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DONT YOU DARE EAT THAT BANANA I yell as a skeleton attacks me in

DONT YOU DARE EAT THAT BANANA I yell as a skeleton attacks me in


"DONT YOU DARE EAT THAT BANANA!" I yell as a skeleton attacks me in Sea Of Thiev.

"DONT YOU DARE EAT THAT BANANA!" I yell as a skeleton attacks me in Sea Of Thieves | Video game memes | Video game memes, Games, Video games funny

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Although skeletons from Dark Souls have probably drank all the milk in Lordran. Those guys are scary.

What is love | Board of Sheer Stupidity | Funny, Tumblr funny, Video games funny

I acted like he was insane and like I couldn't see any notes on the bananas, and asked if maybe he needed to go lay down and rest, but then he was ...

Fails Are Everywhere - 31 Pics

I ...

Bait-and-Switch. Go To

Way ...

eating for health

Boats Attacking Whales

Looking down Whalefirth, Yell.

Kyle Plays Graffiti Kingdom - Part 3

Darwin, Francis. c. 1884. [Preliminary draft of] 'Reminiscences of My Father's Everyday Life'. CUL-DAR140.3.1--159 Transcribed by Robert Brown (Darwin ...


3 Men THE BEST OF Buy Tickets

We go bananas trying to get through some of Sega's devious courses then kick back with some excellent party games. (Streamed Apr 2, 2019)

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Jonah Goldberg

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Monkey tears off eight-month-old baby's testicles as his mother changes his nappy at a Chinese zoo and EATS one before it can be caught | Daily Mail Online

I Don't Want to Eat Bugs

With this wide range of cultures, students often experience several different types of exotic dances.


Cool and Unusual Punishment

Application of Sikaflex mastic to ensure the proper sealing of the Plexiglas panels © Lucas Blijdorp / Tara Expeditions Foundation


Matthew Dicks

'Christmas Eve' seems at ...

1-I am from poem and monarch milkweed art-Michelle-Kogan- 9

Wallace, A. R. 1905. My life: A record of events and opinions. London: Chapman and Hall. Volume 1.

“light on, licht aus” "eaten art" ...

Calls for a kirk in the Herra, ...


The Day After

Source of Light

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Now, let's talk about Bhujerba's Skeleton Bridge!

Got a skeleton in your closet? Since the early 1800s, if not earlier, this was a phrase that was meant to imply that you were concealing something of such a ...



with your host Josh Olson

Horrifying ordeal: Chinese television shows the infant recovering in hospital with his mother after he

I have a number of great artists to talk about their work and these ideas today, but here they are in order of appearance on the podcast: Neal Mulani, ...

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Question Number 2

2014 Artists-in-Residence

Make Voting Mandatory Says Obama, France May Ban Skinny Models, Darknet Marketplace Disappears: A.M. Links – Reason.com

It's a guide to smashing your goals and, when you don't, bouncing back and trying again.

Learn to be kind to yourself; stop comparing and judging ...

Confessional, Cheryn Frost, Skeletons & Self-Portraits, PACT, photo Tiyan Baker

Blend of Opposites

Ouija - Glow with the answer

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Listen To The Music Play: How The Grateful Dead Remain Relevant In 2019

1990 Things From The 90s To End The Nostalgia Once And For All | HuffPost

I've written previously about one of the classes I'm taking this quarter called Urban and Community Agriculture, but I want to introduce another aspect of ...

Without focusing on my meticulously collected accolades, why would they listen to me? And of course, the ever familiar ode to imposter syndrome: what right ...


President Donald Trump To Fly Into Gabreski Airport On Friday

Which Netflix original movies are worth streaming? Illustration: Gluekit


58) Lil Pump

Something She Wanted Me to Share

SIDENOTE - i also really like the playfulness with fonts that occurs in this story and several others throughout the collection. it's weird and wonky and ...

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You don't see people at their best in this job.

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Metal, squirrel-shaped bicycle rack on sidewalk in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, by

I love Pixar. Who doesn't? The stories are magnificently crafted, the characters are rich, hilarious, and unique, and the images are lovingly rendered.

I Am Terribly Important, 2019

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Marchant, James ed. 1916. Alfred Russel Wallace letters and reminiscences. New York: Harper & Brothers.

Police patrol the area outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School following the school shooting incident on February 15, 2018. (Zachary Fagenson/Reuters)

My basic takeaway from King of the Monsters is this…it isn't good…but with that said I also must admit… it could have been a hell of a lot worse.

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By Charles Wilkes, U.S.N Commander of the expedition, Member of the American Philosophical Society, etc. In five volumes and an atlas.

Don't Miss Almost Missed You

Oli Hannaford enlists the vocals of Only Girl on 'If You Wanna'

George Young and his Wife (Hannah Adams)