Do you want to stop yelling at your kids? Do you wish you were a

ruin relationship with child

At that moment, she burst into tears, letting her emotions spill out. She was scared of losing her hearing, and losing everything she had known for the last ...

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It's Not Fun When Your Kid Is In A Hitting Phase, But You're Definitely Not Alone

I don't own my ...

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A mom practicing intentional parenting

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Connie Britton as Tami Taylor in Friday Night LightsBill Records / NBC

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