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Feeding everyone relied on traditional agricultural and innovation

Feeding everyone relied on traditional agricultural and innovation


Feeding everyone relied on traditional agricultural and innovation. Conquered people lost land and gave food

A farmworker in a rice paddy field in Ahmedabed, India. An unconventional method for

EnvironmentFuture of Food

5 Innovative Agricultural Practices That Are Changing the World – Innovation Excellence

Vertical Farming

No-till farming started as a way to keep costs down for conventional farmers in danger of losing their land. Now it has become a subculture and a way of ...

Tal-Ya's trays catch every drop of dew. Photo: courtesy

Shmita: A Jewish Sabbath Year Tradition for the Future of Food

What Is Sustainable Agriculture?

Learning from the Land: Agricultural Continuation and Innovation in Taos

Bugs in the system

Brexit and agriculture: British farmers to plough new course

landscape of field

Mechanization | TECA - Technologies and Practices for Small Agricultural Producers | Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Drone potential: sheep farming by quad bike is neither time nor fuel efficient © Alamy

APTOPIX Wild Blueberries

Urban agriculture has many benefits. Is one of them a contribution to urban sustainability?

Who should feed the world: real people or faceless multinationals? | John Vidal | Opinion | The Guardian

Opinion/Harvesting rain to improve crops across Africa

Sustainable Agriculture is the Key to Ending Hunger

Industrial Agriculture

... of a poor diet isn't likely to complete an advanced degree. A community surviving on subsistence farming can't spare its brightest minds for innovation.

Small Farms in Rural India Are Using Affordable, High-tech Greenhouses to Adapt to Climate Change

Agritech 2.0 – where are we now?

17 Organizations Fighting Hunger After a Global Increase

Agricultural intensification

Can agroecology feed the world and save the planet?

Agricultural economics

Intellifarms. “

Harvesting the Research: Agricultural Intensification Threatens Soil Biodiversity – Food Tank

Rebooting Food: Finding New Ways to Feed The Future

By 2050, the world will need to find enough food to feed 10 billion people. That's a lot of mouths to feed, and some estimates suggest that food production ...

Genetically modified crops can only be grown in greenhouses under test conditions

UNESCO's first City of Gastronomy in the U.S. relies on its built-in biodiversity and a wide network of food justice organizations to feed its most ...

5 Innovative Agricultural Practices That Are Changing the World – Innovation Excellence

Intensive farming: Ecologically sustainable?

70% of Africans make a living through agriculture, and technology could transform their world

Agricultural technology

How will we feed 10 billion people?

Agricultural products[edit]

It is unfortunate that not more is done to safeguard and value traditional knowledge.

Harvesting wheat on a farm in the grain belt near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Organic farmers protecting Italy′s rich food tradition | Global Ideas | DW | 21.11.2018

German farmers rely on subsidies, says young female farmer

farm, My Father's Farm



Mechanization and higher use of quality fertilizers would help farmers to increase productivity and thereby farm incomes.

Miraculous Abundance: One Quarter Acre, Two French Farmers, and Enough Food to Feed the World: Perrine Hervé-Gruyer, Charles Hervé-Gruyer, Eliot Coleman: ...

8 Organizations Offering Grants in Agriculture Research and Development in the US

The Benefits of Smart Farming: ...

Automated agriculture: Can robots, drones, and AI save us from starvation?

Benjamín and Serafín said that they learn from each other; they did seem more like partners than like teacher-student. They are intercropping apples with ...

Farmers bank on solar power to stave off European water crisis | Horizon: the EU Research & Innovation magazine | European Commission

How our food system is eating away at nature, and our future

Soybean farmer in Malawi. IFPRI/Mitchell Maher via Flickr

Webinar: Women in agriculture: Four myths

AQUAmax and Artesian are drought-tolerant strains of maize developed, respectively, by DuPont and Syngenta. These two, intriguingly, are competitors with ...

0 250 views Raising grass fed beef requires sustainable and traditional farming methods. Craig Corin finds a way

Kashmiri farmers tie lumps of grass to make hay bales in a paddy field during harvesting

The River Foulness today, flanked by arable cultivation

Photo: ...

Farm Boys

New Horizons for Small-scale Farming in East Africa

In a situation of economic crisis that has lasted for more than six years, the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) in its 2013 "Statistical Yearbook” ...

Farmers Edge™ Releases Comprehensive 2018 R&D Roadmap with Over 90 New Digital Agricultural Innovations Focusing on Data-Driven Decision Support - Farmers ...

Small streams like this one are going dry even in the wet season. Correntina's people have long relied on these streams to irrigate and grow their food.

Traditional farming methods had a low carbon footprint.

Small-scale agriculture with a variety of crops and trees is maintained with acequia flood irrigation at Sol Feliz Farm.

Start-ups lauded


Figure 1. A page from "Kitab al-Diryak. Selciukide/Seljuq Art - See Figure 4 for full page view (Source)

vertical robotic farming

Premium: Rice harvest in Hanoi Vietnam

Throughout the island, walls of volcanic rock enclose lush fields of green, interspersed with clustered coastal communities full of simple whitewashed ...

Africa innovations: 15 ideas helping to transform a continent

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Seed marker in soil. Credit Kelly Sikkema, Flickr.

Rotating crops and embracing diversity. Planting a variety of crops can have many benefits, including healthier soil and improved pest control.

Vegetables growing under artificial lights vs. vegetables growing under the sun in conventional farm field

Irrigation is the artificial application of water to land for the purpose of agricultural production. Effective irrigation will influence the entire growth ...

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A pomegranate on a tree


An autonomous tractor in Harper Adams 'Handsfree Hectare' - the sort of technology that could revolutionise farming productivity, if we solve the rural ...

Precision Farming Could Help Feed the World