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C2 Fracture Subtypes Incidence and Treatment Allocation Change

C2 Fracture Subtypes Incidence and Treatment Allocation Change


C2 Fracture Subtypes, Incidence, and Treatment Allocation Change with Age: A Retrospective Cohort Study of 233 Consecutive Cases

Annual incidence of atlas fractures in Sweden with linear trend (r=0.94).

Table 1 Classification of the fractures according to a modified scheme.

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Annual incidence of atlas fractures in Sweden with linear trend.

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Age distribution for all atlas fractures with and without concomitant axis- fracture.

Figure 3 Distribution of cases by AO classification of fractures.

Age distribution for all atlas fractures with and without concomitant... | Download Scientific Diagram

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Inclusion flow chart from the Swedish National Patient Registry.

Figure 1 Distribution of cases by age groups.

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Table 2: Study cohort patient and fracture characteristics according to treatment

Table 1 Summary of clinical variables in cervical spine injury

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In the RCT we will study the function of patients with odontoid fractures type 2 and by comparing non-surgical treatment with posterior C1-C2 fusion, ...

Table 3 Primary treatment of odontoid fractures in geriatric patients

Original Article: Prevalence of postconcussion syndrome after mild traumatic brain injury in young adults from a single neurosurgical center in east coast ...

Table 1: Characteristics of patient by fracture type

Fig. 6.

Table 1 Previous publications on the epidemiology of atlas fractures

Table 3: Characteristics of patients requiring secondary surgery

Table 3 Fracture classification

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Table 1

Flow chart depicting results from literature research in PubMed.

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Table 1: Characteristics of the studies included in the meta-analysis

... 54. Colle's• Colles' fracture ...


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The large dorsal spinous process of C2 provides adequate purchase for wire fixation assuming there exists sufficient bone cranially or caudally to fasten ...

Kaplan–Meier curves of local recurrence-free survival (RFS) for A,

Table 3: Assessing risk of bias: Randomized controlled trials

Figure 1

Original Article: Trends in primary brain tumors: A 5-year retrospective histologically confirmed study in Tabriz, Iran, 2011–2016

Figure 1: distribution of metatarsal fractures according to their location.

Figure 2: Example of simple Type III odontoid fracture with extension into bilateral superior articular facets. (a) coronal (b) mid-sagittal computed ...

A systematic review of the evidence for Canada's Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults | International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical ...

Figure 8: The severity of the fracture type correlates positively with the results of Kellgren and Lawrence (osteoarthritis) score.

Flow of participants throughout the study.

Figure 3 Radiological study of the same patient in Figures 1 and 2, 6 months after surgery: (A) anteroposterior view; (B) lateral radiograph.

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Original Article: Compound elevated skull fracture presented as a new variety of fracture with inimitable entity: Single institution experience of 10 cases

Fractures • Tibial ...

Body weight and food consumption after repeated diclofenac treatment for 28 days.

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Fig. 3

A 60-year-old female patient suffered a Th12 fracture 25 years ago, for which she was treated conservatively.

Figure S1.

Effects of sex steroids in the cell (top) and their possible binding scenarios to human estrogen receptor alpha experimented in our study (hERα, bottom).

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Figure 4: Meta-analysis of bone healing complications (delayed union, nonunion, and malunion)

0.39-0.44]), moderate, in C (k = 0.72 [0.70-0.74]), good, and in D it remained poor. The general agreement in this second evaluation was good, ...

... including arteries and nerves in the vicinity of the surgical site. (A, vertebral artery; B, cerebrospinal artery; C-l, first cervical nerve; C-2, ...

file.1 ...

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Figure 1: Ctiordoma of C2 vertebra in a 68-yearold woman. Lateral radiograph

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Mean (95% CI) percentage weight change during follow-up (A) and distribution of 1-year changes in weight (B) within the surgery and lifestyle groups.

Figure 4: Fracture type distribution grouped by age, displaying peak of fracture incidence during the most active period of life

Flowchart of medical databases search methodology.

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Diseases related to Rectal Disease

Osteoblasts are mechanosensitive

Original Article: The role of combined posterior and anterolateral retroperitoneal approach in the treatment of posttraumatic burst lumbar fractures

Neck Pain

Incidence, Risk Factors and Recovery of Laryngeal Penetration-Aspiration after Traumatic Cervical Spinal Cord Injury

CGRP as the target of new migraine therapies — successful translation from bench to clinic | Nature Reviews Neurology


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Fig. 1 Generalized coefficient of agreement for each subgroup. The dots represent the coefficient value and the dashes, the 95% confidence interval.

was C, followed by A, B, and D, both in the hand surgeons and residents groups (Table 4).

Figure 1: The main outcome change in the experimental group during treatment (0-2-4wk)

Figure 1.8 Transverse section of a typical spinal cord segment. The “H” within the spinal cord consists largely of gray matter, while the remainder of the ...

Effect of drug treatments on [Ca2+]i elevations and ATP bioluminescence assay.

Figure 3: Meta-analysis of minor infections

Chronic bony changes, including scoliosis and erosions, are often seen with gangliogliomas due to

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Figure 1: Example of a complex Type III fracture with comminution of the left lateral mass extending into the pars interarticularis.

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Table 2

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Redo Surgery after initiation of open abdomen until discharge

19-25 Ventrodorsal (A) and lateral (B) radiographic projections of a complete fracture/luxation of the L2 vertebral body and the L2-3 interspace, ...