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Develop your Android App only from Viratel Android App Development

Develop your Android App only from Viratel Android App Development


This tutorial will teach you the basics of how to build an Android app using the Android Studio development environment. As Android devices become ...

8 Golden Rules for Effective Android Application Development Millions of customers switch on their smart Android Attempt to develop ...

... for all those who write Android apps that can compile and run on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Verbose but Interoperable, improves Android development?

I will design and develop an awesome android application

app developers india. Android ...

The Unity3D Intro screen

How to Build Your First App in Android Studio

Android Studio

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App Developers India - Android App Development

How to Convert an Android App to iOS?

As the official integrated development environment for all Android applications, Android Studio always seems to top the list of preferred tools for ...

Android apps for Chromebook


Load a Remote URL#

how to develop android apps

How much does it cost to make an app?

Android Application Development Frameworks

Android Pixel phone. Supercharge your apps

Android's application ecosystem has proven to be versatile and developer-friendly after a bit of a slow start. You are free to develop an app for Android ...

Xamarin Studio - Android App Development using C# - Running your Application

It will come packaged with the Android SDK (a set of tools to facilitate Android development specifically) and basically this will give you everything you ...

Google is adding Kotlin as an official programming language for Android development

Flutter Tutorial for Beginners - Build iOS and Android Apps with Google's Flutter & Dart

9 Best Android Assistant Apps | Siri Alternatives For 2018

Microsoft is embracing Android as the mobile version of Windows

Smartphone Apps for Landscape Architects: Useful Tools for Site Analysis and Design

best arcore apps for android feature

Don't Build It, Fake It First – Prototyping for Mobile Apps

Top 3 360 Camera Apps for iPhone and Android

There are a number of reasons why you would want to run Apple IOS apps on Android using IOS emulators. Some of the apps and games are only available for IOS ...

Header_ImportanceofKotlin. It is an exciting time to be an Android developer .

Towers Watson

40+ Android App Designs with Beautiful Interface. These days many people are developing ...

Android and iOS

Become an Android Developer

Installing Google Android on a Raspberry Pi has never been easier. Discover how to install Android and run Android apps on your $35 Raspberry Pi computer.

Appy Pie

This workshop introduces about Android, the fastest growing mobile OS. The job opportunities in this stream are not only restricted to the ...

... a great tutorial that uses ThingSpeak in the middle to collect data from sensors and then display the sensor readings on a custom Android app running on ...

Before directly move to Android Runtime, we need to understand what runtime environment is and also understand some basic stuff i.e. the functioning of JVM ...

5 Reasons Your App Crashes and How to Fix Them

11 Best Services Used to Create Android Apps without Coding

Android is one of the biggest platforms for mobile application development. The android development services work on different components to make sure that ...

As a software engineer at Infinite Red, I have been privileged to work on several React Native projects over the last month. Under the tutelage of Steve ...

Unity Android Tutorial : SDK, Build and Publish

Image for Android vs iOS: Which Should I Learn First?

Before we add a button to the test app, let's add a Anko dependency to the project ( https://github.com/Kotlin/anko ) to make coding easier.

On the other hand, Android App Links allow an app to designate itself as the default handler of application domain or URL. Unfortunately It works only on on ...

Google makes Kotlin a first-class language for writing Android apps



Google Assistant on the Pixel XL phone

Android Studio 3.3

Learn more about Genymotion Desktop

Conceptual diagram of InstaVR


It looks like Vivo is going to be selling a phone with 10GB of RAM. That's almost as much as many gaming PCs, and about 6GB more than most phones.

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The 30 Best Apps for Small Businesses in 2019 thumbnail

Howto Develop a Hello World Android Application using IntelliJ Idea

Kivy 1.10.1 released!

JavaWorld > Android Studio for Beginners [movile java package] > Part 1: Install

AR Apps Add a New View to Your Phone

The 5 best Android apps for designers

remote control android from

Mobile Server Floe Diagram

This time, online furniture retailer Wayfair is introducing an augmented reality feature in its mobile app for Android that will allow customers to ...

App Trend #4 — Instant Apps for Mobile App Development

5 Android Apps to Replace Your Broken Home Button

develop ios app in swift and android app in kotlin or java

100 awesome Android apps that will transform your tired tablet

Mobile app payment checkout screen of Google Pay

Mobile applications need to support a wide range of device sizes, pixel densities and orientations. Apps need to be able to scale well, handle orientation ...