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But Im already too attached too your Good End Saeran I Am A

But Im already too attached too your Good End Saeran I Am A


But I'm already too attached too your Good End Saeran?

[spoilers for AS] am i the only one that felt like this part of ray's route was giving off some serious rape vibes?


I'm willing to risk a bad end with you … T.T It'll probs be worth it. (Love how he got jealous of 707)

Okay, so apparently even though I went after Ray/Saeran a lot during the course of the route, I was still able to get the Good Ending.

Cheritz has also given us (the Mystic Messenger Wiki) their permission to upload their images onto the ...

They're able to talk to each other pretty normally. Saeran is acting normal in a social situation, around the RFA. Saeran has found some normality in his ...

Route: Unknown (18+)

I will mainly focus on the bad endings, normal ending, and good ending. I also want to dig into the days as well but I'm a bit sick (thankfully it's finally ...

Until the End of the World🌹 (Saeran Choi fanfiction/drabbles)

Unknown (Saeran Choi) x Reader |MM by VanillaMetal

i ended up getting this ending and i was sad

Alright the order I'm going to do this in will be; bad ending 1, bad ending 2, bad ending 3, and normal ending. I couldn't get to the Bad relationship ...

AHHHHH YOU MADE MY DAY LOVELY ANON. I am so happy you like my writing <3. But wowwee this is an AMAZING request and I had so much fun writing this.

Mystic Messenger in a nutshell ...

Choice//Saeyoung x reader x Saeran

This post right here is directly for somebody but as always anyone can use, my

saeran choi by minakurosaki

things to love in mysme

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Love in the time of AI: meet the people falling for scripted robots

So I just finished the “bad ending “ of jumin han's storyline . Ummm it's

Walkthrough – Mystic Messenger – Ray Route – Sixth Day Chats


Take You to Paradise Pt.2 (Saeran x reader) by Venulus

Walkthrough for 707's route from Day 1 to 11 – Mystic Messenger [Luciel, Seven]

I was overcome with an intense urge to draw my boy so here he is. From an AU I introduced a while back and never mentioned again until now .

Whoa proportions here are so good... Like Zen's arm, totally like the coloring. MC's is a bit different than how I prefer but eh lol

The Official V Voice Demo for Promise has now been released featuring Joshua Waters! ^

The thing is, because of Saeran not being allowed to leave and being subject to more abuse, Saeyoung was like his only form of knowledge and having a way to ...

29 .

The Middle (Saeran Choi x Reader) by LordSister

[Image: A picture of Jumin Han, one of the characters in Mystic Messenger, and his cat, Elizabeth III. Credit: Oscar Schwartz,]

DAY 40-DAY 1/2 So hello hello I decided to start a challenge

Just finished reading this 😍 #attheendoftheroad #whatliesintheend

Dress Up for Me (Saeran x Saeyoung)

So Vanderwood hates the name Vanderwood and prefer Stark, which totally sounds so much cooler, but like hell the fandom is going to change calling him that ...

Latest #saeranxyoosung Posts

I don't know a single thing about Victor yet but I'm already ...

I ahm you really think I'm…haha hot? I don't know if I can handle what you want to do…. b-but if you want to try those things….I'll do my best…perhaps when ...

Seriously, you two, get it together.

The Official Rika Voice Demo for Promise has now been released featuring Zara! ^^

Yoosung Good Ending Continued

There are some criticisms I do have about the game. The characters are presumed to be heterosexual -- and the game assumes that you are a female (even ...

30 Days of Mystic Messenger Challenge! . Day 17: I character you can relate

Talk Binary To Me [Saeyoung | Reader | Saeran] by StilemaWillow on DeviantArt

((OPEN RP)) “Its a super bright day today! I hope

Now onto Saeyoung and Saeran. This story was powerful in Secret 02. The structure of hearing Saeran's thoughts between his conversations with his doctors ...

Sometimes you just have a bad day and need your bf for comforting kisses, you know? I hadn't drawn them properly in like a week so that needed to be fixed ...

Meow~ Btw..do you play mystic messenger? I'm trying harder

Second time testing out Saeran, I'm still very surprised I managed to find

Lol I was talking to Saeran and Seven in the headquarters and I got an email and skipped part of the conversation trying to get it to go away.

All in the name of love [Mystic messenger x Brother's conflict]

All I could picture was the one (SLIGHT SPOILER FOR A BAD ENDING IN JUMIN'S ROUTE) CG of MC with her hands tied up for Jumin, but it's Yoosung instead and ...

「Wow! looking So Cool❤」 ゚ ゚ credit by ; @hazu_t ゚

Basically Seven's route But the end is the good ending 🖤 CREDIT - @angelmiico 🖤

I'm on day 10 of 7's route. It was interesting.

Drawings that didn't fit into their own post Yoosung's hair from his good ending

This actually left me in tears.

Really good to know😂 #mysticmessengerjumin #mysticmessenger #mysticmessengerjuminxmc #mmjumin #mysticmessengerjuminroute #

The thing is, her life wasn't perfect, perhaps leading to why she wanted to help others. It is indicated that her adoptive parents end up disliking her, ...

Gakuen Club : Kamiki Renji Walkthrough

Exploring pareyyyy

Take You to Paradise Pt.1 (Saeran x reader) by Venulus

Jumin shares dinner with Chairman Han and Glam Choi, where it is revealed that his father wants him to marry Glam's student, Sarah.

Seven and MC This is so adorable! CREDIT TO THE OWNER!

♡Remembering You♡ [Saeran x Reader]

Hiring one of the best wedding planners in the nation had been a wonderful idea. I had nothing to worry about as I was getting ready, no stress about ...

Good Ending =

really misses “At the End of the Road” // It's been about two weeks or one week since WLATE has ended and I'm still sad... I mean... It's good. I read too ...

"Hehe~ My turn~" . // REPOSTING I FORGOT ONE LMAO,

I'm sorry to whoever has kids with me. but this is me.

Day 3: Favorite Male Character Saeran/Ray is my husbando with Jumin and 707

i just finished playing seven's good ending for the millionth time so tonight im gonna start

[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Ninja Shadow: Toya

Broken Ace. Go To

You all are so special to me,

he's gay and european people • • • • • • • #mysticmessenger #cheritz

MysticMessengerFanfiction. MysticMessengerFanfiction. MysticMessengerFanfiction. MysticMessengerFanfiction. MysticMessengerFanfiction

*facepalm* I'm disappointed in how long I've been gone for

In fact, there are lots of dating sims players who find the idea that they are somehow falling in love with the characters in the game slightly perverse.

Credits 2 owner ~~~~~~~~~~ {Tags}

30 Days of Mystic Messenger Challenge!! --- Day 24: Favorite AU

"I'm sure your blood tastes good MC..~ " . -


I'VE BEEN REALLY HYPED TO INTRODUCE THESE TWO NEW OCS I MADE FOR A FEW WEEKS NOW...their inspiration is probably pretty obvious lmao as pointed out several ...

A Crosspost Reminder: That's how you'll get 40HGs on Jaehee's birthday event!

Exploring pareyyyy

Hiring one of the best wedding planners in the nation had been a wonderful idea. I had nothing to worry about as I was getting ready, no stress about ...

Somebody told me that Saeran looked like a lizard, so I made this.


I confess to the fact that I want to 69 with V…a lot.

Too sore to do much today I'm sorry guys but I'm going

Saeran.exe And Error (Y/N) [Saeran | Reader] by StilemaWillow

The Charming Empire : Togawa Kagemitsu Happy End Walkthrough