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Heres the character select screen for ExMutants Complete with the

Heres the character select screen for ExMutants Complete with the


Here's the character select screen for Ex-Mutants. Complete with the High vs Average thing I was getting hung up on. I still think that was some silly word ...

Sega Génesis - EX-Mutants .

Ex-X-Men | Ex-Mutants #1

I had heard of X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force, even The New Mutants; but not Ex-Mutants. I don't even recognize any of the characters.

Billy who sometimes writes for @CommanderCast comes by the show to talk #Batman, #Robin, #Batgirl, and bad puns as we look at Batman and Robin Promos from ...

X-Me–I mean, Ex-Mutants.

Ex-Mutants Vol 2 #1-6 1992 #exmutants #comic #comics

Why teleportation is a cool power!

The Basics

Ex-Mutants from 1988. Covers by everybody's favorite #robliefeld. Is it just

The final boss in Ex-Mutants is Slugo, and after thinking about it I'm think he looks more mutant caterpie and less Jaba the Hut after some weight ...


Covers - Rob Liefeld Creations

Electronic Gaming Monthly (May 1993)


Monday, May 30, 2016

Cover for Ex-Mutants Graphic Novel: Gods or Men (Malibu, 1988 series

Josie and the Pussycats #64

Sega Mega Drive Classics Is Coming To Switch This Winter With Exclusive Features

The cover for Dinosaurs For Hire. Art by Scott Bieser, Bryon Carson, and Scott Hanna.

Ex-Mutants (1986) no.

There's also an ongoing side story involving the rest of the team and X-Cell, a mutant terrorist group full of ex-mutants, and that story hits center stage ...

Write Now #5

Wild Knights Shattered Earth Chronicles (1988) 1

WRONG! Retro Games, You Messed Up Our Comic Book Heroes!: Awesomely Nerdy Nitpicks on Nearly 80 Games (Volume 1): Chris Baker, Matthew Waite: 9781505723137: ...

Image is loading Space-Harrier-2-II-Sega-Genesis-1988


Episode 68 (Ghouls'N Ghosts) from Genesis Gems Retro Gaming Podcast on RadioPublic

Practice Makes Perfect | Ex-Mutants #2

Wanda Maximoff (Earth-616)

Ex Machina : Power Down Vol 6 Feat. Issues #26-29 Trade Paperback TPB - Brian K Vaughan - Tony Harris - Free Shipping


Then in September comes Lorelei Halloween Special #1, a brand-new one-shot comic written by yours truly and drawn by Eliseu Gouveia (Lorelei: Sects and the ...

3D Gunstar Heroes

Heavy Metal #645: An outlier from 2005 — everything else here is from the early 1990s. A promotional story I helped create to launch Darkwatch, ...

Note: Only 100% runs are accepted (best ending) because the difference between that and an any% run is too small.

May as well post this here: I've built up the ambition/bravery to check some of my Sega CD and Saturn crown jewels for disc rot (and back them up).

Played some tmnt hyperstone heist with the mrs the other day and finished it for the

Episode 54 (Rock N' Roll Racing) from Genesis Gems Retro Gaming Podcast on RadioPublic

Screenshot Thumbnail / Media File 1 for Ex-Mutants (USA, Europe)

It's time to look at another of Marvel's most popular New Mutants: Sam Guthrie, better known as Cannonball!

Some glorious Mega SG action here, two Genesis powerhouses and I've never seen

GUICE, JACKSON - Uncanny X-Men #216 pg 6, Storm villains

We open up to Nazi Boobs robbing a store with some Ex-Mutants...no you didn't read that wrong. I said it. Nazi Boobs. A woman with Nazi Swastikas on her ...

vintage comic books for sale by auction


Ex-Mutants #1A (1992 2nd Series) November 1992 Malibu Comics Grade NM

Ex-Mutants (1986) no.

Details about Solomon Kane (2009) DVD R0 - James Purefoy, MAX Von Sydow, Action Fantasy

SCARE! wrote: I just bought this lot of games with a console, which I will sell on to a mate who has been asking me to get him one.

Comic Gamers Assemble

The fourth issue of The Formidables—the superhero series that I'm involved with as editor—has reached comic shops!

And I wasn't lying at all when I said that I like this better than any of the other 90s Batman movies.pic.twitter.com/2gvW9fqmV7

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO ch4-032.jpg, ...

Despite it supposed to look like a child, it looks like its suffering from the acid burns that Batman's Disguise had earlier.

Fumetto-online.it - Il Portale dei Fumetti e dei suoi lettori: vendita fumetti e acquisto fumetti


Rune Volume 2, #4

October 1992 issue of EGM review.

Remember, this is the '80s. The level of restraint here in not turning this into a PMS joke is basically unprecedented.

#ExMutants vol 2 14 VF condition. Shipping info in bio

Back to this world again. Now time to go get food. My stomach is starting to growl. 婚 ______\___婚 婚 ______\\_ MR KARATE..2ND 💥 婚 ——————//💢 💢.

No Caption Provided

So, remember that superhero comic The Formidables that I'm involved with as script-tweaker? Originally self-published digitally by creator/writer/artist ...

(Eternity Comics' War of the Worlds #2)

What does that say at the bottom…Malibu Comics???? What the hell is Malibu Comics??? At the time, I only knew of DC and Marvel Comics, so this threw me for ...


Ex Machina : Ring Out The Old Vol 9 Feat. Issues #40-44 Trade Paperback TPB - Brian K Vaughan - Tony Harris - Free Shipping


Ex-Mutants (1986) no.

And now on with the reviews!

The levels have various power-ups scattered throughout that will also replenish power but if you are running low, just start bashing the hell out of the ...

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Details about Space Harrier II (Sega Genesis, 1988)game only


Heres my day 2 post of @livingaretrogaminglife s new tag #handheldappreciation with me,

Ex-Mutants (1992 - Malibu Interactive - Sega Mega Drive) #exmutants #

... but it preserves very well the idiotic entertainment found in its silver screen counterpart. In the game, the title characters search for missing ...

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3D Gunstar Heroes Review - Screenshot 1 of 3

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I've wanted this game when it first came out, now it's in my possession 😀😁 #fatalfurywildambition #fatalfury #fatalfuryseries #terrybogard #geesehoward ...

Batman is the ultimate source of hilarious out of context comic panels.

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The infinity gauntlet is in the middle of the cover and glare from each gem extends

The first stage is fairly easy with practice, but I may have just died here. Note how the status box moved because of the player is in the upper left corner ...

uncanny x-men #492 cyke prof x

nice ...