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Do Indoor Cats Need More Attention Than Outdoor Cats Yes How much

Do Indoor Cats Need More Attention Than Outdoor Cats Yes How much


Do Indoor Cats Need More Attention Than Outdoor Cats? Yes. How much depends for



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More than just being able to detect so much more of what is going on around them, cats actually need to have their senses stimulated during their waking ...

Outdoor cats have a greater chance of contact with parasites and infectious diseases. Photo: focusonpc

Transitioning Outdoor Cat to Indoors



Is your cat a bully?

Well, cats make great companions. They are affectionate, intelligent and self-sufficient. Moreover, they are quiet creatures in comparison to dogs, they do ...

Cat peaking out from a hiding place

An outside enclosure could be a great compromise for those who want their cat to experience the outdoors safely. Photo: Mimzy

Dangers outside, boredom inside / Can we do better for our cats?

iStock. iStock. Like so many ...

Home body: Badger stays safe indoors

Most owners in Europe allow their cats the freedom of the great outdoors to do whatever it is that cats do all day outside, and then care, feed and enjoy ...

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cat Credit: CC0 Public Domain

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Cat lying in bed with a telephone.

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'Grumpy Cat', aka Tardar Sauce, would probably ignore you too.

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Indoor cats are happy cats.

(Picture: Getty). Cats ...

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What is excessive vocalization? Excessive vocalization does not have ...

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An adult Bengal with the well-known and popular rosette coat patterning.

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Auburn University study on viruses spread by outdoor domestic cats drawing national attention

Cats communicate to humans in so many ways but the one way that almost always gets our attention is the meow. Of course there are lots of other ...

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5 Signs Your Cat Craves More Attention. Focus on the Feline: How Much Attention Do Cats Need?

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Parasites that your outdoor cat brings into the house may put you at risk. Photo: Jorge Gonzalez

A farm cat wearing a GPS collar grooms one of its cousins

I need vertical space to explore. Cats ...

Teaching Quiet

This article will tell you all about the beautiful Siberian cat. You will learn how to care for them, what considerations owners must face, and what's so ...