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Enlightening Facts About Iron Man WTF Facts Iron Man Weird

Enlightening Facts About Iron Man WTF Facts Iron Man Weird


Enlightening Facts About Iron Man | WTF Facts | Iron Man, Weird facts, Fun facts

Iron Man was created as a challenge by Stan Lee. He gave himself

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18 Interesting Marvel Facts. Marvel FactsMarvel MemesMarvel DcMarvel ComicsMarvel CartoonsSome Amazing FactsAwesome FactsSuperhero FactsIron Man ...

Why Endgame Handled Tony Stark's Story the Way It Did

Enlightening Facts About Iron Man

The Avengers Chatroom

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Captain America

14 Little Known Easter Eggs You Missed in Avengers: Infinity War | Fact Republic

2010: Tony Stark is captured by terrorists during a demonstration of Stark Industries weaponry in Afghanistan and held captive for three months.

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What If The Avengers Had Only Done As Well at the Box Office as Batman v Superman?

Captain America goes head to head with Iron Man (Photo: Marvel)

... Spider Man in some capacity(Iron Spider is already featuring in Avengers:IW) or even….. hold your breath… Shuri(ok this one is a long shot).

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Congratulations, Rachel McAdams, You Just Played a Marvel Love Interest — What Should You Do Now?

YUP HOW CAN ANYONE THINK HES A VILLAIN?!!? H Dresden · superhero facts

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Iron Man

There's An Iron Man Flash-Back

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Iron Man

... Iron Man. Part of my goal in reviewing the science of THE AVENGERS is to point out all kinds of Easter eggs that the filmmakers threw in that keep the ...


It's the kid from iron man 3 ...

WTF Facts · When Thor defeated Iron Man and Captain America, he discovered that he could no longer

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I love this Iron Man Stance—in my prev post on the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, they make use of this pose to add Epic Awesomeness to their already ...


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That was just the Suits durabilities. Before you mention that he survived that nuke explosion at his power being at 4% , he was wearing the ThorBuster armor ...

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So Thor holds his durability back when Ulik hurts him? Makes sense. Admittedly, Ulik isn't a high tier, but a guy that can hurt Thor hitting Iron Man to no ...

Marvel. The Events of “Iron Man ...

... often tweak story lines to fit in the existing universe, for example in comics Ant Man created Ultron however in MCU IM was the one who creates Ultron)

WTF Facts · The first firemen who reached the spot of Chernobyl meltdown stood right above the burning core

Iron Man: Episode 1

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Justice League movie

He probably didn't have time to repair his armor underneath. Just put armor over it (which isn't the best idea). Now, why was the Hulk able to no-sell his ...


In the comics though, a girl named Riri Williams take up the mantle of IM. She however goes by the name of Ironheart.(Riri was the reason I mentioned Shuri ...

Endgame Directors Explain Why Avengers Spoiler Ban Was So Crucial

I also liked the fact that the clear blue canister would definitely encourage me to drink more water.

2. 2. The Hulk was originally supposed to be grey, not green, but was portrayed so because of a printing malfunction. His character was inspired after the ...

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Well considering the fact that Grant Ward used a knockoff Iron Man armor in inferior and older designs (from 1985), I'd say that's not quite true at all, ...

WTF Facts · DescriptionThe Slender Man is a fictional supernatural character that originated as a creepypasta Internet meme created

I didn't get to see Iron Man in theaters, so my first memory of the MCU is watching Robert Downey Jr and the crew on a DVD in my friend's basement.

Originally Answered: Who could you foresee replacing Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man?

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Run to Ground

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It's ...

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10 Tips on What To Do If We Ever Get Arrested

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The WTF Bottle: Iron Man Has One.

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Are those not sparks from hitting Iron Man's armor? If not, then what are

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20 Facts About 'The Martian' That Will Leave You Feeling Isolated

Iron Man is fun. It's funny. It's thrilling. My last words: Robert Downey Jr. is officially the coolest man in Hollywood.

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Claire: See so frustrating, Iron Man has fun rollerskates and jumps over flames and Tony can't make roller skates for Professor X too? Please.

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Captain Marvel: True Grit and Some Grime, but a Solid Must Watch

Well considering the fact that Grant Ward used a knockoff Iron Man armor in inferior and older designs (from 1985), I'd say that's not quite true at all, ...

... Grande ...

Super Hero Round-Up – 'Man of Steel', 'Wolverine', 'Winter Soldier', 'Iron Man 3' and 'Avengers Assemble'

“I have a battery because it's hot, okay? Just enjoy it.”

Iron Man

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Cool Stuff: 10 Cool Classical Iron Man Toys

The curious case of kryptonite

The famous villain “Venom” from Spider-Man was originally supposed to be a pregnant woman about to give birth who then bonds with an alien symbiote.

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With new movies like Civil War and Batman V Superman, we got to see our favorite childhood heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Batman, ...


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