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Getting a Grip on Flea Beetles Gardeners Path Garden pests

Getting a Grip on Flea Beetles Gardeners Path Garden pests


Closeup image of a flea beetle on a leaf. Macro shot.

Turnip Flea Beetle (Phyllotreta nemorum)

Two flea beetles (Phyllotreta chontanica) procreating to produce offspring.

Potato flea beetle on a leaf showing feeding damage

Floating row covers draped over homegrown veggies in a raised bed to prevent insect infestation.

A Colorado potato beetle perched on a leaf.

Closeup of yellow marigolds being used to ward off insect pests.

Close up of a human hand holding a soybean leaf that has been damaged by insect

10 All Natural Ways to Get Rid of Japanese Beetles.jpg

Closeup of hairy vetch with purple blooms.

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From ants to squash vine borers, organic and natural pest control for 20 common garden

An iconic troublemaker in the backyard, the Japanese beetle is an invasive species that's been causing damage to American gardens for over a hundred years.

Two macro shots of beneficial insects as a collage including a ladybug and an assassin bug

Flea beetle

DIY Natural Garden Pest Control @ Common Sense Home

7 Safe Ways to Get Rid of Slugs in Your Garden- Slugs eat away at

Four new flea beetles from Hong Kong, the fourth most densely populated place on the

How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs - 8 Simple Home Remedies

A collage of two photos, one of a microscopic nematode and the other of two

Helpful Products from Gardens Alive!

Predatory nematodes like these may be purchased and applied by drench or spray method to control flea beetle larvae. However, this is not an instant cure ...

8 Ways to Organically Control Mexican Bean Beetles. Vegetable GardeningOrganic ...

Cabbage worm

The flea beetle is a horrible plague in all gardens. Find out how to eliminate these pesky little beetles with this helpful guide!

How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

The Best Hand Cultivators and Garden Claws | GardenersPath.com


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Spotted Cucumber Beetle (Diabrotica undecimpunctata)

Pest Control for Expectant Mothers

Are Soldier Beetles Good Or Bad – Attracting Soldier Beetles To The Garden

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Powdery mildews get their name from the white spores that are produced by the mycelia (fungal threads). The disease on apples attacks virtually every stage ...

Fiery Searcher

garden pest control

Ready-to-Spray Lawn Insect Killer Plus Fungus

Gardener: Rachel Nafis

... a sieve when I was in the midst of a big project, so I had to take my muddy, wet, dirty self back to the garden center to buy a new one.

Tip #158: Row Covers, Flea Beetles and Spring Planting

Manage Pests Naturally With Companion Planting. Gardening


parts of an insect

kids starting seeds

Non-native Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle (Harmonia axyridis) were scouring leaves.

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Controlling Japanese Beetles in the Home Garden

During my tour through the blueberry patch (in between popping blueberries into my mouth), I came across a fascinating bug.

Colorado potato beetle

Complete Brand Insect Killer for Soil & Turf I

A path is just a way to get people and materials around the garden without damaging the plants, right? Well, yes and no.

Gardening is often a reflection of our personalities. I know there are some who would pass by my flowerbeds and wonder, “What is she doing?

Can gardening change a kid's life? Monica Velgos, mother of Silas Nahan, the grand prize winner of KidsGardening's 2017 KidsGarden Month video contest, ...

I've created beautiful, Zen-like spots in everything from a tiny deck to the patio of a small cottage garden.

Controlling Stink Bugs

... get little holes nibbled into it from flea beetles, so I'm a bit selective about which visitors I feed it too! Over winter this isn't a problem.

7 Best Repellents to Control Spider Mites in the Tree

Kills Fleas

Bug-B-Gon Max Insect Killer for Lawns-020084205 - The Home Depot


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Probably the most important lesson we have to learn is that trying to fight nature is foolish and to co-operate is common sense. When we co-operate, ...

Flower farmer Erin Benzakein writes about getting to grips with the marketing side of running a farm. She encourages farmers to get good photos, ...

STEP 4 – Form the Hypertufa Trough

No-see-um, 70 times life size. (Illustration by Lynn Kimsey)

Gardening in New England – Tilling Up the Garden, Pussy Willows and TICKS

Paperwasps dine alongside Groundsel Beetle Larva

Honeybee safe spraying practices

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Where do you go for gardening inspiration?

Iron and Clay cowpeas as cover crop in the hoophouse. Photo Pam Dawling

Kills Ticks


Squash bug eggs

Many individuals state they have no luck at all with such a garden. It is

Immature potato beetle

Super-Lite Insect Barrier

Steep comfrey in water to make a fertiliser (Matthew Appleby/PA)

Click Beetle

Bark weevils

Stink Bug (Mormidea lugens)

Mark edges of street and driveway to avoid snow blower and plow damage

Tomato Plant Problems from Diseases to Pests & How to Fix Them. Gardening

... that they are going to transform the health of my garden. If you also have problems with a heavy clay soil, you may find this works for you too.

I need to know what kind of medication is going to STOP THESE CREEPY CREEPY CREEPY bugs from feasting on Lucy.

June Bugs | The Blunderers of June

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The adult Japanese Beetle ...

Eliminate Such Pests As

Organic Pest Management 101 by YardFarm. Bug-by-bug information on natural ways to control pests in your vegetable garden.

It's well documented that gardening is beneficial for both mental and physical health. Which is great news for those with ample lawn space, but not so great ...

Pest Control for Expectant Mothers