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Ever been on a flight and wondered if there are things passengers do

Ever been on a flight and wondered if there are things passengers do


Ever been on a flight and wondered if there are things passengers do that drive the

A former air hostess has listed some of the worst flying habits passengers are guilty of

21 Things Your Flight Attendant Won't Tell You

20 most rude and annoying things passengers do on planes

12 Things You Should Never Do On a Plane If You Want Your Flight Attendant to Like You

They were flying Orlando – Phoenix on a $560 roundtrip ticket and paid for early bird check-in. Even though Southwest doesn't have seat assignments, ...

If the cart is out, don't leave your feet/arms in the aisle.

Interior Of An Airplane with Passengers

A Qatar Airways flight attendant smiles during a flight in an Airbus A350 over Toulouse,

via: Getty Images

Have you ever wondered what the flight crew is thinking of you as you board your aircraft? If you have, that's probably a good thing: It shows your ...

How to get better service on an airplane, according to a veteran flight attendant

Southwest Passenger Kicked Off For Making Vodka Joke

(Photo by izusek / Getty Images.)

Instead of learning how to serve caviar, flight attendants are now being taught karate,

If there were several open seats on a plane I'd move. More than once I flew to Australia in coach and stretched out in an entire empty row of middle seats.

A story that surfaced a couple of days ago, first broken by ABC, has left me shaking my head and wondering what things are coming to.

Have you ever wondered why the cabin lights are dimmed during takeoff and landing?

17 Selfish Things Other Passengers Do to Make Their Travel Better (and Yours Worse), Ranked in Order of Pure Deviousness

17 Ways Qantas Is Going to Make a 17-hour Flight Comfortable for Passengers


Behind the Flight Deck Door: Insider Knowledge about Everything You've Ever Wanted to Ask a Pilot Paperback – May 25, 2018

In-Flight Experience Jun 19, 2017

7 Air Travel Secrets Airlines Don't Tell Passengers

United Airlines Paid a Passenger $10,000 to Give Up Her Seat. The Question Is Why

When Women Are Sexually Assaulted on Long-Haul Flights, Airlines Have No Idea What to Do

Ryanair to tell 400,000 passengers of cancelled flights after roster 'mess-up'

discussed public policy issues affecting the aviation industry and key items on the legislative agenda. (KATE PATTERSON/Kate Patterson)

16 Alarming Airline Secrets That Will Change How You Feel About Flying | HuffPost Life

Why Do People Cry More on Planes?

How the New FAA Bill Will Affect Air Travelers


The Most Incredible American Flight Attendant I've Ever Had

Plastic waste layed out.

Photo: Pexels

Surprising, Amazing Facts About Air Travel

21 Things Flight Attendants Don't Want You to Know

Wow, Indeed: Airline Ceases Operations, Leaving Travelers Stranded And Angry

A British Airways jet passes over a neighborhood near Heathrow Airport outside London. (Matthew Childs/Reuters)

Ever wonder how airlines price tickets? Why is that sometimes shorter flights are so much more expensive than much longer ones? Why is that one day a flight ...

airplane bathroom window

How do layovers work?


stewardess flight attendant

10 items to include in your airplane anxiety kit, because flying can be frightening

Charles Furnas at age 28

American Airlines Just Quietly Did Something That's Very Bad News For Customers (Southwest Did It, Too)

21 Things Flight Attendants Don't Want You to Know

... If you booked tickets through the official Jet Airways website, mobile application or ticketing offices

"The life of everyone on board depends upon just one thing: finding someone back "

Boeing 737 MAX

Have You Ever Wondered.

One airplane passenger has won overnight internet fame after sharing a self-produced video to

17 Questions You've Always Wanted To Ask Your Airline Pilot

oxygen masks in an airplane cabin; Public Domain image

Delta's Move Toward Flexibility: Upgrade Any Single Flight at Any Time After Ticketing

5 Airplane Mysteries You Didn't Know You Wanted To Know

Ridiculous: Southwest Shames Passenger For Not Being Large Enough To Book A Second Seat

Flight delays can leave you frustrated at the airport wondering when you'll ever leave

The idea of travelling with kids is enough to make any adult have a

5 Foods to Avoid Before Flying

southwest airlines


I do not know whether the customer themselves or the credit card company is the proper target of such a motion in a German insolvency proceeding.

This Is What Happens When You Flush An Airplane Toilet

When I first started planning my 2016 trip to Germany sponsored by Germany Tourism, I admit that I didn't know a lot about Condor Airlines. I knew that they ...

Five difficulties wheelchair users face when flying by plane

The air traffic controller couldn't decipher the ominous message as he struggled to contact the plane on September 11. And officials were in the dark even ...


I Just Flew Cross-Country on United's Newest, Most Uncomfortable Plane. It Hurt

Flight attendants point out exit rows prior to takeoff: The first mention of a required cabin safety briefing appears in 1965, according to the Federal ...

Great, thanks.” There's a common mantra among flight attendants: “If you can't sling it, don't bring it.” They're there to assist passengers ...

Delta Plane at Gate

American Airlines accused of racism for sending black woman with first class ticket to back of plane

25 Things You Absolutely Must Do Before You Board a Plane, According to a Frequent Flier

Have you ever wondered if you can bring a toaster on your next flight? Maybe not but someone has. For those items that you're just not sure about and can't ...

Confession: I'm Terrified of Flying


Inside the secret bedrooms where pilots and flight attendants sleep Photo: Twitter/BiIndia

Can United Recover from Its Customer Service Crisis?

Chris Guillebeau

Economy class passengers on the airplane: The man in the yellow sweater getting frustrated with

blackbird lyft pool planes san francisco california 30

Passengers shared footage from inside the plane as it made an emergency landing