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How To Attract Thousands Of Ladybugs To Your Garden Keep Them

How To Attract Thousands Of Ladybugs To Your Garden Keep Them


Here's Why You Need More Ladybugs In Your Garden + How To Get Them Save

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All of a sudden, on a sunny day, swarms of ladybugs converge on the

Ladybugs can eat a whole lot of aphids, so let them do their thing.

Beneficial insects like the ladybug also known as Lady Beetle feed on Aphids

I found this ladybug chart fascinating to get a look at some of the different types of ladybugs in the adult stages.

Why Introducing Baby Ladybugs will Improve Your Garden Immediately

Two macro shots of beneficial insects as a collage including a ladybug and an assassin bug Save

How to Deal with Ladybug Infestation

What do ladybugs eat?

Where do all the ladybugs come from?


The Ladybug: Nature's Cutest Assassin

Bad Ladybugs in Your Garden and How to Tell the Difference

Ladybugs are beneficial bugs and can help keep aphids at bay in the home garden.

karandaev/iStock/GettyImages. Organic gardeners purchase thousands of ladybugs – inexpensively – and release them in their gardens ...

What do ladybugs eat?



Unlike some predatory insects, most ladybugs do not damage plants.

Baby ladybugs and their benefits

Many garden friendly bugs can be found in your backyard.

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Ladybugs are one of the most beneficial insects that much that you should invite them in your garden to repel pests away. Click to find out Plants That ...

Be a good host - attract these 9 beneficial predators

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Ladybugs indoors are harmless, but can be a nuisance in large numbers.

How to Build a LadyBug House -


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A lady bug on white background.

I expected that these conditions were rare and explained to homeowners the invasion would soon subside. Too my surprise ...

How To Get Rid Of Ladybugs: TOP-7 killers and traps

Before you buy ladybugs for your garden, find out if they will really be beneficial.

... 8 Ways To Get Rid Of Squash Bugs & How To Prevent Them

This ladybug is only eating the insects that damage your plants in the garden. Ladybugs

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The Convergent Lady Beetle is Ohio's official state insect. It is also the most common ladybug. Ladybugs are a very popular insect in ...


19 Effective Ways to Get Rid of (& Prevent) Ladybugs Completely

LadyBugs are In my HOUSE! Why?

5 Ways to Invite Beneficial Insects to Your Garden - Photo by iStock/Thinkstock (

Shelter in the Cold

Great Ladybug Release Coming to Watters Garden Center. Ladybugs are the natural way ...

Including a wide variety of different garden plants will help prevent pest infestations from getting out of hand.

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5 Reasons You Should Build a Bug Hotel & How to Do It · 10 Ways To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles Naturally

An Asian lady beetle walks on a stalk of rye in the northwest Oklahoma community of Ames. The insect was introduced to the U.S. about 10 years ago to ...

Ladybug on a leaf

(Asian Lady Beetles are showing up again in southern Manitoba.)

Ladybugs In The Garden

The Asian lady beetle is often confused with the ladybug.

Attract Ladybugs to Your Garden

What do ladybugs eat?

The best way to protect your garden in spring is to attract ladybugs as early as possible. By planting various wildflowers and herbs in the fall you get a ...

What Do Ladybugs Eat?

20 Ladybug Facts They Didn't Teach You in School

A Final Word

how to tell if a ladybug is dying dead or hibernating

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What do ladybugs eat?

Ladybugs took advantage of Minnesota's spell of warm weather

A lady bird beetle scavenges for food on an African violet leaf inside the Mann Leiser Memorial Greenhouses public greenhouse at Russian Jack Springs Park.

Don't swat another fly until you read this informative article from Gardener's Path about Save

What Does it Mean to See a Ladybug

Ladybugs and their larvae are infamous for controlling aphid populations in your garden, which is great. Aphids are harmful to many types of gardens and ...

Bad Ladybugs in Your Garden and How to Tell the Difference | Dengarden

Adult Stink Bug

... if you have a ladybug infestations here are steps you can take to eliminate them

Coccinellidae is a widespread family of small beetles ranging in size from 0.8 to 18 mm. The family is commonly known as ladybugs in North America, ...

9 plants that bug bugs - including mosquitoes

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The Easiest Way to Take Advantage of Baby Ladybugs

I released another adult ladybug into the greenhouse a few days ago, but she is incognito at this point.

How To Attract Thousands Of Ladybugs To Your Garden & Keep Them There

Lotti the Ladybug

Good Bugs For Your Garden

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Predatory Bugs: Good Guys In The Garden

Image titled Get Rid of Ladybugs Step 1

Buying Ladybugs for Your Garden. Ladybug

Yellow Sticky Trap The ...

Ladybug laying eggs. Photo by Rene Menson Wikimedia. How do you encourage ladybugs to live in your yard?

Photo by Stephanie Penn



Ladybugs, the gardener's best friend