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Exterior view of Bab Qinnasrin Aleppo Syria 1979 photo by Yasser

Exterior view of Bab Qinnasrin Aleppo Syria 1979 photo by Yasser


Aleppo: City Walls and Citadel (Tabbaa Archive)

Bab Qinnasrin | Exterior view at midday. Calligraphy and geometric patterns adorn bands near the top of the brick walls. | Archnet

Bab Qinnasrin | Exterior detail of Arabic calligraphy carved into the brick near the top of the outer walls | Archnet

Madrasa al-Halawiyya (Aleppo, Syria) : view of courtyard facing west,

Bab al-Maqam | Archnet

Bab Qinnasrin. Aleppo, Syria

14th-15th centuries[edit]

Bab Qinnasrin. Aleppo, Syria

Aleppo, Syria, Mosque, Mosques

Bayt Mahayiri. Aleppo, Syria. View Site

ALEPPO/the oldest gate

Bab Qinnasrin. Aleppo, Syria

Bab Qinnasrin. Aleppo, Syria

Bab al-Nasr (Aleppo)

An aerial view of the remains of al-Nuri al-Kabir Mosque and al-Hadba Minaret (AP; July 6, 2017)

Satellite Imagery Confirms the Destruction of al-Nuri al-Kabir Mosque and al-Hadba Minaret by ISIL

DigitalGlobe satellite imagery shows the mosque and minaret on June 22, 2017

Timeline of Aleppo

Caravanserai in Gaz, Iran https://archnet.org/sites/6427

Aleppo Nestlé building; Tilel street 1920s, postcard by Wattar Brothers

ARTICLE: Remote Sensing Applied to War-Torn Regions

Yvon | Archnet

Battle of Aleppo.jpg

View of the entrance to Jupiter's Temple at Baalbek by Maison Bonfils, late 19th c

Palmyra 2007,Syria #palmyra #syria #architecture #atom #design #house

Bawabet al-Yasmin near the wool market, Jdeideh. Ancient Aleppo ...

Al-Ittihad fans crowded in the Aleppo International Stadium

A view of some of the 490 destroyed building in the Old City (BBC; July 10, 2017) From front to back - Bab al-Tub Mosque , Mosque of the Pasha, ...

First Light Crac des Chevaliers Crusader Castle Syria Nov 2010 - EXPLORED

Detail view of a painting in the interior of Chihil Sutun https://archnet

Mosul Post-ISIL: Heritage Destruction and the Future of the City

Aleppo Citadel

Tughluq Temur Mausoleum (Huocheng, China): exterior view with portal, looking east

Pattern of ancient Aleppo

Damascus, Syria, Mosque, Taj Mahal, Palaces, Cgi, Castles, Chateaus

UPDATE: Damage to al-Rafiqah Wall in Raqqa's Old City by US-led Coalition Forces

General view

Nur al-Din Mosque ...

Courtyard view with fountain in Qasr al-'Azm https://www.

ALEPPO/artfull mosque

Bilingual sign (Arabic and Turkish) of Al-Bab police station.

The remains of the old walls at the entrance to Bab Al-Faraj

Aleppo - Ancient City of Aleppo Aleppo Citadel • The entrance to al-Madina Souq

Early 20th c. photograph of the Masjid Gani Bak al-Ashrafi https:/

Khusruwiyah Mosque, Khan al-Shouneh and Carlton Citadel Hotel were all destroyed during the battle of Aleppo

Bab al-Faraj (Aleppo) - Image: Bab al Faraj Square, Aleppo

Pin by Archnet on Historic Images | Slide images, Image resolution, Exterior

Bab Qinnasrin. Aleppo, Syria

Old City of Homs 1912 Syria

Ribat Sousse in Tunisia https://archnet.org/sites/3762.

Grand Serail of Aleppo

Bab al-Faraj (Aleppo) - Image: Bab al Faraj square 1908

Damascus, Syria: view down a colonnade of a Jewish home. 1867, photo

Al-Hatab square in the Jdeideh quarter


Saadallah al-Jabiri Square - "I love Aleppo" monument in Saadallah Al-

Central Synagogue of Aleppo

Training facilities[edit]

Al-Shibani Church

Aleppo ...

Free Syrian Army - Areas of conflict and displacement (light purple), refugee camps

Algeria's antiquities museum looted during massive protests https://www.euronews.com

The clock tower of Hama

Tourism in Syria

Saadallah al-Jabiri Square - Saadallah al-Jabiri Square in January 2011

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Satellite Image 2 - Close up showing one part of the damaged wall and tracks over the debris (DigitalGlobe NextView License; July 7, 2017)

Bab Qinnasrin. Aleppo, Syria

Al-Sultaniyah Madrasa

From the Rifat Chadirji Photographic Archive https://archnet.org/collections/

University of Aleppo - the university during the 1960s

ASOR CHI has monitored recapturing operations in Mosul and has documented damage to dozens of cultural heritage sites. As of July 12, 2017, we have reported ...

(i) · (i) ...

Aleppo International Stadium - Image: Aleppo International Stadium, day view, 2009 (1

Internal facade from the courtyard

Ottoman rule

Shahba ...

Battle of Aleppo (2012–2016) - Aleppians waiting in a bread line during

Courtyard of the Great Mosque

Syrian Premier League - Image: Syria league

Qamishli riots Syrian ...

Improvised artillery in the Syrian Civil War - Factory made and improvised mortar projectiles found in

The old street around the citadel at Oghlubek, Altunbogha district

Geometric, vegetal, and calligraphic ornament on one mihrab at the Yesil Turbe in Bursa

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DigitalGlobe Satellite Imagery shows the location of Nineveh (blue) and the Old City (red) (DigitalGlobe; July 2017)

Muslim rule