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Did you draw a picture of Bellamy in the fighting pit too May We

Did you draw a picture of Bellamy in the fighting pit too May We


“Did you draw a picture of Bellamy in the fighting pit too?”

Murphamy™ (@murphamylife) - Let me ask you a question. Did you

Protective Parents💛

"I'm mad at you for making me care about yours. Understand?" | Bellarke/The 100 | Im mad at you, Bellarke, The 100

It is only when Bellamy's eyes meet hers once again, that he is able to stifle the weightlessness he feels. Six years, and she is still his constant.

Octavia and Diyoza #The100 #6x04

Bellamy Blake

Where Do We Go From Here?

The 100 Season 6: It'll Take Some Time Before Bellamy and Octavia Can Forgive Each Other

Diyoza and McCreery #The100 #5x09

Clarke Griffin

We've been told this season will be about our heroes trying to be better, and Bob Morley recently revealed that Bellamy will spend some of the season ...

The 100 Discussion: Betrayal is the name of the game in Sic Semper Tyrannis

Bellamy Blake realizes what he did, hurting Clarke😳

Where Do We Go From Here?

Bellamy does not approve of this👀

Bellamy can't be discrete 👀

Octavia Blake

In Defense of Blodreina: Why Octavia Blake Deserves Redemption on 'The 100'


Bellamy reassures her that she can be a good leader, but it's clear the youngest Blake isn't so sure. And at the age of 17, why would she have that ...

The 100 Finn Dies

One more Bellamy sketch :)

Josephine is NOW CLARKE😬

The 100 Season 5 Episode 1 Recap: Creator Talks Octavia Fighting Pit Reveal | TV Guide

My first au🤪 Sorry it's bad😬 - - - - - - - -

Morley said Bellamy and Echo are "still very much in love," and that we're going to learn more about Echo's backstory in the coming season.

Are you satisfied with how the show left Bellamy and Clarke's relationship? What do you wish they had done differently? How do you see this relationship ...

This episode felt like a sprint with so much happening at once. The 100 does have a tendency to start with a jogging pace and bolt to the finish line in a ...

The 100 Will 'Shock The Viewers' With Bellamy And Octavia In Season 6

What I want to happen because I'm tired of people hurting Clarke. #

the 100 season 5 octavia bellamy blake the cw

The 100 - Clarke kiss Bellamy ''May we meet again'' (2x16)

[jonty] this fight oh god...I was so sad about this

Clarke and Madi's Big Escape - The 100

Is There Trouble Ahead Between Octavia and Bellamy on 'The 100'?

We've been speculating for a while about how the two suns might impact our heroes, and now we have the answer: when the suns eclipse, the sky turns red, ...


... fighting pits. 'The 100' Showrunner Answers Our Qs: Kane's Fate? Bellamy & Echo?

Lindsey Morgan and Jordan Bolger, ...

So I'm rewatching RWBY with a friend who's never seen it.

#100 #bellamy #bellamyblarke #bellamyxclarke #bellarke #bellarkefanfiction #bellarkekids #bellarkeoneshots #bisexual #blarke #boyxgirl #cellamy #clarke ...

Marcus Kane

Bellamy never broke his promise😌

A few drawings I've done on the net…

Speaking of people who choose to be heroes, by genuinely trying to be their best, and do their best: right now, Bellamy stands out as the clear voice of ...

[bellamyblake] sorry for not posting yesterday. im kinda disappointed about this theme so



She even appears to be fighting Niylah, though I will delusionally pretend that they are just sparring. #Niytavia forever!

Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Clarke (Eilza Taylor) have no idea what their

AFI Fest 2009: Bellamy, The Red Riding Trilogy, I Killed My Mother, and Ne Change Rien

Bellamy and Clarke are important to each other💗

ᴛʜᴇ ɪᴏᴏ {clarke i would die for emori griffin} comment “” for a

Who are the black-robed monk farmers? Why are they seemingly escorting Bellamy away from the city? (There is also a shot of Clarke watching them walk away.)

Bellamy is worried for his friends for Murphy is what I loved sm 💕😍

Image result for john murphy damocles part 2

'The 100': Eliza Taylor & Bob Morley Break Down Bellarke's Chemistry, Season. '

Bellamy : Relax. Clarke would have mine Murphy : 😿 Clarke : 😼

The 100 Discussion: 'Pandora's Box' brings everything to the surface

Meanwhile Echo, Emori, Raven and Murphy are the ultimate superteam, the best representation of what I still kind of wish the delinquents were, ...

6x02 For a minute, just imagine what would've happened if they had

hey @taylorswift, i know you will never see this, but you sent me a hug once in 2015 after i told you i would always stand by your side, ...

+ Q: Clarke, Murphy, or Bellamy? • + happy the

Bellamy and Octavia #The100 #5x08 he went against his sister to protect clarke just


You Left Us The 100

Bellamy and Murphy attack Russell while Clarke watches. This is probably when they first arrive, before Clarke becomes a Sanctum socialite.


Almost every report that we have seen about the confrontation at the Gaza border was catastrophically wrong.

murphamy ending trash is my religion . . it's 85 degrees out fuck me . . qotd: how many days til summer for you? aotd: 4 #murphamykru

What are your initial thoughts on the season finale?

Reckless// Bellamy Blake

I love this theme sm Q: do you love Becca Pramheda Franco? • •

" We dont need ALIE on Ark , We need YOU " ~ Bellamy. "

Octavia and Bellamy's sibling bond is frayed to the point of snapping, and based on this trailer, Bellamy seems ready to abandon her completely.

The 100: 30 Comedic Moments We Really Needed

Bellamy awkwardly staring at Clarke🤩

Happy Valentines Post-Apocalyptic Style: Memes & Cards from Your Favorite Shows

“nothing is going to change on the ground”

James Cagney

'The 100' 5x11 'The Dark Year' review: She bears it so they don't have to

Bellamy's Bivouac

Colin Bentley/The CW

Everyone knew exept them😩 #bellarke #bellamy #season6 #the100 #clarke #

Can beer cure antifreeze poisoning?

Did it do a good job of wrapping up all the loose ends? Is there anything more you would have liked to see out of it?

Murphy and bellamy in season 1 and in season 6💜 • •Q Bellamy or

For all that misery, Raven Reyes can still find love, and what a gift that is.

You keep looking back at her😍😍😍. . . #the100 #bellarke

I would also like about 7000000000 gif sets of bell doing that dance lik” so

Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9 Live Recap & Review: We Have to Go Back!

Do u agree or disagree? • • • • • • • #los100 #the100 #bellarke #bellamy #bellamyblake #blakes #blake #clarke #griffin #clakegriffin #bellarkeedit ...

One of the mask-clad people reveals his face and points a gun at someone (Octavia?), saying, “The harder you fight, the faster you die.